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I've been having a blast with Bookends over the years. I've been lucky enough to get 4 full requests from 3 agents. 2 from Naomi. All of them resulted in rejections but the comments were a joy to receive. Naomi's rooting for me, lol. She tells me that she keeps wanting to see more work so it's a ton of encouragement. They have a query system, which is nice because it seems like when an agency is on the system, they respond. I've always gotten a response. And I've always gotten a response on a full. And they represent so many wonderful books out there. I think if anyone could land an agent here, should be over the moon excited.

Yeah, I'm going to keep trying this place. lol As long as I have a new novel to query, why not? The place is top on my list.
Keep querying Naomi. She's my agent and is a delight. She's smart, agile, and is the Queen of Encouragement. If she told you she wants to see future works from you, she means it. Sometimes the first book doesn't get you an agent (mine didn't!), but keep at it. Perseverance pays off in this industry. Good luck!