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Does anybody know if they have always had a vanity publishing section? I didn't think so, because in the past (before I signed with my current publisher) I had them in mind to submit to. They started the careers of a few of my favourite authors, including two who went on to write for Big Five publishers. I think they put out some great books.

However, I looked them up again today when I was updating a list, and... https://www.thewildrosepress.com/publishingprograms

Now, listed alongside "traditional publishing", they also offer "assisted publishing" and "audio publishing", and they say:

The audiobook option is probably really helpful for self-published authors, but I'm not so sure about the "assisted publishing" thing. Do they also get called "Wild Rose Press" authors?
Yeah, the audibook option might be helpful to SP authors, though there are many other places they can get help with that too. But the assisted publishing thing? This is vanity publishing. Writers who know better understand they would do better going about everything on their own. If Wild Rose isn't going to do anything for them besides offer distribution, I don't see the point. A self-publisher can distribute their book themselves. Why would they go to WRP to do it?