Okay, as far as I can tell, if you are not a " big name author," doing a book signing can be really TOUGH.

This woman at the reading I stumbed upon today was a local writer and a vet. Her book appeared to be a mystery about a vet that also involved a lot of interesting tidbits about animal behavior. Cute, no? I thought it seemed rather intriguing.

But here was the situation: She was placed in a good spot (near the front of the store), and since this was a Saturday, just a few days before Christmas, there was a TON of foot traffic.

The problem was that all of the people at the store were there for one thing and one thing only: getting their gifts and getting the heck out of there. They were not browsing casually. They were not in the mood to stroll around or to chat up an author they did not know. And so, as well placed as she was in the store, and as many people as there were bustling all around her, she did not seem to be getting much attention at all. It made me sad.

But even I -- knowing the tough spot she was in -- failed to stop by her table, because, like everyone else, I was in a mad rush to get this errand over with and move on to my next errand.

I felt bad/guilty about not showing any solidarity with a fellow "non-big-name" local writer, but at the same time, I had to "keep moving" today or else.

Anyone have any thoughts on this kind of scenario, and/or have any of you observed anything similar?


- hopeful