I can't get over how difficult a small detail is becoming.

The situation: A 40-something female, not particularly athletic, steps off the edge of a solid floor in the entryway of her condo, not realizing the adjoining floor is no longer present. (It's a long story--and I hope a good one!) She falls through and saves herself by grabbing the edge of the solid floor where she was standing a moment before. The entryway is approximately 4 or 5 feet wide and furnished with only a shallow table where mail tends to accumulate.

The problem: A woman who's not fit may not be able to pull herself up if she catches the edge with both hands. What might be present, probably affixed low on the wall or on the floor, that she might grab and use to help haul herself back up? The table is too light.

So far, all I've thought of is cords--telephone and TV cable--but those might easily pull out of the wall or even break, plus I'm not sure that cable installers leave enough length between attachment staples for her to be able to grab it at all.

Any ideas?

Maryn, taking care of the pence so the pounds take care of themselves