If you've ever read Changing Places by Lodges, it's very funny. The main character is introduced to a British game where the individuals admit to what they "HAVEN'T" read, but ought to have, given their level of sophistication....

The main character is up for tenure, and admits at a dinner party that he's never read Hamlet, in an effort to win the game.

He loses tenure.

Nothing so dire in this, just creating in a sense a list of books and maybe by admitting our literary shortcomings, we'll be tempted to go and pick some of these up.

So I guess I'm first: I've never read "A TALE OF TWO CITIES." I've read plenty of Dickens but never this one. I've tried a few times but I often fall asleep and therefore don't remember where I left off and so, it becomes an exercise in futitlity.

Oh, and the person who confesses the most egregious omission from their literary library Wins.