I have a question and hopefully I'm posting it in the right forum. I sent off my science-fiction manuscript over a year ago (They received it 1 year, 2 weeks ago to be exact) to one of the few publishers in my genre that still accepts unsolicited manuscripts. As they say 9-12 months is their response time, two weeks ago I sent them an e-mail asking if I could find out about the status of my submission, but have received no response. Yeah, things aren't looking good at this point but I do want to know for sure (though surely I would have received my rejection SASE back by now had they already finished with my manuscript). So, the question is, should I send another e-mail at this point, or a snail mail inquiry, or just wait a while longer for them to respond to my first e-mail, or what? As a year too long has already passed, I'd rather not wait around twiddling my thumbs any longer.

Thanks in advance.