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Thread: QueryTracker

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    I've also used the free version--initially to make my genre-specific spreadsheet (which I augment with other sources) and also more recently to sort through agents at an agency.

    Let's say I'm debating querying Agent A and Agent B at Agency X. The agent wish lists and bios (on the agency site) might nudge me toward A. Then let's say I go to query tracker, and go to reports, genre... and discover that A has a 0% request rate in my genre while B has a 10% request rate in my genre.

    At that point I scratch off agent A, tweak my letter, and query agent B.

    The comments are also helpful. There's an agent out there who requires you to watch three youtube videos to find the 'code word' before querying. I first went to query tracker to get the scoop on this, because it seemed odd, and under 'comments' are all sorts of comments about the way this agent operates (I crossed said agent off list.) It was useful. You also get a sense if a rejection letter is form or not, based on the rejections other users post.

    I do not pay for querytracker--I use the free version. I bet if I paid for it, I'd find additional fun things to do with it, but at the moment, even free, it's a good 'word on the street' place to learn from others who have queried the agents I'm looking at.
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