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Thread: PublishAmerica Call to Action: MARCH - New Media Targets!

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    PublishAmerica Call to Action: MARCH - New Media Targets!


    Lara Moore

    WJHL-TV (CBS affiliate) consumer reporter in TN and VA.

    Tell each of these reporters why they should do stories on PublishAmerica: What's deceitful, misleading, and downright wrong about this company? How many people does this affect? What proof do you have of wrongdoings?

    Remember that we first did this with Asa Aarons of NBC in NY, and that report is *still* appearing on local NBC affiliate stations across the country! We have even more to talk about now, so take a minute to write those emails. (You can just write one email and paste it into three other messages.)

    Dear all,

    This board has become a haven for people who have felt misled, lied to, defrauded (pick your word) by Publish America, PublishAmerica, or PA (covering all my bases for search engines).

    I've been trying to figure out what I could do to help when it hit me-- I'm a really good organizer. So that's what I'll do.

    Here, in this thread, I'm calling on those who are incensed by what Publish America does to writers. Whether you're an ex-PublishAmerica author, a writer advocate, or just someone who's been watching these threads and sympathizing with the writers, you CAN do something to help!

    I've always believed in strength in numbers. When a handful of people complain, they're easy to ignore. When hundreds of people complain... well, not so easy.

    So here's the PLAN OF ACTION!

    First steps for those who haven't completed them yet:

    Send letters to:

    (Please note that the Maryland AG has not been very responsive; we're hoping to find other attorney generals who are more proactive.)
    You can find your state's AG at


    BBB of Greater Maryland
    1414 Key Highway, Suite 100
    Baltimore, MD 21230 -5189
    Phone: (410)347-3992
    Fax: (410)347-3936


    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

    The FTC has a web form where you can fill out a complaint. They have reportedly launched an investigation into PublishAmerica, so please let your voice be heard.

    Tell them the facts. Tell them what you've experienced and how you feel you've been mislead or defrauded. Give them a reason to believe you've lost something of value in the process-- that is, a manuscript that's worth actual money.


    Fill out reports here:

    To be most effective, letters should be brief and to-the-point.

    P.S. What's our mission, you ask? Not to take down PA. Just to have them get rid of all the misleading language and the shoddy treatment of authors and replace it with truth and professionalism.

    FAQ: Do we hate PublishAmerica authors? NO! Do we endorse the Amazon slammer or the guestbook-signing creep? NOT AT ALL! Whose side are we on? THE AUTHORS'!

    If you have found this thread from a search engine or link, you may not be aware of the giant discussion going on on this board about Publish America. Please see for the full discussion.
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    I am no longer here. If you'd like to visit me, please find me at or on Facebook. Thanks!

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