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Thread: [Agent] Cheryl T. Pillsbury

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    [Agent] Cheryl T. Pillsbury

    This thread was moved from the Koval Publishing thread and could be confusing since it doesn't appear, initially, to be about Cheryl Pillsbury aka Cheryl T. Pillsbury.

    I am taking the liberty of copying UJ's post from the Makinglight forum to put this thread in context. (I hope. )

    We have Cheryl T. Pillsbury, Agent.

    Cheryl is a fee-charger who has published her own work with:

    A) XLibris Corporation, a pay-to-play vanity
    B) PublishAmerica, a notorious vanity press
    C) Outskirts Press

    Who or what is Outskirts, you may ask? Yet another pay-to-play vanity press. Look ye at their main page:

    The Future of Book Publishing is Here!

    - Keep all your rights and more of the profits

    - Set your own royalty and retail price

    - Interior formatting & cover design is included

    - Free marketing COACH after publication

    - Print runs from 1 to 1000s

    Ms. Pillsbury's favorite, however, is Roval Publishing, another POD pay-to-play vanity.

    One of Cheryl Pillsbury's clients is the next character in our cast: Lanaia Lee.

    Lanaia is not only an author, but a poet. And Cheryl seems to be not only Lanaia's agent, but co-author. Note that Lanaia's poetry allegedly appears in at least one of Cheryl's Angus Grady books.

    There's more: A G Press, owned by Cheryl Pillsbury, appears to be involved in some manner in preparing Lanaia's forthcoming (yet oddly familiar)Of Atlantis for Roval Publishing.
    Quote Originally Posted by absitinvidia View Post
    Well, they've apparently agreed to publish an obviously plagiarized work, so I wouldn't consider them a very good option.

    For more information, including links to the "new" version:

    Here's the original work:, scroll through to the first page of the story.

    Sorry if this is an inappropriate post here, but it seemed worth mentioning.
    She's adamant it's her work.

    You can't go much lower than this, IMO.

    Perhaps, this is why Roval's bookstore is under construction? Bit too late. They are still responsible.
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