I am in the middle.

On one hand, sure, I'd love to be my own publishing company, use Lightning Source, and make a bigger profit.
But they also strongly recommend you use Quark or Indesign to format it yourself, then send the finished masterpiece via PDF. I have no experience in any of those, so even though I am willing to learn, I keep asking myself "Can I really do it??" Or.....should I place an ad in the paper and find someone who can help?? I called a local college to see if the teacher of a Desktop Publishing class would be interested in using my written book as the project--no call back. Will try again, because I think if I can find someone to help, I could accomplish this....

Sure, I have read Poynter's 12 Edition and am waiting on the 16th to arrive.

On the other hand, I also wonder if I should just choose POD.
Am willing to research on all of them, and am doing that right now. And it would take out the formatting problem and design of cover issue (I do have a photo I'd like to use.) Plus, the one I am looking at will allow me to use my own publishing company name and ISBN. But....not only will my profit be less, but I have to make up the initial outlay I'll have to pay, which is around $900 for their services (which are good, but......)

Were you faced with this decision? What did you decide and why? How did anyone deal with the use of any program you know nothing about to format your book?? Was POD worth it?