My 20th birthday is on Saturday, and that is the phrase I was greeted with upon opening a birthday card from my highschool friend Jacki.

Turning 18 was fun...there's the sheer novelty of not needing permission forms signed, and the ability to call Miss Cleo and the pysic hotline at 2:30 in the morning. (Still haven't bought cigs or lottery tickets though!)

Nineteen...well, ok, you just had that milestone of an 18th birthday.

Twenty...well, now most of my friends at college are 21, so of course no one wants to take you out for your 20th. (Seriously, what's the fun in turning twenty, besides leaving your teenage adolescence behind? It's quite uneventful, lol). All I have to do is wait for next year.

It's silly how we're always looking forward to the next year, though. Because then I find the same people who wish they were 21 one day wish they were back in elementary school another. We all look forward to the next milestone...but then we forget to enjoy the present.

Funny, eh?

*end philosophical musings*