I realize that this post will most likely be deleted as I'm really not supposed to be posting here.
I would like, for the record, just to say a few things.

This whole experience has been educational. Not just in book publishing, but also in what can happen to individuals who mean well but let pride and vanity get in the way of their really doing anything helpful. Paint even the nicest guy into a corner and you will see teeth. Hopefully even the seasoned pros will one day see this.

It's been good to have time away from such issues. I think Granny expressed it best when she called the tactics a PETA-like attitude (or something to that effect).

I, for one, have moved on. Life is great. The writing career is great. I am no longer a "PA author" as I have been labelled. That part of my life, my career, is behind me. All I will say is this: Thank God.

As for anyone who has (or is planning to) publish with this company, learn from my experience. Stay out of this fray until your book has been out for at least a year. In fact, stay out of these squabbles period and spend the time writing. The next publisher won't care about your PA book, but s/he will care what you're doing now.

Jenna, sorry for the ... well, just sorry. You're a good egg and mean well. Just remember there's more going on beneath the surface than you might be aware.

Victoria, Dave and Ann, learn from Jim. His level-headed demeanour could boost your position so that even the most stalwart cheerleaders might listen to you. Your hearts are in the right place, now you just need to get your minds there.

Jim, thanks. Period. I learned a lot from you and it's much appreciated. Sorry for the attitude.

To everyone else here with whom I've had brief encounters, best of luck to you.

D. James