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Thread: Index to Learn Writing with Uncle Jim

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    Index to Learn Writing with Uncle Jim

    I have taken it upon myself to do an index of the posts in the Writing with Uncle Jim Thread. It would serve as a quick reference where the Undiluted thread gives the posts in their entirety.

    I hope this is helpful.



    Edit: I've come back to the first post to put some topics right at the front so people who are searching for them can find them more easily. Please PM me with other suggestions.

    Logical Chess: Move by Move (what you learn from the book is referred to as Positional Chess technique)

    Agricultural work and Myrtle the Manuscript
    and more about Ag. work in post #29, topic #512

    Evil Overlord Plot Generator

    Celtic Knotwork


    Key Lime Pie (go to post 10 item #91 for the series of Key Lime posts) Link to Low Carb version of the recipe

    Good Advice given after reading slush

    Writing Sex Scenes by Hapi Sofi

    The Best of Hapi Sofi

    Unspeakable Horrors of Literary Life

    Hard truths about an author's life (the death spiral) also see topics #419 & 422 on post #25 and #434 on post #26)

    Begins discussion of first pages of two Grisham books The Summons and The Street Lawyer (see posts #28 & #29 for the series of posts)

    Truth v. Fiction about publishing

    Fun (and new) writing assignment (you'll need to read upthread starting here)

    Royalties and Reserve against Return

    Pricing books

    The Unstrung Harp; or, Mr. Earbrass Writes a Novel

    Three things you should know about publishing

    A new Assignment! Due Dec. 25th 2005


    1. Novel vs. Romance defined

    2. KISS or BIC method

    3. Writing and revising

    4. Distractions and bad habits

    5. 25 Steps to becoming a published author

    6. Pen Names

    7. Chapter Length, Smallest Unit of meaning in a novel

    8. Pace

    9. More about BIC and distractions

    10. Fonts/Typeface

    11. One way to come up with wordcount

    12. Midlist author income, keeping books in print, what it costs to submit

    13. How to tell where your story begins

    14. Outline

    15. Time it takes Uncle Jim to write an outline

    16. On movement and art, Chess and the book Logical Chess

    17. Openings

    18. First Sentences

    19. Novelist techniques and non-fiction

    *** NOTE : fixed link ***

    20. More on first chapters, exercise: re-type the first chapter of a favorite novel

    *** this too ***

    21. Fenimore Cooper’s Literary Offenses and rules governing literary art in domain of romantic fiction

    22. Surplusage

    23. Paper is cheap – submission format is so editors have room to edit

    24. Plot and Story

    25. How Uncle Jim finds time to do these posts

    Last edited by Dawno; 12-10-2005 at 10:34 PM. Reason: adding new threads of interest

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