The firm doesn't exist anymore. It was an outfit called Minerva Press and they went bust (there is some justice in the world). It was interesting talking to him though. He said that the firm was even misleading in the way it recruited people, as they passed themselves off as legitimate publishers, hiring very good English graduates who naively thought they were getting a first step on the publishing ladder. He got out pretty quick when he realised what was going on - ie that they would publish anything that was submitted, even highly objectionable and inflammatory material, with no hope - or serious intention - of marketing the books. And of course the authors paid. Through the noses. They had one success, amazingly, of a book that sold quite well, and used that to sucker everyone in.

I think they went bust because of the rise of print on demand. No need anymore for would-be authors to buy garage-fuls of unsellable books.