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    Before you proceed, please read the following:

    How Real Publishing Works


    Everything you wanted to know about literary agents...

    Now read them again. Really. Understanding the above will keep you out of the hands of scammers and help you bypass the slush pile. The extra time spent now will save you much trouble later.

    Moving on ... this Index contains four main sections:

    • Agents & Agencies - A-J, K-Z
      Listed alphabetically by agency (or agent's first name if not affiliated with an agency).

    • Publishers & Publishing Services - A-E, F-N, O-Z
      Print, electronic, and audio publishers, as well as services to help you self-publish in any format.

    • Other Services & Resources
      Watchdog Sites & Organizations
      General Agent & Publisher Listings
      Editing, Appraisal & Critique Services
      Display Sites
      Submission Services
      Publicity / Marketing / Reviews
      Content Sites / Freelance Job Listings
      Writers’ Associations, Communities, Forums & Workshops
      Contests & Awards

    • Everything Else
      Avoiding and Reporting Scams & Fraud
      Rights, Copyrights & Permissions
      How to Find an Agent and/or Publisher
      Navigating the Wide World of Publishing
      Published Authors Have Problems, Too

    To search, use either the “Search This Thread” at the top of this post, or the forum “Search” at the top of the page (Advanced Search tends to work better). You can also use the "Find (on This Page)" function of your browser (usually Ctrl-F).

    If all else fails, search via Google using the “search string here” format. For your convenience, there’s a customized Google search box at the bottom left of every forum page.

    Many threads contain multiple subjects. If a thread isn't named or doesn't start with what you're looking for, keep reading cuz it's in there somewhere (and you might even learn something by accident. )

    This Index is NOT all-inclusive. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, check out Preditors & EditorsTM: [ETA: Currently offline, alas.] See below for how to post about someone/thing new.

    Script and screenwriters might have better luck at the Done Deal board over at Script Sales:

    If you can't find a relevant thread, post your question in a NEW thread (the button is on the main Bewares page), not here in the Index.

    • When asking a question, include what info you already have, especially a website, so folks can give you a quick and accurate answer.

    • Post one subject per thread. For example, if you have questions about two agencies that you cannot find existing threads for, create a separate thread for each agency.

    • Do not create a new thread about an existing topic. No matter how old a thread is, just post your question to it, and it will pop to the top.

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    Agents & Agencies - A thru J


    § Green = Primarily non-print-media agency (script/screen, etc.)
    Gray = No longer in [agenting] business.

    3 Seas Literary Agency (Michelle Grajkowski) Link

    8 Ball Literary Talent Agency (David Grant) Link

    AAA Books Unlimited (LaunchPad Media) (Nancy Rosenfeld) Link

    Aaland Agency, The (formerly The Abacus Group Literary Agency) (Jo Ann Krueger aka Terry Dawson) Link

    Aarau Literary Agency (formerly Sunflower Literary Agency) (Paul Muller) Link

    Aaron Literary Agency (Tom Moore) Link

    Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency, The Link

    A+B Works (Amy & Brandon Jameson) Link

    § Abbot Entertainment, LLC (Spec Scout) (formerly Abbot Screenplay Management) (Tim Lambert) Link

    Abigail Windsor Literary Management (Abigail Kara Windsor) Link

    Abner Stein Literary Agency Link

    About Words Agency (Susan Graham, Felice Gums) Link

    Above the Line Agency (Above the Line Publishing) (Rima Greer) Link

    § Abrams Artists Agency (Steve Ross) Link

    Absolute Literary Group (div. of Marsh Literary Group) (Donnie Marsh) Link

    Acacia House Publishing Services Ltd. (Bill & Frances Hanna) Link

    Ackerman Agency (Forrest Ackerman) Link

    AC Literary (Arlene Cardoza) Link

    ADA Management Group (Lauren Hammond) Link

    Adams Literary (Tracey & Josh Adams) Link

    Adrian Streather Link

    § AEI Entertainment (The Story Merchant, The Writer’s Lifeline, Inc.) (Ken Atchity) Link

    Agencia Andrés de Kramer Link

    § Agency for the Performing Arts (APA Agency) (Beverly Drive Press) Link

    Agenzia Letteraria Idoli D'inchiostro (Literary House) (Alexis Avi, Linda Cooper, Antonia Masi) Link

    Agent's Ink (formerly Agents, Inc. for Medical and Mental Health Professionals) (Syd Harriet) Link

    AGI Vigliano Literary, LLC (Vigliano Books) (formerly Vigliano Associates) (David Vigliano) Link

    Ag Partners, LLC (formerly Brookland Assocs.) (Andrew Silvers) Link

    Aha Literary Group (Michael Barnhart) Link

    Ahearn Agency, The (Pamela Ahearn) Link

    A.H. Literary Agency (Alex Hernandez) Link

    Aitken Alexander Associates Ltd. (Gillon Aitken, Clare Alexander) Link

    AKA Literary Management (formerly AKA Literary Agency, Anita Kushen & Associates) Link

    Akin & Randolph Agency (Wanda Akin, Carol Randolph) Link

    Albert T. Longden Associates Link

    ALD Literary Agency (Leonid Dubizhansky) Link

    Alexander Field Literary Agency Link

    Alexander Hoyt Associates (Alex Hoyt) Link

    Alexandra Nye, Writers & Agents Link

    Alicia Brooks Editorial Services Link

    Alicka Pistek Literary Agency, LLC Link

    Alison Bond & Associates (aka Alison M. Bond Ltd.) Link

    Alison J. Picard Agency Link

    Allen O’Shea Literary Agency, LLC (Marilyn Allen, Coleen O’Shea) Link

    Allred and Allred Literary Agents (Robert Allred) Link

    ALM Tree Agency (Amber Leone) Link

    § Alpern Group, The (Jeff Alpern) Link

    Altair Literary Agency, LLC (Andrea Pedolsky) Link

    AMB Literary Management (Amy Moore-Benson) Link

    A. Mecke Company, Inc. (AMecke Co., Gluejar, (Amanda Mecke) Link

    Amer-Asia Books, Inc. (Global Book Rights) (Evelyn Lee) Link

    A.M.Heath & Co. Ltd. Link

    § Amiee Entertainment Agency (Joyce Amiee) Link

    Amy Rennert Agency, The Link

    Anderson Literary Agency, The (Giles Anderson) Link

    Anderson Literary Management, LLC (Kathleen Anderson) Link

    Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc. Link

    Andrea Hurst & Associates, Literary Management Link

    Andrew Lownie Literary Agency Ltd. (Thistle Publishing) Link

    Andrew Mann Literary Agency (div. of Andrew Mann Ltd.) Link

    Andrew Nurnberg Associates Int’l Ltd. Link

    Andy Ross Literary Agency Link

    A.N. Experience in Books (Portia Cannon) Link

    Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency, The Link

    Angelus Associates Ltd. (Yvonne Fitzpatrick-Grimes) Link

    Anne Clark Literary Agency Link

    Anne Edelstein Literary Agency Link

    Ann Elmo Agency, Inc. (Andree Abecassis, Lettie Lee) Link

    Annette Green Authors’ Agency (The Creative Writing Consultancy) Link

    Annie Bomke Literary Agency Link

    Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency, Inc. Link

    § Anonymous Content (Steve Golin) Link

    Antony Harwood Ltd. Link

    Anthony Paluzzi Link

    Anubis Literary Agency (Anubis Education) (Steve Calcutt) Link

    Aponte Literary (Natalie Aponte) Link

    Appleseeds Management (S. James Foiles) Link

    April Eberhardt Literary (div. of Libra Nova, LLC) Link

    AP Watt Agency (div. of United Agents as of ‘12) Link

    Aragi, Inc. (Nicole Aragi) Link

    Arias Agency, The (Abelardo Arias, Richard Kendall) Link

    A. Richard Barber & Associates Link

    Arika Interrights Agency (Kate Thammano, Winnie Waropas) Link

    Arnold Gosewich Link

    Artellus Ltd. (Leslie Gardner) Link

    Arthur Fleming Associates Link

    Arthur B. Greene & Co. Link

    Artists & Artisans, Inc. (Adam Chromy) Link

    Ashley Glenn Link

    Ashley Grayson Literary Agency (Agency Editions) (Carolyn Grayson) Link

    Asli Karasuil Literary Agency (Asli Karasuil Telif Haklari Ajansi) Link

    Aspirations Literary Agency (Sheryl Renee Chester) Link

    Atomic Hollywood (George “Buck” Fowler, Ed Hansen) Link

    Audrey R. Wolf, Literary Agency (New Publishing Partners) Link

    August Agency, The (August Words Publishing) (Christina “Cricket” Freeman, Jeffery McGraw) Link

    Australian Literary Management (Lyn Tranter) Link

    Authentic Creations (Mary Lee, Cheryl & Ronald Laitsch) Link

    Author Literary Agents (John Havergal) Link

    Author Rights Agency Ltd. (Betimes Books) (Svetlana Pironko) Link

    Authors & Artists (Al Lowman) Link

    Authors' Clearinghouse, The (Jane Johnson, Kathy Thompson) Link

    Avenue A Literary, LLC (Jennifer Cayea) Link

    Axelrod Agency, The (Steven Axelrod) Link

    Ayanna Behin Literary Link

    Ayesha Pande Literary (formerly Collins Literary Agency) Link

    Azantian Literary Agency (Jennifer Azantian) Link

    Baker's Mark Literary Agency (Bernadette Baker, Gretchen Stelter) Link

    Baldi Agency (Malaga Baldi) Link

    Barbara Bauer Literary Agency (Literary Management Professionals) Link

    Barbara Bova Literary Agency, LLC Link

    Barbara Braun Associates, Inc. Link

    Barbara Casey Literary Agency (Publishers Update) Link

    § Barbara Hogenson Agency, The Link

    Barbara Markowitz Literary Agency Link

    Barbara Rifkind Literary Agency Link

    Barbara J. Zitwer Literary Agency Link

    Barer Literary, LLC (Julie Barer) Link

    Barnard Agency, The (Wendy Barnard) Link

    Barone Literary Agency, The (Denise Barone, Esq.) Link

    Baror International, Inc. (Danny Baror, Heather Baror-Shapiro) Link

    Barrett Books (Audra Barrett) Link

    Barrie Van Dyck Agency, Inc. Link

    Barron’s Literary Management (J. Adele Barron-Brooks) Link

    Barry Goldblatt Literary, LLC Link

    Barry-Swayne Literary Agency, The (Susan Barry, Lisa Swayne) Link

    Bart Andrew & Associates, Inc. Link

    Bawn Literary Agency (a.k.a. BAWN Publishers, Inc., Literary Agency) (Willie & Beverly Nason) Link

    Beinstock, LLC (formerly N.S. Beinstock, Inc.) (div. of UTA as of ’14) (Richard Leibner) Link

    Belcastro Agency (Sharon Belcastro) Link

    Belfrey Literary Agency, The (Belfry Media) (Mary Louise Schwartz) Link

    Bell Lomax Moreton Agency, The (Eddie & June Bell, Pat Lomax, Paul Moreton) Link

    Benedict & Associates (aka B.A. Literary Agency, Richard Castro Lit. Agency) (Phil Benedict aka Phil Raia aka Richard Castro) Link

    Bennett & West Literary Agency (Lois Bennett, Joan West) Link

    Benrey + Benrey, LLC (Benrey Literary, Greenbrier Book Company) (Janet & Ron Benrey) Link

    Bent Literary Agency, The (Jenny Bent) Link

    Berenice Hoffman Literary Agency Link

    Best Solution Author Agency (Dan Grogan, Karri Hiland) Link

    § Bethel Agency, The (Lewis R. Chambers) Link

    Beth Vesel Literary Agency, The Link

    Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises Link

    Betsy Nolan Literary Agency, The (div. of The Nolan/Lehr Group, Inc.) (Carla Glasser) Link

    Beverley Slopen Literary Agency (Bev Editions) Link

    BigScore Productions, Inc. (Starburst Publishers) (David Robie, Sharon Hanby-Robie) Link

    Bill Phillips & Associates Link

    B.J. Robbins Literary Agency Link

    BK Nelson, Inc. (aka The BK Nelson Literary Agency and Lecture Bureau) (Bonita Nelson) Link

    Black Hawk Literary Agency (Black Hawk Enterprises, LLC, Unicorn for Writers) (Jan L. Kardys) Link

    Blair Partnership, The (Neil Blair) Link

    § Blair Silver & Co., LLC Link

    Blake Friedmann (Carole Blake, Julian Friedmann) Link

    Blanche C. Gregory, Inc. Link

    Bleecker Street Associates, Inc. (Agnes Birnbaum) Link

    Bliss Literary Agency International, Inc. (Jenoyne Adams) Link

    Bloominghouse Literary (C.S. McCulloh) Link

    Blue Heron Literary (Amy Levenson) Link

    Blue Ridge Literary Agency (Sleuth Editing) (Dawn Dowdle) Link

    Blumer Literary Agency, Inc., The (Olivia & William Blumer) Link

    Blythe Daniel Agency, The Link

    Bobbe Seigel Literary Agency Link

    Bob Mecoy Literary Agency (formerly Creative Book Services) Link1 Link2

    Bob Robison & Associates (Robert Robison) Link

    Bond Literary Agency (Sandra Bond) Link

    Bond Literary Agents & Specialized Services (Frances Bond Literary Services) (Jean Gaiser) Link

    Bonnie Black Talent Agency Link

    Book Bureau Literary Agency, The (Geraldine Nichol) Link

    Bookcase Literary Agency (Flavia Viotti, Meire Dias) Link

    Book Cents Literary Agency, LLC (Christine Witthohn) Link

    Book Deals, Inc. (Caroline Carney) Link

    BookEnds, LLC (Beyond the Page Publishing) (Jessica Faust) Link

    Booker Albert Agency, The (Brittany Booker Carter, Jordy Albert) Link

    Book Group, The Link

    Books & Such Literary Management (Janet Grant) Link

    BooksDreamer Literary Agency (Matteo Zapparelli, Elisa Squinzani, Mariachiara Cabrini) Link

    BookStop Literary Agency, LLC (Kendra Marcus) Link

    Bookworm Literary Group, The (Phyllis Jager) Link

    Bradford Literary Agency (Laura Bradford) Link

    Braggs Literary Group (Jeremy Braggs) Link

    Brandon & Associates Literary Agents (B&A Publishers) (John King, Jenni Stace) Link

    Brands-to-Books, Inc. (Robert Allen, Kathleen Spinelli) Link

    Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc. (Carl Brandt, Gail Hochman) Link

    Brandt New Agency (Carina Brandt) Link

    Bresnick Weil Literary Agency, LLC (div. of Paul Bresnick Literary Agency) Link

    B.R. Fleury Agency (Blanche Fleury) Link

    Brick House Literary Agents (Sally Wofford-Girand) Link

    Bright Lights Associates (Suzanne Hoos) Link

    Bright Literary Agency (div. of Bright Group International Ltd.) (Vicki Willden-Lebrecht) Link

    Broadland Literary (Lisa Jane Weller) Link

    Brock Gannon Literary Agency (Louise Peters) Link

    Brower Literary & Management (Kimberly Brower) Link

    Browne & Miller Literary Associates, LLC (Jane Jordan Browne, Danielle Egan-Miller) Link

    Brown Ink Books, LLC (Brown Publishing) (Aisha Johnson) Link

    Bryan Drew Ltd. Link

    Bukowski Agency, The (Denise Bukowski) Link

    Bunch Literary Agency (Mads Bunch) Link

    California Literary Services (formerly West Coast Literary) (Richard VanDerBeets, James Haversham) Link

    Calliope Content Development (Sara Wolski) Link

    Cambridge Literary Associates (Ralph & Mike Valentino) Link

    § Cameron’s Management (aka The Cameron Cresswell Agency) (Jane Cameron) Link

    Candice Fuhrman Literary Agency Link

    Cantrell-Colas, Inc. (Maryanne Colas-Thibouville) Link

    § Capital Talent Agency, LLC (Roger Yoerges) Link

    CardenWright Literary Agency (Genevieve & Philippe Carden, Rachel Wright) Link

    Carnicelli Literary Management (Matthew Carnicelli) Link

    Carole Abel Literary Agency Link

    Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency Link

    Carol Mann Agency Link

    Carol Susan Roth Literary & Creative (aka Author’s Best) Link

    Carolyn Jenks Agency Link

    Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency Ltd. Link

    Carroll Grace Literary Agency (Patricia Jozwiakowski, Sonuia “Sunny” Mays) Link

    Cascade Literary Agency (Jewelann Cone) Link

    Caskie Mushens Agency (Robert Caskie, Juliet Mushens) Link

    Castiglia Literary Agency (Julie Castiglia) Link

    Catbird Productions (Kirsten Hall) Link

    Chalberg & Sussman (Terra Chalberg, Rachel Sussman) Link

    Chambers Literary & Film Agency (div. of Chambers Solicitors aka Chambers Mediators Int’l) (Leina Yadev) Link

    Chamein Canton Agency (aka Canton Smith Agency) (Eric Smith) Link

    Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency, The Link

    Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency Link

    Chase Literary Agency (Farley Chase) Link

    § Chasin Agency, The (Tom Chasin) Link

    Cherry Weiner Literary Agency Link

    Cheryl McCarthy Literary Agency Link

    Cheryl T. Pillsbury Link

    Choate Agency, The (Michael Choate) Link

    Chris Fortunato Literary Agency (Wayland Square Editions) Link

    Christina Ward Literary Agency Link)

    Christopher Little Literary Agency, The Link

    Chudney Agency, The (Steven Chudney) Link

    § Cine/Lit Representation (Anne Cottle, Mary Alice Kier) Link

    Circle Literary Agency, The (Sam Vargo) Link

    CK Webber Associates (Carlie Webber) Link

    Claire Gerus Literary Agency Link

    Clarence-Christian Agency, The (B. Christian) Link

    Clark Management Co., Inc. (Vicki Clark) Link

    Clark, Mendelson, and Scott (aka Franklin-Madison L.A.) (formerly Capital L.A., Washington L.A., et al.) (Samuel Asinugo) Link

    Clear Sailing Creatives (Clear Mountain Creatives) (Beth Fleisher) Link

    Cohen Agency, The (Roberta Cohen) Link

    Colchie Agency, The (Thomas & Elaine Colchie) Link

    Collage Literary (div. of Hawkins + Company) (Laurie Hawkins) Link

    Collier Associates (Dianna Collier-Warner) Link

    Colosseum Management (Casper Lundbak, Maria Simonsen) Link

    Communications Management Associates (aka CMA, CMALA) (formerly Part-Time Productions) (Tom Lee) Link

    Connor Literary Agency (Marlene Connor Lynch, Deborah Connor Coker) Link

    Connie Clausen Associates Link

    Conville & Walsh Ltd. (Claire Conville, Patrick Walsh) Link

    Cooke Agency, The (The Cooke Agency Int’l) (Dean Cooke, Sally Harding, et al.) Link1 Link2

    Coombs Moylett & McClean Literary Agency (The Fiction Editors) (formerly Coombs Moylett L.A.) (Lisa Moylett, Jamie McClean) Link

    Cornerstone Literary, Inc. (Helen Breitwieser) Link

    Corning Agency, The (Alix Taylor) Link

    Corvisiero Literary Agency (Literary Powerhouse Consulting (LitPow Portal)) (Marisa Corvisiero) Link

    Cowles Agency, The (formerly The Cowles-Ryan L.A.) (Katherine Cowles) Link

    Craig Nelson Company, The Link

    Craig Wiley Agency, The Link

    Crane Literary Agency Link

    Creative Artists Agency, The (Demetria Brandon aka Raven Dupre aka Chandra Bullock) Link

    Creative Authors Ltd. (Isabel Atherton) Link

    Creative Culture, The (Mary Ann Naples, Debra Goldstein) Link

    Creative Media Agency, Inc. (Paige Wheeler) Link

    Creative Script Services (Kathryn Knowlton) Link

    Creative Trust, Inc. (formerly Helmers Literary Services) (Kathryn Helmers) Link

    Credo Communications, LLC (Credo House Publishers) (Tim Beals) Link

    Crichton & Associates, Inc. (Sha-Shana N.L. Crichton) Link

    Croce Agency, The (Nicholas Croce) Link

    Cross Wind Agency (Anita Melograna) Link

    CSG Literary Partners, LLC (MDM Management, LLC) (Steven Harris, Michele Martin) Link

    CS International Literary Agency (Cynthia Neesemann) Link

    Culinary Entertainment Agency, The (formerly The Culinary Cooperative, Psaltis Literary) (Michael Psaltis) Link

    Cullen Stanley International Agency, Inc. (Stephanie Koven) Link

    Curtis Brown Australia Pty. Ltd. Link

    Curtis Brown Group Ltd. (UK) (Curtis Brown Creative) Link

    Curtis Brown Ltd. (US) Link

    Cynthia Manson Literary Agency Link

    Cynthia Vann Literary Services (formerly Cynthia Vann L.A.) Link

    CYNTOMedia Corp. (CYNTOM Cinema Productions) (formerly The Lee Shore Company Ltd.) (Cynthia Sterling) Link

    Cypher Agency, The (James R. Cypher) Link

    D4EO Literary Agency (formerly D4EO Literary Partners) (Robert Diforio) Link

    Damaris Rowland Agency, The Link

    Dana Newman Literary, LLC Link

    Daniel Bial Agency (Daniel Bial Editing) Link

    Daniel Literary Group (Greg Daniel) Link

    Daniels Books, LLC (Leslie Daniels) Link

    Dan Peragine Agency Link

    Darhansoff & Verrill (formerly Darhansoff Verrill Feldman) (Liz Darhansoff, Chuck Verrill) Link

    § Darley Anderson Literary, TV & Film Agency (Darley Anderson Children’s Book Agency) Link

    Davey Literary & Media (Tricia & Beth Davey) Link

    David Black Literary Agency, The Link

    David Godwin Associates Ltd. (aka DGA Ltd.) (Heather Godwin) Link

    § David Higham Associates Link

    David Rompf Literary Agency Link

    Davis|Wager Literary Agency (Timothy Wager) Link

    D.C. Jacobson & Associates, LLC (Don Jacobson) Link

    Deborah Harris Agency, The Link

    Debra Fishpaw Literary Agency Link

    § Dee Mura Literary (Dee Mura Enterprises, Inc.) Link

    DeFiore and Company (formerly DeFiore and Company Author Services) (Brian DeFiore) Link

    Delphinius Talent Management (Nick Gulascy, Jr., Cynthia Roberts (formerly Brohas-Gulascy)) Link

    Denise Shannon Literary Agency Link

    Denouement Literary Agency (Bliss Books, Portals Publishing) (Evelyn Rainey) Link

    Desert Rose Agency (Leanne Murphy) Link

    D.H.H. Literary Agency (David Headley) Link

    DHS Literary, Inc. (David Hale Smith) Link

    Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency (Ella Diamond Kahn, Bryony Woods) Link

    Diana Finch Literary Agency Link

    Diane Banks Associates Ltd. Link

    Distal Group Mindstreaming Technologies (Anne M. Volmering) Link

    Dixie, The Literary Agency (Ron Autrey) Link

    Doe Coover Agency, The Link

    Dominick Abel Literary Agency Link

    Donadio & Olsen, Inc. (Candida Donadio, Neil Olsen) Link

    Donaghy Literary Group (Stacey Donaghy) Link

    Donald Maass Literary Agency Link

    § Don Buchwald & Associates, Inc. Link

    Don Congdon Associates, Inc. (Michael Congdon) Link

    Don Gastwirth & Associates Link

    Dorian Literary Agency (Dorothy “Dot” Lumley) Link

    Dorie Simmonds Agency Ltd. Link

    Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency, The (aka The DSM Agency) Link

    Doug Grad Literary Agency, Inc. Link

    Doyen Literary Services, Inc. (Barbara “BJ” Doyen) Link

    Dreisbach Literary Management (Verna Dreisbach) Link

    Drew Nelson Book Agency Link

    Drew S. Maser and Associates, Literary Agents Link

    DRS Agency, The (David R. Shephard) Link

    § du Jour Films & Entertainment, Inc. (div. of Gypsy Productions) (Robert “Gypsy” Miller) Link

    Duncan McAra Literary Agency Link

    Dunham Literary, Inc. (Rhoda Weyr Agency) (Jennie Dunham) Link

    Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Literary Agency (Henry Dunow, Jennifer Carlson, Betsy Lerner) Link

    Dupree/Miller & Associates (Jan Miller) Link

    Durant Literary Agency (Tiffany Durant) Link

    Durkin Entertainment Group (formerly WriterzWorld Network, Durkin Artists Agency) (Debbie Durkin, Sara Gilmore) Link

    Dystel, Goderich & Bourret, LLC (formerly Dystel & Goderich Lit. Mgmt.) (Jane Dystel, Miriam Goderich, Michael Bourret) Link

    Eames Literary Services, LLC (John Eames) Link

    Earth Angels Literary Management (aka EarthAngels, Earthlight) (Attica Peece) Link

    Easley Literary Agency, LLC (Kiesha Easley) Link

    East/West Literary Agency (Deborah Warren) Link

    Eaton Literary Agency, Inc. (Ralph Eaton. Larry Parr) Link

    Ebeling & Associates (The Ebeling Agency) (Michael Ebeling) Link

    EBP Literary Agency, LLC (Emma Penick) Link

    § Eddie Kritzer Productions Link

    Eddison Pearson Ltd. (Clare Pearson) Link

    Eden Street, LLC (Liza Pulitzer-Voges) Link

    Edite Kroll Literary Agency Link

    Ed Victor Ltd. (Bedford Square Books) Link

    Edward Armstrong Literary Agency Link

    Edward Cecil Literary Agency, The (Daisy Frost) Link

    Edythea Ginis Selman Literary Agency (Edy Selman) Link

    Einstein Literary Management (formerly Einstein Thompson Agency) (Susanna Einstein) Link

    Elaine Davie Literary Agency Link

    Elaine P. English, PLLC Link

    Elaine Koster Literary Agency, LLC Link

    Elaine Markson Literary Agency (formerly Markson & Thoma L.A.) Link

    Elise Dillsworth Agency Link

    Elite Finesse Literary Agency (aka The Elite Finesse Literary Publishing Agency) (formerly Finesse Literary Agency) (Karen Carr aka K.E. Carr) Link

    Elite Online Literary Agency (Daniel Kane) Link

    Elizabeth Cavanaugh Link

    Elizabeth Goodman Link

    Elizabeth Kaplan Literary Agency, The Link

    Ellen F. Denison, Literary Agent Link

    Elyse Cheney Literary Associates, LLC Link

    Emerald City Literary Agency (Mandy Hubbard) Link

    Emerald Literary Agency (Debra Rodman) Link

    Emil Cioran Literary Agency Link

    Emilie Stewart Literary Agency Link

    Emma Sweeny Agency Link

    Empire Literary, LLC (Andrea Barzvi) Link

    Endeavor Agency, The (Richard Abate) Link

    Epstein Literary Agency, The (EpsteinWords) (Kate Epstein) Link

    Erin Murphy Literary Agency Link

    Errata Literary, Inc. (formerly Errate Press Ltd.) (Donald & Elisabeth Swaim) Link

    Estephan Talent Agency (Joseph Estephan) Link

    Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency, The (Worldbuilders Press, et al.) Link

    Euro 1 Motion Picture & Literary Agency (aka Euro Literary Agency) (Dzejn “Jane” Vujic) Link

    Evan Marshall Agency, The (The Marshall Plan) (Martha Jewett) Link

    § Evatopia Entertainment (Evatopia Academy, Evatopia Press) (Margery Walshaw) Link

    Eve White: Literary Agent Link

    Eyebait Management (Jane Putch) Link

    Fairbank Literary Representation (Sorche Fairbank) Link

    Faith Childs Literary Agency Link

    Falkin Literary (Mark Falkin) Link

    Fallon Literary Agency (Eileen Fallon) Link

    Fann Literary and Art Agent (Frankie Ann White) Link

    Farber Literary Agency (Ann, Donald & Seth Farber) Link

    Farris Literary Agency, Inc. (Mike Farris, Suasn Morgan Farris) Link

    Faye Bender Literary Agency Link

    Felicia Eth Literary Representation Link

    Fenton Entertainment Group, Inc. (Robert L. Fenton) Link

    Ferguson Literary Agency, The (Cheryl Ferguson) Link

    Fielding Agency, The (Whitney Lee) Link

    Fifi Oscard Agency, Inc. (Peter Sawyer, Carolyn French) Link

    Film Literary Group (Gray Fox Films) (formerly Beverly Hills Lit. Consultants, Inc., Gray/Goodman, Inc.) (Stephan Gray) Link

    Finchley Road Literary (Rebecca Gradinger) Link

    Fine Literary Management (Susan Finesman) Link

    FinePrint Literary Management (Peter Rubie, Stephany Evans) Link

    Firebrand Literary (Story Complex) (Nadia Cornier, Cristi Marchetti) Link

    Fischer-Harbage Agency, The (Ryan & Laura Fischer-Harbage) Link

    Flannery Literary (Jennifer Flannery) Link

    Fleck Agency, The (formerly Professional Media Services) (Robert Fleck) Link

    Fletcher & Co., LLC (formerly Fletcher & Parry) (Christy Fletcher) Link

    Flora Roberts, Inc. Link

    Florida Literary Agency, The (Kevin DiTanna) Link

    Fogelman Literary Agency, The (Evan Fogelman) Link

    FOG Literary Agency (Sue Flammang) Link

    Folio Literary Management, LLC (Folio Jr.) (Scott Hoffman, Jeff Kleinman) Link

    Font Literary Agency (Aine McCarthy aka Orna Ross) Link

    Forte Associates (Jeanne Forte Dube) Link

    Foster Literary Agency (Tina Foster) Link

    Foundry Literary + Media (Peter McGuigan, Yfat Reiss Gendell) Link

    Fountain Literary (Jennifer de la Fuente) Link

    Fox Chase Agency (A. L. & Jo C. Hart) Link

    Fox Literary Agency (Diana Fox) Link

    Fox Mason Ltd. (Ben Mason) Link

    FRA (formerly Futerman, Rose & Associates) (Guy Rose) Link

    Frances Collin (formerly Marie Rodell Frances Collin Literary Agency) Link

    Frances Goldin Literary Agency, Inc. (Ellen Geiger, Sam Stoloff) Link

    Fraser-Bub Literary (MacKenzie Fraser-Bub) Link

    Fraser Ross Associates (Lindsey Fraser, Kathryn Ross) Link

    Fredrica S. Friedman & Co., Inc. ("Freddie" Friedman) Link

    Fresh Books, Inc. (Matt Wagner) Link

    Friedrich Agency, The (Molly Friedrich) Link

    FrontMatter & Associates (John Banks) Link

    Full Circle Literary, LLC (Stefanie von Borstel, Lilly Ghahremani) Link

    Furniss Lawton (div. of James Grant Group) (Eugenie Furniss, Rowan Lawton) Link

    Fuse Literary (Short Fuse) (formerly Foreword Literary) (Laurie McLean, Gordon Warnock) Link

    G Agency, LLC (Jeff Gerecke) Link

    § Gallagher Literary (Gallagher Talent) (div. of Gallagher Entertainment) (Rob Gallagher) Link

    Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency (formerly Nancy Gallt Literary Agency) (Marietta Zacker) Link

    Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Management (formerly Gandolfo Helin Lit. Mgmt.) (Italia Gandolfo, Calvin Helin, Renee Fountain) Link

    Garamond Agency, The (Lisa Adams, David Miller) Link

    § Gary-Paul Agency, The (Garret Maynard) Link

    Gary S. Wohl Literary Agency Link

    Gateway Literary Agency (Terri Baranowski) Link

    Gelfman Schneider Literary Agents (Jane Gelfman, Deborah Schnieder) Link

    Gerard McCauley Agency Link

    Gernert Company, The (David Gernert) Link

    § Gersh Agency, The (Bob & David Gersh) Link

    Ghosh Literary (Anna Ghosh) Link

    Gilbert Literary Agency (div. of Hawkspurr Productions) (Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert) Link

    Gillian MacKenzie Agency Link

    Gina Maccoby Literary Agency Link

    Gislason Agency, The (Blue Diamond Enterprises, Blue Raven Press) (Barbara Gislason) Link

    Glass Literary Management (Alex Glass) Link

    Glenn Sobel Management Link

    § Global Lion Intellectual Pty. Mgmt. (21st Century Lion Books) (formerly PMA Literary & Film Management, Millennium Lion, Inc.) (Peter Miller) Link

    Global Literary Management, LLC (Didier Imbot, Stephanie Abou, et al.) Link

    Global Talent Representatives, Inc. (G.T.R., Inc.) (formerly National Writers' Lit. Agency) (Andrew J. Whelchel III) Link

    G. Michael Short Link

    Goldfarb & Associates (Ronald Goldfarb) Link

    Golden West Literary Agency (John Tuska, Vicki Piekarski) Link

    Golden Wheat Literary (Jessica Schmeidler) Link

    GO Literary (Amaryah Orenstein) Link

    Goodman Associates (Arnold Goodman, Elise Simon Goodman) Link

    § Gotham Group, The (Ellen Goldsmith-Vein) Link

    Gotham Literary Agency Ltd. (Nathalie Scott) Link

    Grace Morgan Literary Agency Link

    Grant Agency, The (Steve Grant) Link

    Graybill & English, LLC (Nina Graybill, Elaine English) Link

    Grayhaus Literary Agency (Scott Eagan) Link

    Grayhawk Agency, The (Gray Tan) Link

    Great Titles, Inc. (Tina Tsallas) Link

    Greene & Heaton Ltd. (Elaine Greene, Carol Heaton) Link

    Greenhouse Literary Agency, The (Sarah Davies) Link

    Gregory & Company Authors' Agents (Jane Gregory) Link

    Gregory Literary Agency, LLC (Steven Gregory) Link

    Greystone Literary Agency (Michael Mancilla) Link

    Grosvenor Literary Agency, The (Deborah Grosvenor) Link

    Guma Agency, The (Matthew Guma) Link

    Gunn Global Media (Gunn Media Enterprises) (Ali Gunn) Link

    GuruGirls (Lisa Grant) Link

    Gwendolyn Heasley Literary Agency Link

    Halston Freeman Literary Agency (Betty Halston, Molly Freeman) Link

    Halyard Literary Agency (Alaina Grayson) Link

    Hanbury Agency, The (Margaret Hanbury) Link

    Handspun Literary Agency, Inc. (Courtney Miller-Callihan) Link

    Hannah Rogers Link

    Hannigan Salky Getzler Agency (Carrie Hannigan, Jesseca Salky, Josh Getzler) Link

    Harold Matson Company (Jonathan Matson) Link

    Harold Ober Associates, Inc. (Craig Tenney) Link

    Harold Schmidt Literary Agency Link

    Harris Literary Agency (Barbara J. Harris) Link

    Harris, Harris & Donahue Ltd. (Alan & Trevor Harris, Susan Donahue) Link

    Hartline Literary Agency (Joyce Hart) Link

    Hart Literary Management (Susan Hart) Link

    Harvey Klinger, Inc. Link

    Heacock Hill Literary Agency (Catt LeBaigue, Peter Danison aka Tom Dark) Link

    Heacock Literary Agency (James Heacock & Rosalie Heacock Thompson) Link

    Helen Brann Agency Link

    Helen Heller Agency, The (Sarah Heller) Link

    Helen F. Pratt, Inc. Link

    Hen&Ink Literary Studio (Erzsi Deak) Link

    § Henry Morrison, Inc. Link

    Herman Agency, Inc. (Ronnie Ann Herman) Link

    Hermes the Literary Agency (Susan Wells) Link

    Hershman Rights Management (Sarah Hershman) Link

    hhb agency ltd. (Heather Holden-Brown) Link

    Hill & Hill Literary Agency (Christopher Hill) Link

    Hill Nadell Literary Agency (formerly Frederick Hill/Bonnie Nadell L. A., Frederick Hill Assocs.) Link

    Holloway Literary Agency (Nikki Terpilowski) Link

    Holroyde Cartey Ltd. (Penny Holroyde, Claire Cartey) Link

    Hoover, Sanders Literary Agency (Douglas Hoover, Cheryl Sanders) Link

    Hopkins Literary Associates (Pamela Hopkins) Link

    Hornfischer Literary Management, L.P. (Jim Hornfischer) Link

    § Hotchkiss and Associates, Inc. (Jody Hotchkiss) Link

    Houle Agency, The (Christina Houle) Link

    Howard Morhaim Literary Agency Link

    Hughes Capital Entertainment (Patrick Hughes) Link

    Hummingbird Literary (Mira Reisberg) Link

    Hyatt Literary Agency (Linda Hyatt) Link

    Hy Cohen Literary Agency Ltd. Link

    ICM Partners (formerly International Creative Management) Link

    ICM/Sagalyn (formerly Sagalyn Literary Agency) (Raphael Sagalyn) Link

    IMG Literary (div. of IMG World) (Lisa Queen) Link

    IMG Management (div. of IMG Music Productions, Inc.) (Tyra Buburuz) Link

    Immersion Management (John Salcido, Andy Pelletier) Link

    Imprint Agency, Inc. (Stephany Evans) Link

    Independent Literary (formerly Dinsdale Imber) (Robert Dinsdale, Kirstie Imber) Link

    Indent Literary Agency (Andrea Montejo) Link

    Inga Hessel Literary Agency Link

    Inklings Literary Agency, LLC (Michelle Johnson) Link

    inko, Inc. (Sue Yuen) Link

    InkWell Management, LLC (formerly Carlisle & Co.) (Michael Carlisle, Richard Pine, Kimberly Witherspoon) Link

    Innisfree Literary (Margaret O’Connor) Link

    Inspira Group, The (Darin Jewell) Link

    § Integrity Artists Management (Tom Townsend) Link

    International Independent Literary Agents Association (IILAA) Link

    International Literary Arts, LLC (Pamela Brodowsky) Link

    International Transactions, Inc. (Yucca Publishing) (Peter & Sandra Riva) Link

    Irene Goodman Literary Agency Link

    Irene Skolnick Literary Agency Link

    § Irene Webb Productions (formerly Irene Webb Literary) Link

    Isabel White Link

    J.A. Weber Literaturagentur GmbH (Julie Weber) Link

    JABberwocky Literary Agency (Joshua Blimes) Link

    § Jack Scagnetti Talent & Literary Agency (Craig Scagnetti) Link

    § Jago Ciro Entertainment (Kimberly Jago, Fabio Ciro) Link

    James Charlton Associates Link

    James B. Finn Literary Agency Link

    James Fitzgerald Agency Link

    James Frenkel & Associates (Joan Vinge) Link

    James Literary Agency, Inc. (Jonathan James) Link

    James Peter Associates, Inc. (Bert Holtje) Link

    Jan Dennis Literary Services (formerly The Jan P. Dennis Lit. Agency) Link

    Jane Chelius Literary Agency Link

    Jane Dowary Agency (Julia Sarah Levin) Link

    Jane Rotrosen Agency, LLC (Jane Rotrosen Berkey) Link

    Janet Kay & Associates (JanGeo Ink Publishing Company, Helping Hand Literary Service, Harrison & Company Literary) (Janet Kay, George Titsworth, Sonny Harrison) Link1 Link2

    Janis A. Donnaud & Associates, Inc. Link

    Janklow & Nesbit Associates (Morton Janklow, Lynn Nesbitt) Link

    Jason Yarn Literary Agency Link

    JCA Literary Agency (Tom & Melanie Cushman) Link

    J. de S. Associates, Inc. (Jacques de Spoelberch) Link

    Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency, The Link

    Jeanne Fredericks Literary Agency Link

    Jeff Herman Agency, The (Jeff & Deborah Herman) Link

    Jeffrey Simmons Literary Agency Link

    Jellinek & Murray Literary Agency (Jellinek & Murray Publishing) (Roger Jellinek, Eden-Lee Murray) Link

    Jenée Arthur Agency (formerly Rellihan Satterlee) Link

    Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency, The Link

    Jennifer Etherton Literary Services Link

    Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency (formerly Lyons & Pande International) Link

    Jenny Brown Associates Link

    Jenny Meyer Literary Agency Link

    JET Literary Associates, Inc. (Disc-Us Books) (Jim Trupin, Elizabeth Trupin-Pulli) Link

    JetReid Literary Agency (Janet Reid) Link

    Jia-Xi Books Co. Ltd. (Hsin-Hua Liu) Link

    Jill Grinberg Literary Management Link

    Jill Grosjean Literary Agency Link

    Jim Donovan Literary Link

    J. Joyce Agency, The (Waltner & Associates, Tri-Pod Entertainment Publishing) (Jennifer Philips-Joyce) Link

    JLA Literary Agency (Jay Lace) Link

    Joan Brandt Agency, The Link

    Joanna Lewis Cole Link

    Jodie Rhodes Literary Agency (New Talent Press) Link

    Jody Rein Books, Inc. (Author Planet, BookProposalPro) Link

    Joelle Delbourgo Associates, Inc. (JDA Publishing Services) Link

    John Boswell Associates (John Boswell Management, Inc.) Link

    John Hawkins & Associates, Inc. Link

    John Jarrold Link

    Johnson & Alcock Ltd. (John Johnson, Michael Alcock) Link

    Johnson Literary Agency (formerly Caren Johnson L.A.) (Caren Johnson Estesen) Link

    Johnson-Warren Literary Agency (formerly James Warren L.A.) (Billie Johnson) Link

    John A. Ware Literary Agency Link

    John White Literary Agency Link

    John W. Wright Literary Agency (aka John Wright Literary Assocs.) Link

    Jonathan Clowes Ltd. (Ann Evans) Link

    Jonathan Dolger Agency, The Link

    Jonathan Pegg Literary Agency Link

    Jones Hutton Literary Associates (Hutton [Electronic] Publishing) (formerly Hutton & Hutton Agency) (Caroline DuBois Hutton) Link

    § Jon Klane Company, The (formerly The Jon Klane Agency) Link

    Joseph S. Ajlouny Literary Agency Link

    Joy Harris Literary Agency, The Link

    Judith Ehrlich Literary Management Link

    Judith Riven Literary Agent Link

    Jud Laghi Agency, The (Megawatt Press) Link

    Julia Livshin Link

    Julia Lord Literary Management (div. of Lymehouse Productions, Inc.) Link

    Julie A. Hill & Associates, LLC (formerly Hill Media & Literary Agency) Link

    Julie McIntyre Link

    Justak Literary Services, Inc. (Marta Justak) Link
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    Agents & Agencies - K thru Z

    Karen Gantz Literary Management (formerly Karen Gantz Zahler Lit. Mgmt.) Link

    Karpfinger Agency, The (Barney Karpfinger) Link

    Kate Hordern Literary Agency Link

    Kate Nash Literary Agency Link

    Katherine Adams Agency Link

    Kathi J. Paton Literary Agency Link

    Kathryn Green Literary Agency, LLC Link

    Kaye & Mills (Jessica Kaye, Kevin Mills) Link

    Kayi Literary Agency (formerly NUCCiHAN KESiM Literary Agency) (Dilek, Fusun & Murat Kayi) Link

    Keating Literary, LLC (Trena Keating) Link

    Keen Literary (formerly EBM Literary) (Emily Booth Masters, Julie Schoerke, Susan Abel) Link

    Keller Media, Inc. (formerly ForthWrite Literary Agency & Speakers Bureau) (Wendy Keller) Link

    § Ken Sherman & Associates Link

    Kepner Agency, The (Chris Kepner) Link

    Key Literary Agency (Royal Trinity Press) (Kimberly Key) Link

    Ki Agency (Meg Davis) Link

    Kidde, Hoyt & Picard Literary Agency (Katharine “Kay” Kidde, Alison Picard) Link

    Kilburn Literary Agency (formerly Ashgrove House Publishing, Beacon Virtual Services, et al.) (Reggie Sharp Byram aka James Lansbury, et al.) Link

    Kimberley Cameron & Associates (formerly Reece Halsey North Literary Agency) (Reputation Books) Link

    Kingsford Campbell Ltd. (Julia Kingsford, Charles Campbell) Link

    Kira Muratova Link

    Kirchoff/Wohlberg, Inc. (Morris Kirchoff, Helen Wohlberg) Link

    Kirsten Manges Literary Agency Link

    Kirsten Neuhaus Literary Agency Link

    Kitchen, Lind & Associates (formerly Kitchen & Hansen Agency) (Denis Kitchen, John Lind) Link

    Knapp Talent & Literary, LLC (Richard Knapp) Link

    Kneerim & Williams (formerly Kneerim, Williams & Bloom) (Jill Kneerim, Ike Williams) Link

    Knight Agency, The (TKA Distribution) (Deidre Knight) Link

    Kraas Literary Agency (Irene & Ashley Kraas) Link

    Krista Goering Literary Agency, The Link

    § Kristine Krupp Talent Agency Link

    KT Literary, LLC (Kate Testerman) Link

    KT Public Relations & Literary Services (Kae & Jon Tienstra) Link

    Kuhn Projects, LLC (David Kuhn) Link

    LACA NOLA Talent Group (Melissa Caudle) Link

    LA Literary agency, The (LA Book Doctor) (formerly Maureen Lasher Agency) (Eric & Maureen Lasher) Link

    Langtons International Agency (Book Marketing Int’l, Editorial Experts 4 U, Langtons Editorial Consultancy) (Linda Langton) Link

    Lark Group, The (Abby Saul) Link

    Larsen Pomada Literary Agents (Michael Larsen, Elizabeth Pomada) Link

    LatschLit, Inc. (LatschLit Literary Agency & Translations) (Oliver Latsch) Link

    LaunchBooks Literary Agency (David Fugate) Link

    Laura Cecil Link

    Laura Dail Literary Agency Link

    Laura Gross Literary Agency Link

    Laura Langlie Agency Link

    Lawrence Jordan Agency (div. of Morning Star Communications, LLC) Link

    Lazear Agency, The (Jonathan & Wendy Lazear) Link

    L & C Literary Agency (Owen Burnham, Anne Charles) Link

    Lee Allen Agency Link

    Lee-Steinberg Agency (William Lee) Link

    Left To Write Agency (John Hodder) Link

    Lejen Literary Consultants (Lee Edward Levinson) Link

    Lennie Literary Agency & Authors’ Attorney (Alana & Michael Lennie) Link

    Leo Media & Entertainment Group (formerly Leo Film & Books Agency) (Alex Sperber aka Alex Sullivan) Link

    Lescher & Lescher Ltd. (Susan & Robert Lescher) Link

    Leshne Agency, The (Lisa Leshne) Link

    Leslie H. Stobbe Literary Agency Link

    Leslie Rivers, International (Judith Bruni) Link

    Letort Literary Agents, LLC (Elizabeth Sabine, Michael Reed) Link

    Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency (formerly Levine Greenberg L. A.) (Jim Levine, Daniel Greenberg, Stephanie Rostan) Link

    LifeTime Media, Inc. (LTM Books) (Jacqueline Varoli Grace) Link

    Limelight Celebrity Management Ltd. (formerly Limelight Management) (Fiona Lindsay) Link

    Linda Allen Literary Agency Link

    Linda Chester Literary Agency (aka Linda Chester and Associates) Link

    Linda Konner Literary Agency Link

    Linda Roghaar Literary Agency Link

    Lindsay Literary Agency (Becky Bagnell) Link

    Lindsey's Literary Services (Karen Lewis) Link

    Linnan Literary Management (Jen Linnan) Link

    Lippincott Massie McQuilkin (Will Lippincott, Maria Massie, Rob McQuilkin) Link

    Lips Unsealed Literary Agency (div. of King & Dosi Ltd.) (Kristi King, Amaris Dosi Soto) Link

    Lisabeth McManus Link

    Lisa Hackney (aka Melanie Mills aka Elisabeth von Hullessem, et al.) Link

    Lisa Hagen Literary (Lisa Hagen Books) (formerly Paraview Literary Agency) Link

    § Lisa Richards Agency, The (Richard & Lisa Cook) Link

    Lisa Royce Agency, LLC (Lisa Fleissig, Ginger Harris-Dontzin) Link

    Literary Agency for Children's Books, A (Ann Tobias) Link

    Literary Agency for Southern Authors (Lantz Powell) Link

    Literary Artists Representatives (Madeline Perrone) Link

    Literary Aspirations (J’Adore Publishing, Literary Lifestyle) (Belinda Williams) Link

    Literary Associates (Henry & Ed Santsaver, Al & Kay Brown) Link

    Literary Counsel (E-Lit Books) (Frances Black) Link

    Literary & Creative Artists, Inc. (Muriel Nellis) Link

    Literary Group International, The (aka Literary Agency East Ltd.) (Frank Weimann) Link

    Literary MAGEncy (Brandon Kreines) Link

    Literary Management Group, LLC (Barbour Publishing) (Bruce R. Barbour) Link

    Literary Services, Inc. (John Willig) Link

    Literary Solutions, Inc. (Deborah Arrowsmith) Link

    Literary Works, LLC (Jacqueline Hackett) Link

    Literatus Agency, The (formerly Hall and Walker Enterprises Int'l Ltd., Midwest Literary and Entertainment Mgmt. Grp.) (Vivian A. Hall) Link

    § Little Studio Films, Inc. (Alexandra Yacovlef, Alexia Melocchi) Link

    LiveStock Entertainment Ltd. (formerly Green Eye Film Ltd.) (Sultan Ahmad) Link

    Living Word Literary Agency (Kimberly Shumate) Link

    Liza Dawson Associates (Havis Dawson) Link

    LJK Literary Management, LLC (Laurence Kirshbaum) Link

    LKG Agency, The (Lauren Galit) Link

    Loiacono Literary Agency (Jeanie Loiacono) Link

    Loose Leaf Literary Agency (Kristen Svenson, Casey Woodworth, Jeanne Laravuso Link

    Lorelli Belli Literary Agency Link

    Loretta Barrett Books, Inc. (Nick Mullendore) Link

    Lotts Agency, The (Chris Lotts) Link

    Lotus Lane Literary (Priya Doraswamy) Link

    Louise B. Ketz Agency Link

    Lowenstein Associates (formerly Lowenstein-Yost, Lowenstein-Morel) (Barbara Lowenstein) Link

    L. Perkins Agency (Lori Perkins) Link

    Lucinda Literary (Lucinda Blumenfeld Literary Consulting) Link

    § Luedtke Agency, The (Penny Luedtke) Link

    Luigi Bonomi Associates (aka LBA) (Amanda Preston) (ALink

    Lukeman Literary Management Ltd. (Noah Lukeman) Link

    Lupia Literary Agency (div. of Tri-L Corp.) (Antony E. Lupia) Link

    Lupine Grove Creative (Danielle Smith) Link

    Lush Literary Management (Pamela Johnson) Link

    Lutyens & Rubinstein (Sarah Lutyens, Felicity Rubinstein) Link

    Lynda Tolls Literary Agency (Lynda Tolls-Swartz) Link

    Lynn C. Franklin Associates Ltd. (Franklin & Siegal Associates) Link

    Lynne Rabinoff Associates Link

    Lynn Johnston Literary Link

    § Lynn Pleshette Literary Agency Link

    Lynn Seligman, Literary Agent Link

    Lyons & Salky Law, LLP (formerly Lyons Literary, LLC) (Jonathan Lyons, Jesseca Salky) Link

    MacGregor Literary (Chip MacGregor) Link

    § Madeleine Milburn Literary, TV & Film Agency Link

    Makepeace Towle Literary Agency (Makepeace Towle Assocs. Ltd.) (Edwin Hawkes, Bronagh Byrne) Link

    Manchester Literary Agency (Sined Heneghan) Link

    Mansion Street Literary Management, LLC Link

    Manus & Associates Literary Agency (Jillian & Janet Wilkens Manus) Link

    March Tenth, Inc. (Harry, Casey & Sandra Choron) Link

    § Marcia Amsterdam Agency Link

    Marcil-O’Farrell Literary Agency (aka Denise Marcil Literary Agency) (Anne Marie O’Farrell) Link

    Margret McBride Literary Agency Link

    Maria Carvanis Agency Link

    Marianne Gunn O’Connor Literary Agency Link

    Marianne Strong Literary Agency (Marianne Strong & Associates) Link

    Marie Brown Associates (Janell Walden Agyeman) Link

    Marie Suzette Link

    Marilyn Biderman Literary Management Link

    Marit Agency (StageVoices) (Bob Shuman) Link

    § Marjacq Scripts Ltd. (Marjacq Micro Ltd.) (George Markstein, Jacqui Lyons) Link

    Mark Frisk Agency Link

    Mark Gilroy Creative, LLC (Sydney Lane Press) (formerly Mark Gilroy Communications, Inc.) Link

    Mark Sullivan Associates (New York Editors, Manhattan Literary, Pantheon Literary) Link

    Mark Sweeney & Associates Link

    Marly Rusoff & Associates, Inc. (Maiden Lane Press) Link

    Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC (Jill Marsal, Kevan Lyon) Link

    Marsh Agency, The (Paul Marsh, Susie Nicklin) Link

    Martell Agency, The (Alice Fried Martell) Link

    Martha Casselman Literary Agency Link

    Martha Kaplan Agency Link

    Martha Millard Literary Agency Link

    Martin Literary Management (Sharlene Martin) Link

    Martin-McLean Literary Associates, LLC (On the Write Path Publishing) (Lisa Ann Martin, Donna McLean) Link

    Mary Evans, Inc. Link

    Mary Jack Wald Associates, Inc. Link

    Mary M. Tahan Literary Agency Link

    Mary Yost Books (formerly Mary Yost Associates) Link

    Mathew Ferguson Link

    Max & Co. A Literary Agency & Social Club (Michael Murphy) Link

    Max Gartenberg Literary Agency (Anne & Dirk Devlin) Link

    Maximilian Becker Literary Agency (Aleta M. Daley) Link

    Maxine Groffsky Literary Agency Link

    Maxine Thompson Literary Agency (Black Butterfly Press, Maxine Thompson Literary Services) Link

    Maxwell Aley Associates (Jonathan Aley) Link

    Maxwell Literary Agency (Diana Murphey) Link

    § MBA Literary Agents Ltd. (Michael Bakewell, Diana Tyler) Link

    McCarthy Agency, LLC, The (Shawna McCarthy) Link

    McCormick Literary (formerly McCormick & Williams) (David McCormick) Link

    McDermid Agency, The (formerly Anne McDermid & Associates Ltd.) Link

    McGill Agency, The (Jack Bollinger, Amy Cohn) Link

    McGill Literary Agency (formerly Chatelain, Harcourt & Brown Lit. Mgmt./ Rothschild L.A.) (Bryant McGill) Link

    McGinniss Associates Literary Agency (James McGinniss) Link

    McHugh Literary Agency (formerly TechServices, Inc.) (Elizabet McHugh) Link

    McIntosh & Otis, Inc. (Eugene Winick & Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein) Link

    McKinnon McIntyre (Tanya McKinnon, Devin McIntyre) Link

    MC Literary Agency (MC Literary Advisors) (Ken Scott, Rob Norris) Link

    McMakin Literary Agency (Canterwine Press) (Jordan McMakin) Link

    McVeigh Agency, The (Mark McVeigh) Link

    MediaBitch Literary Agency & Productions (Nina Saini, Keith Chawgo) Link

    Megibow Literary Agency (Sara Megibow) Link

    Melanie Jackson Agency Link

    Mendel Media Group, LLC (Scott Mendel) Link

    Menza-Barron Literary Agency (Claudia Menza, Manie Barron) Link

    Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency Link

    Metamorphosis Literary Agency (Lauren Hurlbert) Link

    Metropol Literary (Drew Nederpelt) Link

    Mews Books Ltd. (Sidney B. Kramer) Link

    Mic Cheetham Associates Ltd. (Julia Michaelmas Cheetham) Link

    Michael Berenti Literary Management (div. of Berenti Bookworks) Link

    Michael Gackler Agency, The Link

    Michael Snell Literary Agency (Patricia Snell) Link

    § Michelle Kass Associates Link

    Middle West Literary Agency (Ocean Sound Pictures) (John M. Bolger) Link

    Miles Stott Children's Literary Agency (Nancy Miles Stott) Link

    Miller Bowers Griffin Literary Management (formerly The Miller Agency) (Angela Miller, Sharon Bowers, Jennifer Griffin) Link

    Mint Literary Agency (Morty Mint) Link

    Miriam Altshuler Literary Agency Link

    Mitchell J. Hamilburg Agency, The (Michael Hamilburg) Link

    ML Brown & Associates, LLC (Misherald “Missy” Brown) Link

    Mocknick Productions Literary Agency (aka Mocknick Literary Agency) (David Mocknick) Link

    Montgomery Literary Agency (formerly Drew Montgomery Lit. Mgmt.) (aka Julia Levin aka Sara Levine) Link

    Moreen Littrell Link

    Morgan-McPeak Literary Agency Link

    Morpheus Literary Agency (Dean Meyers, Jeremy Snead) Link

    Mortimer Literary Agency (Underdog Press) (Kelly Mortimer) Link

    Movable Type Management (formerly Movable Type Literary Group) (Adam Chromy) Link

    M.P. Agency (Martha Prettyman) Link

    Mulcahy Associates (formerly Mulcahy Conway Associates) (Ivan Mulcahy) Link

    Murray’s Literary Service (formerly Murray’s Literary Agency) (Eunice Murray) Link

    Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation Link

    Nancy Ellis Literary Agency, The (Nancy Ellis-Bell) Link

    Nancy Love Literary Agency Link

    Nancy Stauffer Associates Link

    Nancy Yost Literary Agency (NYLA Publishing) Link

    Nappaland Literary Agency (Author Echo Public Relations) (div. of Nappaland Communications) (Mike & Amy Nappa) Link

    Natale Agency (Joshua Natale) Link

    Natasha Kern Literacy Agency Link

    Ned Brown Agency (Ensemble Entertainment) (Jon Brown) Link

    Nelson Literary Agency, LLC (Kristin Nelson) Link

    Neville Agency, The (Barret Neville) Link

    New Beginnings Literary Agency (Stacey Kohan) Link

    New Brand Agency Group, LLC (Mark Ryan aka Mark Malatesta) Link

    New Century Literary Agency (New Century Books) (Thomas Fensch, Sharon Wanslee) Link

    New Leaf Literary & Media, Inc. (Joanna Stampfel-Volpe) Link

    Nicholas Ellison Agency, The Link

    Nieves C. Daggett Literary Agency, LLC (aka NCD Literary Agency) Link

    Nine Muses and Apollo, Inc. (Ling Lucas, Phyllis Kee-Lucas) Link

    Nine Speakers, Inc. (Diane Nine) Link

    Noble Literary Agency (div. of Chameleon Brands) (Michael Noble) Link

    Nordlyset Agency (Isabelle Blecker, Jennifer Thompson) Link

    Northbank Talent Management (Diane Banks) Link

    NorthWest Literary Agency (Alice Volpe) Link

    Novel Ideas Literary Agency (div. of Hellman Entertainment, Inc.) (Shana Hellman) Link

    Novel Literary Agency (Leann Murphy aka Ann Beck aka Melissa King) Link

    NYCreative Management (NYCreative Publishing) (Jeff Schmidt) Link

    § Objective Entertainment (Paperless Publishing) (Ian Kleinert, Jarred Weisfeld) Link

    Old North, A Literary Agency (G. Mac Mackie) Link

    Olswanger Literary (Liza Olswanger) Link

    One Track Literary Agency (Tara Gelsomino) Link

    OnyxHawke Agency, The (Michael Kabongo) Link

    Orange Magnolia Literary (Sylvia Dickey Smith) Link

    Original City Pictures (Eric Finkelman) Link

    Ottenheimer Properties, LLC (Allan Hirsch III) Link

    Painted Words Represents (Lori Nowicki) Link

    Pam Bernstein & Associates Link

    Pam Strickler Author Management (Pamela Dean Strickler) Link

    Pamela Scott Shelton (aka PD Scott Shelton) Link

    Pamela D. Scoville Literary Agency Link

    Paper Lantern Lit, LLC (The Studio) (Lexa Hillyer, Lauren Oliver) Link

    § Paradigm Talent Agency (Sam Gores) Link

    Parkeast Literary Agency (Donna Pudick-Eastman, Gloria Koehler) Link

    Park Literary & Media (formerly The Park Literary Group) (Theresa Park) Link

    Patricia Breinin Literary Services Link

    Patricia Moosbrugger Literary Agency (BlueInk Review) Link

    Patricia Teal Literary Agency (formerly Teal-Watt Lit. Agency) Link

    Patricia van der Leun Literary Agency (formerly Van Der Leun & Assocs.) Link

    Paula Balzer Agency, The Link

    Paul Christoph Literary Agency (Camila Pohlmann) Link

    Paul J. Zack Literary Agency Link

    Paul S. Levine Literary Agency Link

    Pavilion Literary Management (Jeff Kellogg) Link

    Peake Associates (Tony Peake) Link

    Pelham Literary Agency (Howard Pelham) Link

    Pema Browne Ltd. (Pema & Perry Browne) Link

    Pen & Ink Literary (Anne Bohner) Link

    Penumbra Literary, LLC (Jennifer Chen Tran) Link

    Peter Fleming Agency Link

    Peter Lampack Agency, Inc. Link

    Peter Rubie Literary Agency, The Link

    Peters Fraser + Dunlop Ltd. (PFD UK Childrens) Link

    Phenomenon Books Agency (Pamela Trayser) Link

    Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency Link

    Picture of You Literary Agency, A (Lenny Minelli) Link

    Pimlico Agency, The (Kay & Kirby McCauley) Link

    Pinder Lane & Garon-Brooke Assocs. Ltd. (div. Pinder Lane Productions) (Jay Garon-Brooke, Robert Thixton, Dick Duane) Link

    Pinkham & Associates, Literary Agents (Pinkham Communications) (Joan Noble Pinkham) Link

    Pippin Properties, Inc. (Holly M. McGhee) Link

    Plains Agency, The (Christi Cardenas) Link

    P.S. Literary Agency (PlainSmart, Inc.) (formerly PlainSmart Publishing Agency) (Curtis Russell) Link

    Poyner Group, The (formerly Orloff Literary Agency) (Jay Poyner) Link

    Prentis Agency, LLC (formerly Linn Prentis Agency) Link

    Preskill Media Rights Management (Robert Preskill) Link

    Prospect Agency (Emily Sylvan Kim) Link

    Publication Riot Group, Inc. (formerly Priot Entertainment Group) (Donna Bagdasarian) Link

    Puente Agency, The (Saritza Hernandez) Link

    Purcell Agency, The (Tina Schwartz) Link

    Pure Talent (Morgan Knox) Link

    QCorp Literary & Screen Agency (William Brown) Link

    Queen Literary Agency (Lisa Queen) Link

    Quicksilver Books Literary Agency, The (Bob Silverstein) Link

    Quill & Vision (Linda Christas) Link

    Quill Shift Literary Agency (Ayanna Coleman) Link

    Rachel Coyne (nee Vater) Link

    Radke Literary Agency (Hot Java Productions) (Nolan Radke) Link

    Rainbow Nerds Literary (Jamie Vankirk) Link

    Raines & Raines (formerly Theron Raines Agency) (Theron & Joan Raines) Link

    Ralph M. Vicinanza Ltd. Link

    Randall & Foster (Cecile Randall, James Foster) Link

    R & S Literary Agency (Sara Merlene, Richard Weber) Link

    Randy Hirsch Link

    Rappaport Agency, LLC, The (Jenny Rappaport) Link

    Ravenskyy Literary Agency (Ravenskyy Publishing) (div. of Desertcoast Films) (Kelly Garrett) Link

    Raynor Neil Agency (Penelope Raynor-Neil) Link

    Reading Room Associates Link

    Rebecca Friedman Literary Link

    Rebecca Pratt Literary Group Link

    Rebecca Strong International Literary Agency Link

    Red Fox Literary (formerly Karen Grencik Literary Agency) (Abigail Samoun) Link

    Redhammer Management Ltd. (Litopia Writers’ Colony) (formerly Altavista, ILCM) (Peter Cox) Link

    Red Sofa Literary Agency (Dawn Frederick) Link

    Red Tree Literary (Elana Roth Parker) Link

    Redwood Agency (div. of Redwood Group, LLC) (Catherine Fowler) Link

    Red Writing Hood Ink (TouchPoint Press) (formerly The Williams Agency) (Sheri Ables aka Williams) Link1 Link2

    Rees Literary Agency (formerly Helen Rees Literary Agency) (Lorin Rees) Link

    Regal Hoffmann & Associates (Zola Books) (formerly Regal Literary, Inc.) (Joseph Regal, Markus Hoffmann) Link

    Regina Ryan Publishing Enterprises, Inc. (Regina Ryan Books) Link

    Reid Boates Literary Agency Link

    § Renaissance Literary & Talent Management (Alan Nevins) Link

    Renee Zuckerbrot Literary Agency Link

    Resolution (Jeff Berg) Link

    Resource/ARTS (Ellen Jacobson, Susan Dubin) Link

    Rhino Management (Kevin Sands) Link

    Richard Curtis Associates, Inc. (E-Reads) Link

    Richard Henshaw Group Link

    Richard Parks Agency Link

    Richard E. Shepard Agency, The Link

    Richford Becklow Literary Agency (Lisa Eveleigh) Link

    Ricia Mainhardt Agency Link

    Rick Broadhead & Associates Link

    Rights Factory, The (Sam Hiyate, Christos Grivas) Link

    Rights Unlimited, Inc. (Raymond Kurman) Link

    Rising Bear Literary Agency (Rick Margolis) Link

    Riverside Literary Agency (Susan Lee Cohen) Link

    RLR Associates Ltd. (Robert Rosen) Link

    Robert Astle & Associates Literary Management (Astor + Blue Editions) Link

    Robert Cornfield Literary Agency Link

    § Robert A. Freedman Dramatic Agency, The Link

    Robert Lecker Agency Link

    Robert Mitnik Agency, The Link

    Robert E. Tabian, Literary Agent Link

    Robert Ubell Associates, Inc. Link

    Robin Mizell Ltd. Link

    Robin Price (dba Avalon Associates, Media Arts Int’l, Prospero Films, et al.) Link

    Robins Agency (Writer For Hire) (Cris Robins) Link

    Robin Straus Agency, Inc. Link

    Rob Weisbach Creative Management Link

    Rodeen Literary Management (Paul Rodeen) Link

    Rogers, Coleridge & White (formerly Deborah Rogers Ltd.) (Gill Coleridge, Pat White) Link

    Roger Williams Agency, The (Knox Press) (div. of New England Publishing Associates) (formerly Publish or Perish Agency) (Roger S. Williams) Link

    Rohm Agency, The (Paris Writers Retreat, The Trump Antidote) (Wendy Goldman Rohm) Link

    RO Literary (Laura Rothschild, Sandra O'Donnell) Link

    Roman Group, The (Nicholas Roman Lewis) Link

    Root Literary (Holly Root) Link

    Rosalie Siegel, International Literary Agent, Inc. Link

    Rosenberg Group, The (Barbara Collins Rosenberg) Link

    Roslyn Targ Literary Agency Link

    Ross Yoon Literary Agency (formerly Gail Ross L.A.) (Howard Yoon) Link

    Roth Agency, The (Shelley Roth) Link

    Royal Lion Entertainment (Script Writers Haven) (formerly Prime Mega Ent.) (Natasha Moore aka Tasha Ledbetter) Link

    RT Copyright Ltd. (RT Agency) (Radoslav I. Trenev) Link

    Ruben Agency, The (Eric Ruben) Link

    Rubin Pfeffer Content, LLC Link

    Rudy Agency, The (GamePlan Press) (Maryann Karinch) Link

    Running Water Literary Agency (Terry Dubbs) Link

    Rupert Heath Literary Agency Link

    Russell & Volkening, Inc. (Timothy Seides) Link

    Ryan Communications (Jack Ryan) Link

    Sadler Children's Literary (formerly Sadler-Caravette Children's Literary) (Jodell Sadler) Link

    Saga Edit (Gary Pennock) Link

    Sage Ink Group (Sage Ink Lit, Sage Ink Reviews, et al.) (Christian Lee) Link

    Salisbury Literary Agency (Gay Salisbury) Link

    Salkind Literary Agency (div. of Studio B Productions) (Neil Salkind) Link

    Samantha B. Literary (Samantha Bagood) Link

    Samantha Kensington Books Link

    Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency Link

    Sandra J. Taylor Literary Enterprises Link

    Sandra Watt & Associates (formerly Teal-Watt Lit. Agency) Link

    Sanford J. Greenburger Associates, Inc. Link

    Sara A. Fortenberry Literary Agency Link

    Sara Camilli Agency, The Link

    Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency Link

    Sarah Lazin Books Link

    Sarah Manson Link

    Sarah Such Literary Agency Link

    Sassafras Book (Michael Suswal) Link

    Saunders & Hemsoth Literary Services (Michael Saunders, Nicole Hemsoth) Link

    Savvy Literary Services (Ascendant Publishing) (Leticia Gomez) Link

    SBR Media (Stephanie Phillips) Link

    Scherf, Inc. (Scherf Books, MegaGrace Books) (Dietmar Scherf) Link

    Schiavone Literary Agency (James Schiavone) Link

    Schisgal Agency, The (Zachary Schisgal) Link

    Scott Merideth Literary Agency, The (Easton Press, RosettaBooks) (Arthur Klebanoff) Link

    S©ott Treimel NY (Scott Treimel) Link

    Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency (formerly Scovil Chichak Galen) (Jack Scovil, Russell Galen, Anna Ghosh) Link

    ScreenLand Literary Associates (Paula Allen) Link

    § Screenplay Factory (StewArt Productions Ltd.) (Colin Stewart, Kathy Krantz Stewart) Link

    Scribblers House, LLC (Stedman Mays) Link

    Scribe Agency, LLC (Kristopher O'Higgins, Jesse Vogel) Link

    SDS Literary Agency (SDS Publishing) (div. of SDS Finance Ltd.) (Steven Smith aka Steve Stone) Link

    Sean McCarthy Literary Agency Link

    Secret Agent Man (Scott Mortenson) Link

    Sedgeband Literary Associates (David Duperre, Ginger Norton-Duperre) Link

    Selectric Artists (Christopher Schelling) Link

    SE Literary Properties (Stephen Everett) Link

    Serendipity Literary Agency, LLC (Regina Brooks) Link

    Seventh Avenue Literary Agency (Brilliant Idea Books, Mackwood Publishing Consultants) (Robert Mackwood) Link

    Seymour Agency, The (Mary Sue Seymour) Link

    § Sheba Media Group (Renee Byrd, Vanessa Morman) Link

    Sheil Land Associates Ltd. (Peach Publishing) (formerly Anthony Sheil Assocs.) (Sonia Land) Link

    Sheldon Fogelman Agency Link

    Shelf Life Literary (Marissa Walsh) Link

    Shelly Lynn Agency, The (Shelly Fagin) Link

    Sheree Bykofsky Associates, Inc. Link

    Shukat Company, The (Scott Shukat) Link

    Signature Literary Agency (formerly Ellen Pepus Literary Agency) (Gary Heidt) Link

    § Silver Bitela Agency, The (formerly The ES Agency) (Ed Silver, Barbara “Babz” Bitela) Link

    Silver Screen Placements (William W. Levin) Link

    Silvia Bastos Literary Agency Link

    Simenauer & Green Literary Agency (formerly Simenauer & Frank, Simenauer & Greene, Jaqueline Simenauer Lit. Agency) (Carol Green) Link

    Simply Nonfiction (aka Michele Rooney L.A., May Writers’ Group, et al.) (Michele Glance Rooney aka Shelly May) Link

    Siyahi, A Literary Consultancy (Mita Kapur) Link

    Skylark Literary Ltd. (Amber Caraveo, Johanna Moult) Link

    Sligo Literary Agency, LLC (McKenna Publishing Group) (Eric G. Bollinger) Link

    Sobel Weber Associates, Inc. (Nat Sobel, Judith Weber) Link

    Sobol Literary Agency (div. of Sobol Literary Enterprises, Inc.) (Gur Shomron) Link

    Soper Literary Agency (Textnovel) (Stan Soper) Link

    Sophie Hicks Agency Link

    Southeast Literary Agency (Debbie Fine) Link

    Southern Sunrise Agency (formerly Lit4) (Justin Fernandez) Link

    Sparks Literary Consultants (formerly Johanna M. Bates Literary Consultants) (4th Floor Press, Inc.) (Anne Bougie-Johnson) Link

    Sparr Literary Agency, The (formerly Kessler Sparr L.A.) (Babette Sparr) Link

    Spectrum Agency, The (Denyse King) Link

    Spectrum Literary Agency (Eleanor Wood) Link

    Speilburg Literary Agency (Alice Speilburg) Link

    Spencerhill Associates Ltd. (Karen Solem) Link

    Spieler Agency, The (Joe Spieler) Link

    Spirit House Literary Agency (div. of Purple Shamrock Productions) (Joelle Meehan) Link

    STA Literary Agency (Christian Schraga, Deborah Schlesinger, Zach Beimes) Link

    Standen Literary Agency, The (Three Hares Publishing) (Yasmin Standen) Link

    Standing Stones Literary Agency (Charlene Visco) Link

    Stanton & Associates Literary Agency (Harry Preston aka Henry Stanton) Link

    Starlight Literary Agency (Melanie Stinnett) Link

    Steele-Perkins Literary Agency (Patti Steele-Perkins) Link

    Steinberg Agency, The (Peter Steinberg) Link

    Stephanie Tade Agency, The Link

    Stephen Pevner, Inc. Link

    Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc. (Peter Matson) Link

    Sternig & Byrne Literary Agency (formerly The Larry Sternig L.A.) (Jack Byrne) Link

    Steve Laube Agency, The Link

    Stillwater Literary Agency, LLC (formerly Sherwood Broome, Inc., Broome Agency) (Mark Black) Link

    Stimola Literary Studio, LLC (Rosemary Stimola) Link

    Stone Bench Associates, LLC (Stone Bench Press, et al.) (Joseph & Emilie Conroy) Link

    Stoneleaf Literary Agency (Ethan & Karen Dunn) Link

    Stonesong (formerly Stonesong Press) (Alison Fargis, Ellen Scordato) Link

    Storm Literary Agency (Essie & Tracy White) Link

    Strachan Literary Agency (Laura Strachan) Link

    Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency AVOID
    (aka SBPRA, Best Selling Book Rights Agency, et al.) (Robert Fletcher aka Sherry Fine, Tom Wallace, et al.)
    (Note: This “agency” has so many names and pseudonyms we have an entire sub-forum devoted to them: Link)

    Straus Literary (Jonah Straus) Link

    Stringer Literary Agency, The (Marlene Stringer) Link

    Strothman Agency, The (Wendy Strothman) Link

    Stuart Agency, The (Andrew Stuart) Link

    Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency Link

    Sue Lawrie Literary Agency, The Link

    § Suite A Management Talent & Literary Agency (Lloyd Robinson) Link

    Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency (Holly McClure, Jack Gonzales) Link

    Sun Rae Agency (Natalie Rae Kimber) Link

    Susan Ann Protter Link

    Susan Gleason Literary Agency Link

    Susan Golomb Literary Agency, The Link

    Susan Herner Rights Agency Link

    Susan Marlane Literary Agency Link

    Susan Mears Literary Agency (Derwen Publishing, Shimran Publishing) (Vivian Mainwaring) Link

    Susanna Lea Associates Link

    Susan Rabiner Literary Agency, The (Alfred Fortunato) Link

    Susan Schulman Literary Agency (formerly Susan Schulman: A Literary Agency) Link

    Susan P. Urstadt, Inc. Link

    Susan Yearwood Literary Agency (Newlit) Link

    Susan Zeckendorf Associates Link

    Susijn Agency, The (Laura Susjin) Link

    Swagger Literary Agency (Swagger Press) (formerly Flaming Star Literary Enterprises) (Joseph Vallely) Link

    Swampfox Literary (div. of Swampfox Entertainment Ltd.) (Neil & Dennis Burstein) Link

    Swetky Agency & Associates, The (The Swetky Literary Agency) (Faye Swetky, D.J. Herda) Link

    Sylvia Hayse Literary Agency Link

    Talbot Fortune Agency, The (formerly The John Talbot Agency) (Gail Fortune) Link

    Talcott Notch Literary Services (Gina Panettieri) Link

    § Talent Source (Michael Shortt) Link

    Tanja Howarth Literary Agency Link

    Tarisai Literary Agency (TACU Publishing) (Tarisai Ziyambi) Link

    Ted Weinstein Literary Management Link

    § Tennyson Agency, The (Christopher Oxford, Adam Sheldon) Link

    Terry Porter Agency, The (Agape Productions, Flat Rock Motion Pictures, People’s Pilot) Link

    Tessler Literary Agency (Michelle Tessler) Link

    Thoth Literary Agency (Manulani Thelen) Link

    Tibor Jones & Associates Ltd. (Pageturner Prize) (Kevin Scott, Landa Acevedo-Scott) Link

    Tigert Literary Agency (Juliann Tigert) Link

    Timberlake Literary Services, LLC (formerly Timberlake-Oliver Lit. Svcs.) (Joan Timberlake) Link

    Title Wave Management (Jason Sheets) Link

    Toby Eady Associates Link

    Tomasino Agency, The (Christine Tomasino) Link

    Tom Sawyer Entertainment (Show Me the Screenplay) (Rachel Miller, Jesse Hara) Link

    Toni Lopopolo Literary Management Link

    Tracker Management (John Roberts) Link

    Tracy Brown Literary Agency Link

    Transatlantic Agency (formerly Transatlantic Literary Agency) (David & Lynn Bennett) Link

    Trentin Zantedeschi Literary Agency (Rossano Trentin, Massimiliano Zantedeschi) Link

    TriadaUS Literary Agency (Uwe Stender) Link

    Tribe Literary Agency (div. of Wheelhouse Literary Group) (Cari Hawks Foulk, Jonathan Clements) Link

    Trident Media Group, LLC (Robert Gottlieb, Dan Strone) Link

    Tristram C. Coburn Literary Management Link

    § Underground Management (Trevor Engelson) Link

    Unfolding World Literary Agency (Mattie Tolley) Link

    Union Literary, LLC (Trena Keating, Sally Wofford-Girand) Link

    United Agents, LLP (St. John Donald, Maria Dawson, Jameela Khan) Link

    Unter Agency, The (Jennifer Unter) Link

    Upstart Crow Literary (The Inkhouse) (Michael Sterns) Link

    UTA Music (formerly The Agency Group Ltd.) (Marc Gerald) Link

    Uwe Luserke Link

    Valerie Smith Link

    Van Diest Literary Agency (Last Chapter Publishing) (David & Sarah Van Diest) Link

    van Haitsma Literary (Sally van Haitsma) Link

    Vanguard Literary Agency (Sandy Lu) Link

    Veltre Company, The (formerly Artists Literary Group, LLC) (Joe Veltre) Link

    Venture Literary, Inc. (Frank Scatoni, Greg Dinkin) Link

    Vera deVaney Literary Agency (formerly CCE Literary Agency) Link

    Veritas Literary Agency (Katherine Boyle) Link

    Veritas Media, Inc. (Samuel Pinkus) Link

    § Verve (Adam Levine, Bryan Besser, Bill Weinstein) Link

    Vicki Bijur Literary Agency Link

    Victoria Sanders & Associates, LLC Link

    Victress Literary Agency, The (Shannon Orso, Melissa Gaines) Link

    View Literary Agency, The (div. of The View Talent Agency) (JD DeWitt) Link

    Vilain-Innovations (Pauline Vilain) Link

    Vilar Creative Agency (Mandel Vilar Press) (Irene Vilar) Link

    § Vincent Cirrincione Associates Ltd. Link

    Vine Studio, The (formerly The Vine Entertainment) (Gino Cabanas) Link

    Vines Agency, The (James Vines) Link

    Vineyard Literary Agency (Dan & Evelyn Rennich) Link

    Virginia Kidd Literary Agency (Ben Blish, Chris Genly) Link

    Virgina Lopez-Ballesteros Literary Agency Link

    Vivian Beck Agency Link

    von Raesfeld Agency, The (formerly New Writers Literary Agency) (Carol von Raesfeld) Link

    Vrattos Literary Agency (Francesca & John Vrattos) Link

    Wade & Co. Literary Agency Ltd. (formerly Wade & Doherty L.A., Robin Wade L.A.) Link

    Wainwright Agency, The (Jessica Wainwright) Link

    Wales Literary Agency, The (formerly Levant & Wales) (Elizabeth Wales) Link

    Ward & Balkin, Inc. (formerly The Balkin Agency) (Christina “Kit” Ward, Richard Balkin) Link

    Warner Literary Group (Hedgehog & Fox) (Sarah Warner) Link

    Warren Cook Agency Link

    Waterside Productions, Inc. (Waterfront Digital Press) (Bill Gladstone) Link

    Watkins/Loomis Agency (Gloria Loomis) Link

    Watson, Little Ltd. (Sheila Watson, Amanda Little) Link

    Waverly Place Literary Agency (formerly Muse Literary Management, Mysterious Content) (Debbie Carter) Link

    Waxman Leavell Literary Agency (Diversion Books) (Scott Waxman, Byrd Leavell) Link

    Wedemeyer Agency, The (Isabelle D. Wedemeyer) Link

    Weed Literary Agency (Elisabeth Weed) Link

    Wells Arms Literary, LLC (Victoria Wells Arms) Link

    Wendy Becker Literary Agency Link

    Wendy Lipkind Agency Link

    Wendy Schmalz Agency Link

    Wendy Sherman Associates, Inc. Link

    Wendy Weil Agency, The Link

    Wernick & Pratt Agency (Marcia Wernick, Linda Pratt) Link

    Wesley Cudrow Link

    WestEndGirl Agency (formerly Frances White Lit. Mgmt. Agency) Link

    Westphal Literary Agency (Richard Westphal) Link

    Westwood Creative Artists Ltd. (Bruce Westwood) Link

    Westwood Literary Agency (Gabriele Stancu) Link

    Whalen Agency, The (Kimberly Whalen) Link

    Whalin Literary Agency, LLC (Terry Whalin) Link

    Whimsy Literary Agency, LLC (Creative Literary Alliance) (Jackie Meyer) Link

    Whispering Buffalo Literary Agency Ltd. (Mariam Keen) Link

    § Whitaker Agency, The (dba The Extra Production Co., Whitaker Entertainment) (Johnny Whitaker, Dora Whitaker-Gerzeli) Link

    Whitney & Hughes Literary Agency (David Hughes) Link

    William Clark Associates (aka WM Clark Assocs.) Link

    William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, LLC (formerly William Morris Agency) (Ari Emanuel, Patrick Whitehall) Link

    William Morris Endeavor (U.K.) Ltd. (Simon Trewin) Link

    Williams Agency (Tom Williams) Link

    Willow Words Literary Agency (Willow Words Writing Services) (div. of BestSoruce, Inc.) (Sheri Bestor) Link

    Wilshire Literary Agency (Carol McCleary) Link

    Wilson Devereux Company, The (B.D. “Skip” Barker IV, Scott Barger) Link

    Wilson Media (Robert Wilson) Link

    Winkler Literary Agency (Cynthia L. Winkler) Link

    Winsun Literary Agency (Mark & Jeanette Littleton) Link

    Winters & King, Inc. (Winters Publishing Group) (formerly Winters, King & Beirute) (Thomas Winters, Michael King) Link

    Wit Literary Agency (Mike Gold) Link

    Wolcott Literary Agency (formerly Nordhaus-Wolcott Lit. Agency) (Chris Wolcott) Link

    Wolf Literary Services, LLC (Kirsten Wolf) Link

    Wolfson Literary Agency (Michelle Wolfson) Link

    Womack Publishing Agency (David Womack) Link

    WoodBerry Productions (Linda Graeme) Link

    Word|Link Literary (Word|Link Writer’s Support) (formerly Word|Link Worldwide) (Daniel Myers) Link

    WordServe Literary (Greg Johnson) Link

    Wordsmith’s Forge, The (Bill Jeffrey) Link

    WordWise Media Services (Steve Huston) Link

    WorldLight Pictures, Inc. (Rachid Moussadek) Link

    Worldwide Literary Agency (formerly Worldwide Publishers, LLC) (Joseph R. Pugia, Sr.) Link

    Worley Shoemaker, LLC (Jo-Lynne Worley, Joanie Shoemaker) Link

    WriteHigh (Monique Raphel High) Link

    Write Literary Agency Ltd. (Khalid & Shubnum Gill) Link

    Write Source, The (Carol Kirker) Link

    Writer’s Bloq, Inc. (Collective Presse) (Nayia Moysidis) Link

    Writers House, LLC (Albert Zuckerman) Link

    Writers in the Sky Literary Agency (Mark Straley) Link

    Writers’ Representatives, LLC (Lynn Chu, Glen Hartley) Link

    Writers Represent Literary Agency (Lori Pope) Link

    WSK Management, LLC (Wayne Kabak) Link

    Wylie Agency, The (Odyssey Editions) (Andrew Wylie) Link

    Wylie-Merrick Literary Agency (Martin Brown Publishers) (Robert Brown, Sharene Martin-Brown) Link

    Yoknapatawpha Literary Agency, The (Maria Covino) Link

    Young Agency, The (Marian Young) Link

    Zachary Shuster Harmsworth, LLC (Lane Zachary, Todd Shuster, Esmond Harmsworth) Link

    Zack Company, The (Author Coach, Endpapers Press) (Andrew Zack) Link

    Zeno Agency Ltd. (John Berlyne, John Parker) Link

    § Zero Gravity Management (Marc Williams) Link

    Z. Hall Literary Agency (Zeta C. Hall) Link

    Zimmermann Literary Agency (Project Publish) (Helen Zimmermann) Link

    Zoe Pagnamenta Agency, The Link
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    Publishers & Publishing Services - A thru E


    œ Blue = Primarily online/ebook market.
    ¥ = Accepts short subject/fiction and/or poetry.
    Gray = Inactive or dead market (or strictly self-publishing vehicle for owner(s)).


    1stWorld Publishing (Sunstar Publishing Ltd.) (Rodney Charles) Link

    100 Books Publishing Co. (Dudley Harris) Link

    ¥ œ 18thWall Productions (James Bojaciuk, Ben Kasson) Link

    21st Street Urban Editing & Publishing (21st Street Backroom Editing & Publishing, Pucci Publications) (Nicole Simmons) Link

    ¥ œ 27th Dimension Publishing (Dan Schlueter) Link

    2Do Before I Die (imp. of Little, Brown & Co.) Link

    2 Moon Press LLC (Don Semora, Melinda Lundy) Link

    3L Publishing (Michelle Gamble) Link

    4RV Publishing, LLC (Vivian Zabel) Link

    46South Publishing (formerly ePublishing for Success) (Peter Jenks) Link

    œ 48fourteen (Juanita Samborski) Link (James Fulton) Link

    49Publishing (Mindy Fausey) Link

    50/50 Press (Melody Press, September Sky Press) (Megan Cassidy, Stephen Hall) Link

    5 Prince Publishing and Books, LLC (Bernadette Soehner) Link

    982 press (Sherry Johnson) Link

    A & M Publishing (Viper Press, WJM Books) (Steve Alten) Link

    AAPC Publishing, Inc. (formerly Autism Asperger Publishing Company) (Keith Myles) Link

    Aardwolf Press (Dan Barlow) Link

    A-Argus Better Book Publishers, LLC (A Better Be Write Publisher, A Book 4 You Book Publishers) (div. Argus Enterprise Int’l, Inc.) (William J. Connor, Jr.) Link

    Aasra Publishing (Kalwant Sandhu, Pam Conlon-Sandhu) Link

    Abandoned Novel (div. of Teton River Productions) (Kyle Jones, Scott Placek) Link

    Abandoned Towers Magazine (K.E. Abel) Link

    Abba Father Media, Inc. (Jason Ravizza) Link

    Abbott Press (div. of Author Solutions) Link

    ABC-CLIO (Greenwood Press, Praeger, et al.) Link

    ABDO Publishing Company (Joseph Abdo) Link

    Abela Publishing (div. of Abela Business Consulting Ltd.) (John Halsted) Link

    Aberdeen Bay (div. of Champion Writers, Inc.) (Andy Zhang) Link

    Aberrant Dreams (HD Image, Slip of the Pen) (Joe Dickerson) Link

    Abingdon Press (div. of The United Methodist Publishing House) Link

    Abrams (Amulet Books, et al.) (div. of La Martiniere Groupe) Link

    Absent Willow Publishing LLC (The Absent Willow Review) (Bob Griffin, Rick DeCost) Link

    Absolute Press (div. of Bloomsbury as of ’11) Link

    ¥ œ About Face Media, LLC (AFM Romance, PWP Romance) (formerly Passionate Writer Publishing) (Omegia Keeys) Link

    ¥ œ Abyss & Apex Publishing (Abyss & Apex Magazine of Speculative Fiction) (Carol Burrell) Link

    Acadian House Publishing (Trent Angers) Link

    A Cappela Publishing, Inc. (Advocate House, eLitAgent) (Patrika Vaughn) Link

    Accent Press Ltd. (Xcite Books, Octavo Publishing) (Hazel Cushion) Link

    Accomplice Press, LLC (Karen Jones, Marlene Liotti, D.J. Alling) Link

    Accurance (Publish Wholesale) (Jon Fitch) Link

    Ace/Roc Science Fiction and Fantasy (div. of Penguin) Link

    Acorn Independent Press Ltd. (Ali & Leila Dewgi) Link

    Acorn Publishing, LLC (Holly Kammier, Jessica Therrien) Link

    Action Publishing, LLC (Michael Metzler) Link

    AcuteByDesign (Michel Marion) Link

    ACW Press (div. of American Christian Writers) (Reg Forder) Link

    Adams Media Corp. (Crimson Romance, Polka Dot Press, et al.) (div. of Simon & Schuster as of '16) Link

    Ad Lib Books, LLC (Alan Jones) Link

    Adrian Milan Publishing Link (div. of Wharton King, LLC) (Fey Ugokwe) Link

    Advantage Books, Inc. (Mike Janiczek) Link

    Advantage Media Group (Adam Witty) Link

    Adventure Books of Seattle (Escape Velocity Magazine) (Robert Blevins, Gayla Prociv) Link

    AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc. (Raymond Vogel, Christine Heisler) Link

    A Fly in Amber Magazine (David & Shelly Jackson) Link

    Afterbirth Books (Gina Ranalli) Link

    After Dark Press (Nia Foxx) Link

    Ageless Press (Iris Forrest) Link

    Agio Publishing House (Bruce & Marsha Batchelor) Link

    ¥ AGNI Magazine (div. of Boston University) Link

    AG Press, LLC (The Dark Realm Magazine) (Cheryl Pillsbury) Link

    ¥ Akashic Books (Noir Anthologies, Hotel St. George Press) (Johnny Temple) Link

    AKW Books (div. of Kalar/Wade Media, LLC) (Allan Kalar, Sara Dean Link

    Alabaster Book Publishing (David Shaffer, Dixie “Land” Jakubsen) Link

    ¥ Alban Lake Publishing (Illumen, Bloodbond) (Tyree Campbell) Link

    Alexis Press (C. Lee Nunn) Link

    ¥ œ Alfie Dog Fiction (Rosemary Kind, Christopher Platt) Link

    ¥ Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (div. Penny Publications/Dell Magazines) Link

    Algora Publishing (Claudiu Secara) Link

    Alinar Publishing, LLP (Maria Morpeth, Felicity Heaton) Link

    ¥ Aliterate (div. of Genre Ltd.) (Brenden Hickey, Joshua Pevner) Link

    All Authors Publishing House (div. of All Authors Publications & Promotions) (Yasmin Correa) Link

    All Classic Books (C. Lee Nunn) Link

    Allegiant Publishing Group, Inc. (Snow Leopard Publishing, Wizards Keep Publishing, et al.) (Marc Estes, Christian Lee) Link

    ¥ œ Allegory Magazine (formerly Peridot Books) (Ty Drago) Link

    Alleviate Publications (Alleviate Awards) (Draya Mooney, Emma McCarthy) Link

    Alliance Publishing Group, Inc. (Kevin Trudeau) Link

    Alloy Entertainment (formerly 17th St. Productions) (div. Warner Bros as of ’12) (Leslie Morgenstein) Link

    All That Matters Books (div. of John Murray Learning/Hodder & Stoughton Educational Ltd.) Link

    ¥ All Things That Matter Press (Debra & Philip Harris) Link

    Allworth Press (div. of Skyhorse Publishing as of ‘11) (Tad Crawford) Link (Stacy Santiago) Link

    Alphar Publishing (Anthony Chayton, Thomas Moore) Link

    Alpine Publications, Inc. (Betty Jo McKinney) Link

    ¥ œ Altair Australia Pty. Ltd. (Altair Australia Books, Altair Australia Lit. Agency) (Robert Stephenson) Link

    ¥ Alternating Current Press (Leah Angstman) Link

    Alternative Book Press, LLC (Nelson Lowhim) Link

    Altin Bilek Yayinlari (div. Buyuk Kitaplar Yayincilik) (Ilker Balkin) Link

    Alyson Books (div. of Regent Entertainment Media, Inc. as of ‘08) Link

    Amazon Publishing (AmazonCrossing, AmazonEncore, Montlake Romance, et al.) Link

    Amazon Shorts Link

    Ambassador International (Ink Swift) (formerly Ambassador-Emerald Int’l) (div. Emerald House Group) (Samuel Lowry) Link

    Amber Books Publishing (Colossus Books, Quality Press) (div. of Amber Communications Group) (Tony Rose) Link

    œ Amber House Books (Teresa Medeiros) Link

    Amberjack Publishing (Little Adventures) (Jason Burenheide, Dayna Anderson) Link

    Amberley Publishing (Alan Sutton) Link

    Amber Quill Press, LLC (Amber Allure, Amber Heat) (Jeanette Abbott, Karen Story Dearborn, Trace Zaber, et al.) Link

    American Book Publishing Group (aka ABPG) (American Classic Books, Bedside Books, Millennial Mind Publishing, et al.) (C. Lee Nunn) Link

    ¥ American Dissident, The (G. Tod Slone) Link

    American History Press (Flying Camp Press, Upper Canada Press) (David Kane) Link

    American International Press (Brett Terrill) Link

    American Literary Press (ALP-PDQ, Five Star Special Editions, Heritage Special Edition, Noble House, Quest, Shooting Star) (James V. Frey, Donna Wessel) Link

    ¥ American Short Fiction, Inc. (Isaac & Adeena Reitberger, Rebecca Markovitz, Sarah Bilston) Link

    America Star Books (ASB Promotions, Independence Books, Paperback Services) (formerly PublishAmerica, AmErica House, Erica House, et al.) (Willem Meiners, Larry Clopper III, Miranda Prather) Link

    Amira Press (Yvette Lynn) Link

    Amira Rock Publishing (Tessa LaRock) Link

    Amourose Press (Wendy Woods) Link

    Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam (div. of Penguin Group) Link

    Anachron Press (Colin Barnes) Link

    œ Anaiah Press, LLC (Rose Eden Plantz, Noreen Walker) Link

    ¥ Anaphora Literary Press (Anna Faktorovich) Link

    An Author’s Dream Publisher, LLC (Odelia Doria) Link

    Anchor Group Publishing (Lil Anchors, Rising Tides, et al.) (Stacey Rourke, Elizabeth Kirke) Link

    Andborough Publishing, LLC (New Gaia Press, Pranava Books) (Robert & Pamela Yaborough) Link

    Andersen Desktop Publishing, LLC (Alan Lance Andersen) Link

    Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC (div. of A.M. Universal) (Jim Andrews, John McMeel) Link

    Angel City Press (Paddy Calistro, Edith Head) Link

    Angelica Magazine (Lynette Fuller) Link

    Angelic Knight Press (div. of Ragnarok Publications as of ’14) Link

    Angone House of Publishing, The (Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba) Link

    Angry Robot Books (Exhibit A, Strange Chemistry) (div. Watkins Media Ltd. ’14) (Marc Gascoigne) Link

    ¥ œ Animal Fair Magazine (div. Animal Fair Media, Inc.) (Wendy Diamond) Link

    Anness Publishing Ltd. (Book Trade Services Ltd. (formerly Bookmart Ltd., Lorenz Books, et al.) (Paul Anness, Joanna Lorenz) Link

    Annorlunda Books (div. of Annorlunda Enterprises, Inc.) (Melanie Nelson) Link

    Anomalos Publishing, LLC (Tom Horn) Link

    Ant Colony Press (Jordan Belcher) Link

    Anthologies, Inc. (Jennifer Ivy) Link

    AnthologyBuilder (Nancy Fulda) Link

    ¥ AntiqueWeek (div. of MidCountry Media, Inc.) Link

    ¥ Anvil Press (subTerrain Magazine) (Brian Kaufman) Link

    œ aois21 Media, LLC (ePress21) (formerly aois21 publishing, LLC) (Keith Shovlin) Link

    A Passionately Fair Publisher (Passion for Poetry Publishing, The Writers and Poetry Alliance) (Patricia Farnsworth-Simpson) Link

    Aperture Press (Steve Wagner, Sharon Wells Wagner) Link

    ¥ Apex Publications (Apex Book Company, Apex Magazine) (Jason Sizemore) Link

    ¥ Apocalypse Ink Productions (Jennifer Brozek, Jeffrey Meaders) Link

    Apocalypse Press (Tony Newton) Link

    ¥ Apocryphile Press, The (John Mabry) Link

    Apod, LLC (Michael Apodaca) Link

    Apogee Publishing (Bill Frederick) Link

    Apollo House Press (Rod Baker) Link

    Apprentice House Press (div. of Loyola University) Link

    ¥ April Gloaming Publishing (Waxing & Waning) (Lance Umenhofer) Link

    Aqueduct Press (L. Timmel Duchamp) Link

    Aquarius Publications (Babel’s Gate, Aqua Digital) (formerly Talisman Publishing) (Richard Egan, Michael Morris) Link

    Aqueous Books (Danse Macabre, Watchtower, Waxwing) (Cynthia Reeser Constantino) Link

    ¥ Aquillrelle (Sonja Smolec, Yossi Faybish) Link

    Arbor Books, Inc. (Ghostwriting & Publishing) (formerly Floating Gallery) (Joel Hochman, Larry Leichman) Link

    Arbordale Publishing, LLC (formerly Sylvan Dell Publishing) (Lee & Donna German) Link

    Arcade Publishing (div. of Skyhorse Publishing as of ‘10) Link

    Arcadia Publishing (The History Press, Vertel Publishing) Link

    ArcheBooks Publishing (Robert Gelinas) Link

    Arc Manor, LLC (Phoenix Pick, Rider, et al.) (Shahid & Catherine Mahmud) Link

    Arctic Wolf Publishing (Doug Paul) Link

    Arima Publishing (Abramis Academic Publishing) (div. of 5th Enigma Ltd.) (Richard & Sarah Franklin) Link

    Ark House (Author Now) (div. of Initiate Media) Link

    Aris Books (Lloyd Harris) Link

    Arkham House Publishers, Inc. (August Derleth, Donald Wandrei) Link

    ArtAscent Art & Literary Journal (div. of Skybase Publishing, Inc.) (Tanja Groos) Link

    Arthur A. Levine Books (div. of Scholastic) Link

    Arvo Basim Yayin Ltd. (Volkan Dogan) Link

    Arx Publishing, LLC (Evolution Publishing) (Claudio Salvucci, Tony Schiavo) Link

    Asabi Publishing (Elite Publishing Group (formerly Solomon Publishing Group)) (div. Three West Enterprise, Inc.) (Tressa Sanders) Link

    ASA Publishing Corporation (formerly ASA Publishing Company) (Steven Hill) Link

    Ashland Creek Press (Midge Raymond, John Yonker) Link

    ¥ Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine (div. Dell Magazines/Penny Publications. LLC) Link

    œ ASJ Publishing (Chris & Anna Jackson) Link

    Aspen Mountain Press (Sandra Hicks) Link

    Aspirations Media, Inc. (Lee Corrie, Harold Lee) Link

    Assent Publishing, LLC (Ardent Books, Farther Books, et al.) (Leslie Denton) Link

    Asteria Books Publishing House (Laurelei Black) Link

    ¥ Astounding Beauty Ruffian Press (Wood Nymph Press) (Roger Beasley, Sherry Hughes Beasley) Link

    Astra Publications (nth Dimension, Atomic Chipmunk, Desert Rose Fiction, et al.) (Alex Korovessis) Link

    Asylett Press, Inc. (Sandra Dugas) Link

    ATA Tailgating Magazine Link

    Athenaeum Press Ltd. (Anna Rennie) Link

    Atlantic Books (Corvus) Link

    Atlantic National Books (C. Lee Nunn) Link

    Atlantic Publishing Group (formerly Atlantic Publishing Co.) (Douglas Brown) Link

    Atlas Variety Publishing, LLC (Christopher & Elaine Rigoli) Link

    Atria Publishing Group (Beyond Words, Strebor Books, et al.) (div. of Simon & Schuster) (Judith Curr) Link

    Attaway Publishing Group (div. Joint Literacy Media Distributing Alliance) (A. Dibell) Link

    Atticus Books (Atticus Review) (Dan Cafaro) Link

    Auriga Press (Aiden Rogers) Link

    Auspicious Apparatus Press (Todd Barselow) Link

    Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd. (formerly Austin & Macauley Publishers) (Mohammed Bu-Malik, Bedar Bu-Azal) Link

    AuthorHouse (formerly 1stBooks Library) (AuthorTree, Wordclay, et al.) (div. of Author Solutions) Link

    Author Identity Publishing (Kevin & Claudia Fabiano) Link

    Authoright (Clink Street Publishing) (Gareth Howard-Sibson, Haley Radford) Link

    Authors Ink Books (LaurieAnne Cruea-Blosser) Link

    Authors’ Niche (Read Me Books) (Lorane Chandler) Link

    Authors OnLine Ltd. (Richard Fitt) Link

    Autonomedia (Lewanne Jones) Link

    Avalon Books (div. of Thomas Bouregy & Co.) (Ellen Bouregy Mickelson) Link

    Avalon Innovations (Lance Williams) Link

    Avant Garde Publishing (Lisa Harris) Link

    Avari Press (Anthony Verrecchia) Link

    Aventine Press (Keith Pearson) Link

    Avid Readers Publishing Group (Eric Patterson) Link

    œ AVP Publishing (Jason Hutchinson) Link

    Awe-Struck Publishing (div. of Mundania as of ‘09) Link

    Axess Printing Solutions (formerly Print Pro Solutions) (Edward & Andrea Busse) Link

    Azbooka (div. of Atticus Publishing group, LLC (Maxim Kryutchenko) Link

    Aziza Publishing, LLC (Rochelle Levy) Link

    Azoth Khem Publishing (Kasey Hill, Nancy & Bethlyn Chandler) Link

    Az Publishing Services, LLC (Patti “PJ” Hultstrand) Link

    Babel Corp. (Babel Press USA, Books & Rights Marketplace) (Tomoki Hotta) Link

    Backlit Fiction, LLC (Panio Gianopoulos) Link

    Bad Dream Entertainment (Brett Reistroffer) Link

    Bad Moon Books (Roy Robbins) Link

    Baen Books Link

    Baker Publishing Group (Baker Books, Bethany House, Revel) Link

    Balanced Rock Press (Enbrightened eBooks) (Laura Denktash) Link

    Ballantine Books (div. of Random House) Link

    Ballot Press (Karen Velie, Dennis Pfister) Link

    Bancroft Press (Bruce Bortz) Link

    Banda Press Int’l, Inc. (One Flight Fiction) (Daniel & Amber Skoubye) Link

    Bandersnatch Books (Scott Colbert, Rich Ristow) Link

    B&H Publishing Group (formerly Broadman & Holman) (div. of LifeWay Christian Resources) Link

    BannedFiction Press (div. Verdens Press, LLC) (Todd & Mark Cave) Link

    Barbarian Books (Conda Douglas, Kathy McIntosh) Link

    Barclay Books, LLC (Becki & Brantly McNeel) Link

    Barclay Bryan Press (Cristina Bryan) Link

    ¥ œ Bards and Sages Publishing (Bards and Sages Quarterly) (Julie Ann Dawson) Link

    Barefoot Books, Inc. (Nancy Traversy, Tessa Strickland) Link

    Barking Rain Press (div. of BRP Publishing group) (Karen Hansen, Sherri Gormley, Ti Locke) Link

    œ Baronet Press (Casey McKay) Link

    Barricade Books, Inc. (Lyle & Carole Stuart) Link

    Barringer Publishing (Jeff Schlesinger) Link

    Basket Case Publishing (Rick Anthony) Link

    Bastards and Whores Magazine (Joe & Josh Scott, Amanda Sorell) Link

    Bathory Gate Press (Margo Bond Collins) Link

    Baycrest Books (Nadine Meeker) Link

    Bayou Brew Publishing (Monique O’Connor James) Link

    œ Beachwalk Press, Inc. (Pamela Tyner) Link

    Beacon Press (div. of Unitarian Universalist Association) Link

    Beacon Publishing Group, Inc. (formerly Beacon Publishing, Inc.) (Beacon Audiobooks) Link

    Beau Coup Publishing (Sable Hunter) Link

    Beaufort Books (Moyer Bell, Papier Mache) (Eric Kampmann) Link

    Beautiful Books Ltd. (Burning House, Bloody Books) (Simon Petherick) Link

    Beautiful Trouble Publishing, LLC (Jeanie Johnson, Jayha Leigh) Link

    œ Beau to Beau Publishing (Love Lit Press) (B.K. Wright) Link

    Beaver's Pond Press (Lily Coyle) Link

    ¥ Bedazzled Ink Publishing, LLC (Mindancer Press, Dragonfeather Books, et al.) (Claudia Wilde, C.A. Casey) Link

    Behler Publications (Lynn Price) Link

    Belfire Press (Jodi Lee) Link

    Belfra Publishers for Success BV (div. of Imaco NV) Link

    ¥ Belladonna Publishing (Liv Lingborn, Camilla Bruce) Link

    BelleBooks, Inc. (Bell Bridge Books) (Debra Dixon, Deborah Smith, et al.) Link

    BenBella Books, Inc. (Smart Pop Books) (Glenn Yeffeth) Link

    ¥ œ Beneath Ceaseless Skies Magazine (div. of Firkin Press) (Scott Andrews) Link

    Bennett & Hastings Publishing (Celeste Bennett, George Hastings) Link

    Bentham Science Publishers Ltd. (Eureka Select, Bentham Open) (Atta-ur-Rahman, Jalil-ur-Rahman) Link

    Bent Masses (Jessie White) Link

    Be Passion Now Magazine (div. of People Aware) (Chenoa Smith) Link

    Berkley/NAL (formerly New American Library) (div. of Berkley Publishing Group as of ‘15) Link

    Better Day Publishing, LLC (Naresha Perry) Link

    ¥ Between the Lines Publishing (Tammy & Cherie Macenka) Link

    ¥ œ Bewildering Stories Magazine (div. of Bewildering Press) (Jerry Wright, Don Webb) Link

    BeWrite Books (, Limitrophe Publishing) (Neil Marr) Link

    Bibliomotion (div. of Routledge/Taylor & Francis as of ’16) Link

    Big Bang Press (Morgan Leigh Davies) Link

    ¥ Big Bend Productions, LLC (Marfa House, Lost Mine Films) (Margaret Allison Bruning Espinosa, Delfin Espinosa) Link

    Big Dif Books (Tom Watson) Link

    ¥ œ Big World Network (Jim McGovern) Link

    œ Bitingduck Press, LLC (Boson Books) (Jay Nadeau, Chris Lindensmith) Link

    ¥ Bizarro Pulp Press (div. of JournalStone as of ‘14) Link

    Black & White Publishing (Itchy Coo, Broons Books, Ink Rood) (Campbell Brown, Alison McBride) Link

    Black Balloon Publishing, LLC (div. of Catapult) (Elizabeth Koch, Andy Hunter) Link

    Black Beauty Presents, LLC (Deidre LeShay) Link

    Black Bed Sheet Books (Blue Bed Sheet Books) (Nicholas Grabowsky) Link

    Black Card Books (Publish A Book And Grow Rich) (Gerry Robert) Link

    Black Coffey Publishing Ltd. (Paul Coffey) Link

    Black Gate Magazine (div. New Epoch Press) (John O’Neill) Link

    Black Inc. (Nero, Redback, et al.) (Morris “Morry” Schartz) Link

    Black Lake Publishing (John Louviere)[/color] Link

    Black Lantern Publishing (Rebecca Huggins) Link

    Black Leaf Publishing (Blue Cloud Publications, Boudoir Press) (Jean Charity) Link

    Black Library (formerly BL Publishing) (div. of Games Workshop Ltd.) Link

    Black Lyon Publishing, LLC (The Baker County Press) (Kerry McQuisten) Link

    Black Matrix Publishing, LLC (Encounters Magazine) (Guy & Kim Kenyon) Link

    Black Moon Books (Thomas Carpenter, Rachel Daugherty Carpenter) Link

    Black Mountain Press, The (div. Flood Gallery Fine Arts Center) (Jack Moe) Link

    Black Opal Press, LLC (Black Opal Books) (div. of Amethyst Dragon Publishing, Inc.) (Daniel Kempton, Daniel Stewart) Link

    Black Pearl Books, Inc. (Felicia Hurst) Link

    Black Rose Writing (DigiTerra Publishing, Bookend Design, La Casita Grande Editions) (Reagan Rothe) Link

    Black Spot Books (Lindy Ryan) Link

    ¥ œ Black Velvet Seductions (Laurie Sanders) Link

    Blade Publishing Ltd. (Abby Carmichael) Link

    BlaqRayn Publishing Plus (Puttin’ U On Promotions, B&R Consulting, et al.) (div. of BlaqRayn Media Group) (Kim Morrow-Stephens) Link

    Blank Slate Press (div. of Amphorae Publishing group as of ’15) (Kristina Blank McKansi) Link

    ¥ œ Blaster Books (Jouth Magazine) (Kevin Waldroup) Link

    Blazing Star Press (Kate McMurry, Marie August) Link

    Blaze Publishing, LLC (Krystal Dehaba) Link

    Bleak House Books (Benjamin LeRoy) Link

    Blind Eye Books (One Block Empire) (Dawn & Nicole Kimberling) Link

    ¥ Blood Bound Books (Marc Ciccarone, Joe Spagnola) Link

    Bloodhound Books (Bombshell Books) (Fred Freeman, Betsy Reavley) Link

    Bloodletting Press (Arcane Wisdom Press) (Larry Roberts) Link

    ¥ Blood Puddles (Jen Snow) Link

    Bloomberg Press (div. of John Wiley & Sons of as ‘10) Link

    Blooming Tree Press (Tire Swing Books) (Miriam Hees) Link

    Blooming Twig Books (Kent Gustavson) Link

    Bloomsbury Publishing Plc (Absolute Press, Spark, et al.) Link

    Blue-Collar Books (J.B.) Link

    Blue Deck Press (div. of The Stanford Acquisition Group Ltd.) (Amy Russell) Link

    Blue Deco Publishing (Colleen Nye-Shunk) Link

    Blue Feather Books Ltd. (formerly Limitless D2D aka Dare to Dream Publishing) (Samantha Ruskin, Joyce Colmar) Link

    Blue Leaf Publications (Dehanna Bailee) Link

    ¥ œ Blue Moon Publishers (Heidi Sander) Link

    Blue Moose Press (Ethan & Christine Rose) Link

    Blue Mountain Arts (div. Blue Mountain Holdings, LLC) (Stephen Schutz & Susan Polis Schutz) Link

    Blue Mountain Publishing (Glen Barnhardt) Link

    Blue Mustang Press (Tony & Karen Savageau) Link

    Blue Phoenix Publishing, Inc. (Todd Tecca) Link

    Blue Room Publishing (Nathan Van Dyken) Link

    ¥ Blue Tulip Publishing (Blooming Tulip, Blushing Tulip, et al.) (Nathan Van Dyken) Link

    BluewaterPress, LLC (Joe & Ardis Clark) Link

    œ Bluewood Publishing Ltd. (Paulette Rae, David Bowman) Link

    Blu Phi’er Publishing, LLC (Michael Bernoudy Jr.) Link

    Blurb (Eileen Gittins) Link

    ¥ œ Blushing Books Publications (formerly ABCD Webmasters) (Bethany’s Corner, Her Woodshed, Wicked Velvet, et al.) (div. of ABCD Graphics & Design) (Anne Briggs) Link

    BLVNP Inc. (Garik Tate, Genevieve Olaso, Le-An Lailacaba) Link

    Bobolink Media Inc. (Bobolink Books for Children) (Michael Kinney) Link

    Bodin Publishing, Inc. (Bodin Media) (Barbara Bodin) Link

    ¥ œ Body Parts Magazine (Kirsten Imani Kasal, Jesse Caverly) Link

    Bold Strokes Books (Len Barot) Link

    ¥ œ Bolero Books, LLC (Roger Albertson) Link

    Bolton Press Atlanta (Iris Mitchell Bolton) Link

    œ Bombadil Publishing R&D Ltd. (Galadriel Publishing, MageQuill) (Niklas Jarvstrat & Marianne Rugard-Jarvstrat) Link

    Bon Chance Press, LLC (Christina Morgan, Alisha Vincent) Link

    Boneman Books, LLC (formerly Green Button, Inc.) (Robert Kernag, Stephen Talacka) Link

    Bones and Caskets Press (Jude “J.P.” Edwards) Link

    Bonne Chance Press (Deena Walker Williams) Link

    Bonnier Books (Bonnier Publishing (UK/USA), Bonnier Zaffre) Link

    BookaBook Ltd. (Arthur de Bussy, Andre Bottse) Link

    BookBaby (div. of Audio & Video Labs, Inc.) (Brian Feisen) Link

    BookFish Books, LLC (Tammy McKee) Link

    Book Folks, The (Eric Empson) Link ( (Steven Milner) Link

    œ BookFuel (FundMyBook, WaveCloud) (Bill Van Orsdel, Jay Johnson) Link

    BookGarage (Massimo Marino, Christian Lonnquist, Reto Steffen) Link

    Book Guild, The (formerly Book Guild Publishing Ltd.) (div. of Troubador as of ’15) Link

    Bookhome Publishing (Panda Publishing) (Scott Gregory, Shirley Siluk Gregory) Link

    Book in a Box (Tucker Max, Zach Obront) Link

    BookLand Press, Inc. (Canadian Aid Charity) (Robert Morgan) Link

    Bookline & Thinker Ltd. (Hookline Books) (Yvonne Barlow) Link

    BookLocker (Richard & Angela Hoy) Link

    BookLogix (Apex Book Manufacturing, Lanier Press, Mountain Arbor Press, et al.) (Ahmad Meradji, Akash Mangru) Link

    Book Marketing Solutions, LLC (Austin Hamilton, Harvest Day Books, Holy Cow Publishing) (Tom White) Link

    œ Bookouture (div. of Hachette UK as of '17) (Oliver Rhodes) Link

    BookPros (Bridgeway Books, Ovation Books, Synergy Books) (div. of MSB Media Group) (Michael Odom, Steven Joiner, Brian Devany) Link

    œ Books For A Buck (Rob Peece) Link

    Books For Pleasure (Gil & Judy Agis) Link

    ¥ œ Book Smugglers Publishing (Ana Grilo, Thea James) Link

    Bookstand Publishing (formerly eBookstand) (Andy Baldwin) Link

    ¥ œ Books to Go Now, LLC (Jennifer Conner) Link (div. House of Solomon Ltd.) (David Kessler) Link

    Books Unbound E-Publishing Co. (Leigh Walker, Leslie Cholowsky) Link

    BookSurge (On-Demand Publishing, LLC) (Mitchell Davis, Monty Kohli) Link

    œ Books We Love Ltd. (Judith Pittman, Brian Roberts) Link

    Books With Benefits Press (Amber Gibbs, April Oglesbee) Link

    Booktango (div. of Author Solutions) Link

    Booktrope (formerly Libertary) (Edge, Forsaken, Updrift, et al.) (Ken Shear, Katherine Sears, Andy Roberts) Link

    Bookwhip Link

    BookWrite International Foundation (Karl Borg) Link

    Borders Small Press (formerly Publish For Less Co. aka PFL Publishing Co.) (Solly Border) Link

    œ Boroughs Publishing Group (Michelle Klayman) Link

    ¥ Bottom Dog Press, Inc. (Bird Dog Publishing) (Larry Smith) Link

    Boutique of Quality Books Publishing Co. (BQB Publishing, WriteLife Publishing) (Terri Leidich) Link

    Bouncing Ball Books (Denek & Becky Salichova) Link

    Bower House (Intrigue Press, Johnson Books, et al.) Link

    BowTie Press (Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy, Horse Illustrated, et al.) Link

    Boxfire Press (Justin McLachlan) Link

    Boyds Mills Press (Calkins Creek, Front Street Books, WordSong, et al.) Link

    BPS Books (div. Bastian Publishing Services Ltd.) (Donald Bastian) Link

    Bracket Books Publishing (Sam Majors) Link

    Bradley Publishing (Zeb Bradley) Link

    Brain Lag Publishing (Catherine Fitzsimmons) Link

    ¥ Brain Mill Press (Liminal Comics) (Ruthie Knox, Mary Ann Rivers) Link

    Bramble Company, The (Bramble Books, TribeWaters) (Larry Bramble) Link

    Branden Books (formerly Brandon Press, Bruce Humphries, The Four Seas) (Adolph Caso) Link

    Brandylane Publishers, Inc. (Belle Isle Books, Pleasant Living Books) (Robert Pruett) Link

    Brash Books (Lee Goldberg, Joel Goldman) Link

    Brayer Publishing, LLC (Dianne Gallagher) Link

    Breakaway Books (Garth Battista) Link

    Breaking Rules Publishing (Christopher Clawson-Rules) Link

    Breathless Press (Lycaon Press) (Justyn Perry) Link

    Breezeway Books (formerly Llumina Press (Metier Books) (div. Aeon Publishing, Inc.) (Deborah Greenspan, Cassandra Skevis) Link

    Briarwood Publications + Sassy Cat Books, Inc. (Oscar Turner & Barbara Fleenor Turner) Link

    Brick Cave Books (div. of Brick Cave Media) (Bob Nelson) Link

    Brickstone Publishing (Lori Verni-Fogarsi) Link

    ¥ Bridge House Publishing, LLP (Red Telephone) (Gill James) Link

    Brighter Books Publishing House (Angela Souza Jurgensen) Link

    Brighton Publishing, LLC (Landmark Literary Agency) (Donald & Kathie McGuire) Link

    Bright Sky Press (Radiant Star) (div. of Rule 2 Books, LLC) (Lucy Herring Chambers) Link

    Brill | Rodopi (formerly Editions Rodopi) (div. of Brill as of ’14) Link

    Brown Barn Books (div. of Pictures of Record, Inc.) (Nancy Hammerslough) Link

    Brown Books Publishing Group (Christian Press, Rado’s Press, et al.) (Milli Brown) Link

    Brown Recluse Books, LLC (Fiddleback Press, Solitary Muse) (Terra Little) Link

    Brundage Publishing (Frank Resseguie) Link

    Brutarian Magazine (Dominick Salemi) Link

    Bryant Park Press Corp. (Block Island Books) (Susan Hynes) Link

    Bryce Cullen Publishing (Goodman Beck Publishing) (David Gettis) Link

    Bucks County Publishing (Bruce Sarte) Link

    Bumblebee Publishers (div. of Ethos Embassy) (Seema Yadau) Link

    ¥ Bundoran Press Publishing House (Hayden Trenholm) Link

    Burchette & Ferguson, LLC (Tyler Ferguson) Link

    Burford Books (Peter Burford) Link

    Burning Effigy Press (Monica Kuebler) Link

    ¥ œ Burning Willow Press (Edd & Kindra Sowder) Link

    Burnstown Publishing House (formerly General Store Publishing House) (Tim Gordon) Link

    œ Burping Frog Publishing, Inc. (div. of The Red Press) (Jack Allen) Link

    Bush Publishing & Associates (Margo Holladay-Bush) Link

    ¥ Bust Magazine (Debbie Stoller, Laurie Henzel) Link

    Buzz Books USA (div. of Athena Institute, LLC) (Malena Lott) Link

    Buzzy Multimedia Publishing (Buzzy Mag) (Joy Poger, June Willams) Link

    By Light Unseen Media (Inanna Arthen) Link

    ByLine Magazine (Robbi Hess) Link

    By Your Side Self-Publishing (Dana Delamar, Kristine Cayne) Link

    Cabal Group Ltd. (Bookshaker, Influence Publishing, Rethink Press Ltd., et al.) (Joe & Julie Gregory, Deborah Jenkins, et al.) Link

    Cabinet des Fées (Scheherezade’s Bequest) (div. of Papaveria Press) (Helen Pilinovsky, Erzebet Barthold) Link

    Cacoethes Publishing House, LLC (Jamaal & Jawanna Denise Mosley) Link

    Cactus Moon Publications, LLC (Moonlily Press, Saturn's Moon Press, Kal-Ba Publishing) (Lily & Robert Woodmansee) Link

    Cader Publishing Ltd. (Iliad Press, Verses Magazine) (Robert & Sharon Derderian) Link

    Calderwood Books (Joy Calderwood) Link

    œ Caliburn Press, LLC (Spero Publishing, Melliferia Press, et al.) (Alan & Bekki Leddon) Link

    California Coldblood Books (div. of Rare Bird) (Robert Peterson) Link

    California Times Publishing (Write Clic) (Jeff Napolitano) Link

    Callio Press Ltd., The (CallioCrest, CallioOrum, CallioPan, et al.) (formerly Discovered Authors Ltd., Undiscovered Authors Ltd., BookForce Ltd.) (Graham Miller) Link

    Calumet Editions (Wisdom Editions) (Ian Graham Leask, Gary Lindberg) Link

    Cambria Press, Inc. (Teneo Press, The Cambria Institute) (Paul Richardson, Toni Tan) Link

    Camelzback Publishing (John Ryan) Link

    Camino Books, Inc. (Edward Jutkowitz) Link

    Campfire Press (Brad Sexton) Link

    Canaan-Star Publishing (Cambridge Onoh) Link

    C. Anderson Publishing (Caleb Anderson) Link

    ¥ Candlemark & Gleam (Athena Andreadis) Link

    C&R Press (New Dirty, Illumis Books) (Andrew Sullivan, John Gosslee) Link

    Canonbridge LLC (SC Press, Ben Toby Books, et al.) (Maggie Stewart-Grant) Link

    Cantarabooks, LLC (Cantaraville) (Cantara Christopher) Link

    Canterbury House Publishing Ltd. (Wendy Dingwall) Link

    Capri Publishing (Bridgett Rabatin) Link

    Capstone (Stone Arch Books, CompassPoint Books, et al.) Link

    Capstone Global Library Ltd. (Raintree, Curious Fox) Link

    Captive Unicorn Publications (Liberator Erotic Library) (Sia St. Martin) Link

    ¥ œ Carbon Culture Review (Jessica Housand-Weaver) Link

    Career Success, Inc. (Lance Picha) Link

    Cargo Cult Press (Six Little Friends) (Brian Cartwright) Link

    œ Carina Press (div. of Harlequin) Link

    Carmel Judaica (Israel Carmel) Link

    ¥ œ Carnation Books (Lee Douglass) Link

    Carnifex Press (Armand Rosamila) Link

    Carnot USA Books, Inc. (div. of Editions Carnot) Link

    Carolrhoda Books (Carolrhoda Lab) (div. of Lerner Publishing Group) Link

    Carousel Press (Gene Meyers, Carole Terwilliger Meyers) Link

    Carpe Articulum Literary Review (Perpetuity Magazine) (Hadassah Broscova) Link

    CaryPress Int’l (Peaceful Planet Press) (Durdana Yousuf-Starns, Margaret Bassett, et al.) Link

    Casperian Books, LLC (Lily Richards) Link

    œ Castalia House (Theodore Beale) Link

    CAstle BOOk Marketing Enterprise (Caboome) (Normand Chartier) Link

    Castrum Press (div. of PP Corcoran Ltd. Co.) (Paul Corcoran) Link

    ¥ Cat & Mouse Press (Rehoboth Beach Reads) (Nancy Sakaduski) Link

    Catcher Ltd. (Pulse Books) (formerly Dreamcatcher Publishing Ltd.) (Julia Waring Heron) Link

    Cave Hollow Press (Gail Crump, Rose Marie Kinder) Link

    ¥ CavanKerry Press Ltd. (Laurel Books) (Joan Cusack Handler) Link

    Cavern Publishing Group (Cavern Press, Surreal Books, Surreal Magazine) (Tammy Perron) Link

    CCZ Publishing Co. (Audenreed Press, Biddle Publishing Co.) (Charles Migeot) Link

    Cedar Fort, Inc. (Sweetwater Books, Plain Sight Publishing, et al.) (Bruce Mortimer, Lee Nelson) Link

    Cedar Grove Press (David & Jonathan Bennett) Link

    Cedar Hill Press (Trina Bernard) Link

    Cedar Tree Books Ltd. (Nicholas Cerichio) Link

    Cengage Gale (formerly Thomson Gale) (Contemporary Authors) Link

    Center One Publishing, LLC (Center One Books) (Justin Dine, Rebekah McClew Dine) Link

    Centipede Press (Jerad Walters) Link

    Centrinian Publishing Ltd. (Sheldon & Sheneise Stone) Link

    Centum Press (div. of Allegiant Publishing Group, Inc.) (Marc Estes, Christian Lee) Link

    Cerebro Press, LLC (Janel Easterling Schalk) Link

    Chainbooks (Greg Humphrey) Link

    Chalet Publishers, LLC (Joy Collins, Joyce Norman) Link

    ¥ Chalice Media Ltd. (Chalice Books, Aisle Magazine) (Laura Harris) Link

    Chamberton Publishing (T.K. Richardson) Link

    Chameleon Publishing, Inc. (Chameleon Media) (Amy Sterling Casil) Link

    œ Champagne Book Group (Carnal Passions, Burst Books, EZP Publishing) (Cassie Knight) Link

    ¥ œ Changeling Press, LLC (Bill & Margaret Riley) Link

    Changemakers Publishing & Writing (The Publishing Connection) (Gini Graham Scott) Link

    Charisma Media (Charisma House, Creation House, et al.) (formerly Strang Book Group / Strang Communications) (Steve & Joy Strang) Link

    Charlesbridge Publishing, Inc. (Imagine Publishing, Mackinac Island Press) (Brent & Robert Farmer) Link

    Charles Pinot, Inc. (Local Einsteins Books, Savory Books, Second Opinion Books) (div. Aspatore Ventures (formerly Verb Ventures)) (Jonathan Aspatore) Link

    Charles Press, Publishers, The (Lauren Meltzer) Link

    œ Charles River Press, Inc. (Wee Creek Press) (div. Mind World Entertainment as of ’15) (Jonathan, Steven & Thomas Womack, et al.) Link

    Charles Towne Publishing (Michael Murphy) Link

    Chart House Press, LLC ( (Jeff Hastings) Link

    Chateau Publishing House, Inc. (Norman Shabel) Link

    Chestnut Publishing Group, Inc. (Lynx Publishing, Patnor Books, et al.) (Stanley Starkman) Link

    Chevalier Editions (Shane Jackson, Quinn Tyler) Link

    Chicago Review Press (Lawrence Hill Books, Ball Publishing) (Curt & Linda Matthews) Link

    Chicken House Publishing Ltd. (Barry Cunningham, Rachel Hickman) Link

    ¥ Children’s Brains are Yummy Books (div. CBAY Productions, LLC) (Madeline Smoot) Link

    œ Chipmunka Publishing (The Chipmunka Foundation) (Jason Pegler) Link

    Chippewa Publishing, LLC (Lady Aibell Press) (Rebecca Pack) Link

    Chivalry Bookshelf, The (Brian Price) Link

    ¥ ChiZine Publications (ChiTeen, Kelp Queen Press, et al.) (Brett Savory, Sandra Kasturi) Link

    Choc Lit Limited (Paul & Lynn Vernham) Link

    Chooseco, LLC (Raymond “R.A.” Montgomery) Link

    Christian Faith Publishing, Inc. (Christopher Rutherford) Link

    Christina Escamilla Publishing (Revolving Door Press) Link

    Christopher Matthews Publishing (Soul Fire Press) (Jeremy Soldevilla) Link

    Chronicle Books Link

    Chupa Cabra House (Timm Tayshun) Link

    Churn Publishing (Alan Grimsley) Link

    Chymeric ePublishing (J.M.) Link

    ¥ Cider Press Review (Caron Andregg, Robert Wayne) Link

    ¥ œ Circlet Press (Cecilia Tan) Link

    Citizen Culture Magazine (div. of Feit Publishing Ventures) (Jonathan Feit) Link

    ¥ City Lights Publishers (Lawrence Ferlinghetti) Link

    ¥ œ City Owl Press (Yelena Casale, Tina Moss) Link

    Cladach Publishing (Larry & Catherine Lawton) Link

    Claren Books (Bill Adler, Jr.) Link

    ¥ œ Clarkesworld Magazine (div. of Wyrm Publishing) (Neil Clarke) Link

    Clark-Nova Books (Troy Cunningham) Link

    Clash Books (div. of Clash Media) (Jayme Karales) Link

    Clayborn Press, LLC (Jonathan Clayborn) Link

    Clay Stafford Books (div. of American Blackguard, Inc.) Link

    œ Clean Reads (formerly Astraea Press, LLC) (Stephanie Griffin Taylor) Link

    Clean Teen Publishing (Crimson Tree Publishing) (Rebecca Gober, Marya Heiman Heidel, Courtney Nuckels, et al.) Link

    ¥ Cleis Press (Tempted Romance, Viva Editions, et al.) (div. of Start Publishing as of ‘14) Link

    Cliffhanger Books (Kevin Hosey) Link

    Cliffhanger Press, LLC (T.J. Loveless, Robin Alexander) Link

    Clonepod (Forrest & Abby Kim, Zach Friedman) Link

    Cloonfad Press (Jack Sharkey) Link

    œ Club Lighthouse Publishing (Terrie Balmer) Link

    Coastal Publishing International, LLC (Dawn Snyder) Link

    œ Cobblestone Press, LLC (Deanna Lee, Sable Grey) Link

    Code Publishing (Amelior Books, Lobrau Books, Renascent Magazine, et al.) (Joe & Eric Morse) Link

    Coffee and Cream Publishing (Elizabeth Lee) Link

    Coffee Mug Books (div. of J&D Publishing and Agency) (Jeremy Marack, Desirae Hennington) Link

    Coffee Shack Publishing (Elizabeth Cristofolini) Link

    CoffeeTown Enterprises (CoffeeTown Press, Camel Press, Fanny Press) (div. of Epicenter Press, Inc as of ’18) Link

    Cogito Media Group (Cogitomedias, Transit Publishing) (Pierre Turgeon) Link

    Cogwheel Press (div. Shift House Media) (Desiree Finkbeiner) Link

    ¥ Cohesion Press (Geoff Brown) Link

    Cold Moon Press (Book Mark It Promotions) (Katie Hartlove) Link

    Coliloquy (Lisa Rutherford, Waynn Lue) Link

    Collection Publishing (div. of Tampa Marketing Co.) (Bill Sharpe) Link

    Collier’s Magazine (John Elduff) Link

    Colt Press, Inc. (Rob, Robert, & Kristen Poulin) Link

    ¥ Comet Press (SeX Files) (Cheryl Mullenax) Link

    Comfort Publishing Services, LLC (formerly Comfort Publishing, Inc.) (Pam Tolen, Jason Huddle) Link

    ¥ œ Coming Together Anthology (Alessia Brio) Link

    ¥ Common Deer Press (Ellie Sipila) Link

    Community Press (Deana Riddle) Link

    Completely Novel (Oliver "Oli" Brooks) Link

    ComStar Media, LLC (ComStar Games, Port Nova Media, et al.) (William Andersen) Link

    Concord Free Press (Concord ePress) (Stona & Ann Fitch) Link

    Conlan Press (Connor Cochran) Link

    Contemporary Press (Jay Brida, Jeffery Dinsmore) Link

    Cook Communication, Inc. (AuthorMark, AuthorMe, ReserveBooks, et al.) (Bruce Cook) Link

    Cooks Source Magazine (Judith Griggs) Link

    Cool Beans Publishing & Editing, LLC (Adriana D’Apolito, Jamie Alluisi) Link

    ¥ CoolDudes Publishing Pty Ltd. (Louis Harris) Link

    Cool Gus Publishing (formerly Who Dares Wins Publishing) (Bob Mayer) Link

    Cool Well Press, Inc. (Beth Ann Rydan, Bryan Arcangeli) Link

    Coosa Publishing Co. (Chris Elrod) Link

    Copaiba Press (Copaiba Literary Review) (Jillisa Milner, Kindra McDonald) Link

    Copper Key Media, LLC (K.M. Scott) Link

    ¥ Copper Pen Press (La Llorona Road) (Ron Hervey) Link

    Copytech (UK) Ltd. (Printondemand-worldwide, FastPrint Publishing) (Andy Cork) Link

    Coral Press (Robert Dunn) Link

    Cordelia Press, LLC (Mark Bishop & Jolan Warren Bishop) Link

    Cork Hill Press (div. of Image Access, Inc.) (Michael Spratt, Randal Bowman) Link

    Cormorant Books (Dancing Cat Books) Link

    Corona Books UK (Curlicue Books) (Lewis Williams) Link

    Counterpoint, LLC (Shoemaker & Hoard, Sierra Club Books, Soft Skull Press) (div. of Catapult as of ’16) Link1 Link2

    ¥ CounterPunch Magazine (Jeffery St. Clair, Alexander Cockburn) Link

    Countryman Press, The (div. of W.W. Norton & Co., Inc.) Link

    Coventry Press Ltd. (Marianne Morea) Link

    ¥ Cozy Cat Press (Patricia Rockwell) Link

    C.P. Anthologies (div. of Hance, LLC) (Matthew Hance) Link

    CPN Publishers (Cecil Clarke, Carlene Beckford Clarke) Link

    ¥ œ Cracked (div. of Scripps Media, Inc. as of '16) Link

    Craft Magazine Ltd. (formerly All Craft Media, KAL Media, et al.) (Richard Rycroft, Kerrie Rycroft Allman, Wayne Allman) Link

    Crazy Ink Publishing (Erin Lee George) Link

    Create My Books (Shop My Books) (formerly UniBook) (div. of Peleman Industries dba Unibind, Inc.) Link

    CreateSpace (div. of Amazon) Link

    Creative Arts Company, The (Vandermast Publications, The Literary Creations) (Margarita Arabyan aka Gari Saroyan) Link

    Creative Book Publishers (Malcolm & Juliana Paice) Link

    Creative Book Publishing (Creative Publishers, Killik Press, Tuckamore Books) (div. Breakwater Books Ltd. as of ’17) Link

    ¥ Creative Guy Publishing (Blood & Tacos, Liaison Press, Tales of Moreauvia) (Pete Allen) Link

    Creative-Inspirations Publishing (Across Genres Publishing House, SRL Press, et al.) (formerly KTF Press) (Tammy Jernigan) Link

    ¥ Creative Nonfiction (In Fact Books) (Lee Gutkind) Link

    ¥ Creative Talents Unleashed (div. of CTU Publishing Group) (Raja Williams) Link

    Creativia (Miika Hannila) Link

    Creators Publishing (div. of Creators Syndicate, Inc.) (Richard Newcombe) Link

    Crescent Moon Press (Stephanie Murray, Marlene Castricato) Link

    Crew Publishing (Lee & Terrie Westman) Link

    ¥ Cricket Media (Cicada Magazine, et al.) (formerly Cricket Magazine Group) Link

    Crickhollow Books (Blue Horse Books, Crispin Books) (div. of Great Lakes Literary) (Philip Martin) Link

    Crime and Again Press (Henry Mazel) Link

    ¥ œ Crimson Dragon Publishing (div. of Bear Creek Enterprises) (Ward, Dawn & Sarah Clark) Link

    ¥ œ Crimson Frost Books (Midnight Frost Books) (div. of First Book Group) (Patricia Bates) Link

    œ Crooked Cat Publishing Ltd. (Crooked Love Cats, et al.) (Laurence & Stephanie Patterson) Link

    Crooked Hat Publishing Ltd. (Matt Webb) Link

    Crooked Lane Books (div. of The Quick Brown Fox & Co., LLC) (Matt Martz, Dan Weiss) Link

    ¥ œ Crossed Genres Publications (Bart Leib, Kay Holt) Link

    CrossLink Publishing (New Harbor Press) (Rick Bates) Link

    œ Crossroad Press (Macabre Ink, Gordian Knot Books, et al.) (David Niall Wilson) Link

    ¥ Crowded Quarantine Publications Ltd. (Crowded Crackpot) (Adam & Zoe Millard) Link

    Crown Publishing Group, The (Ten Speed Press, et al.) (div. of Random House) Link

    ¥ Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing (Hot Ink Press, Steamworks Ink, et al.) (Sarah Davis Brandon) Link

    œ Crux Publishing Ltd. (David Bailey, Chirstopher Lascelles) Link

    Crystal Dreams Press (formerly Crystal Dreams Publishing) (div. Multi-Media Publications, Inc. ‘07) (Sarah Schwersenska) Link

    ¥ Crystal Lake Publishing (Joe Mynhardt) Link

    Cuil Press (Michon Neal) Link

    Cumberland House Publishing (div. of Sourcebooks as of mid-‘09) Link

    ¥ Curiatis Books (William King) Link

    ¥ œ Curiosity Quills Press (Eugene Teplitsky, Lisa Gus) Link

    ¥ Custom Book Publications (Custom Literary Agency, Kindi Corner, Noveletta) (John Robertson, James “Jamie” Lau) Link

    ¥ Cutting Block Books (formerly Cutting Block Press) (div. of Farolight Publishing as of ‘14) Link

    Cyber-Pulp Press (Our House Press) (formerly Cyber-Pulp Houston/USA ePublishing) (Bob Gunner) Link

    Cyberwizard Publications (Altered Dimensions Press, Ancient Tomes Press, et al.) (Kelly Christiansen) Link

    CyPress Publications (Leland Raymond) Link

    Cy Publishing (CP Literary, American Fiction, Modern Republic, et al.) (formerly Cyber Publishing) (John Ramirez) Link

    Dagan Books Ltd. (Lakeside Circus) (Carrie Cuinn) Link

    Dahlia Publishing Ltd. (Farhana Shaikh) Link

    Dailey Swan Publishing, Inc. (Casey Swanson) Link

    ¥ œ Daily Science Fiction (Michele-Lee Barasso, Jonathan Laden) Link

    Dalmatian Press (Piggy Toes Press, Sonrisas, Spirit Press) (div. of Bendon, Inc. as of ’13) Link

    Dalton Publishing (Wiggy Press) (Deltina Hay) Link

    œ Damnation Books, LLC (div. of Caliburn Press as of ’15) Link

    Dancing Lemur Press, LLC (Freedom Fox Press) (Lesley Wolfe) Link

    ¥ Dancing Star Press (Jennifer Crispin) Link

    Dancing with Bear Publishing (Marie McGaha) Link

    Dandelion Books, LLC (Carol Adler) Link

    D&J Book Packaging & Media (Laurie Dolphin, Jessica Dorfman Jones) Link

    Dangerous Little Books Ltd. (div. of Rethink Press Ltd.) (Joe Gregory, Lucy McCarraher) Link

    Daniel & Daniel Publishers, Inc. (John Daniel & Co., Fithian Press, Perseverance Press) Link

    ¥ DAOwen Publications (Love Knot Books, Tumbleweed Books, et al.) (Douglas Owen) Link

    ¥ Dark Arts Books (John Everson, Bill Breedlove) Link

    Dark Chapter Press Ltd. (Rob McEwan) Link

    Dark Coast Press (Aaron Talwar, Jarret Middleton) Link

    Dark Continents Publishing, Inc. (David Youngquist, Serenity Banks, et al.) Link

    ¥ Dark Discoveries Magazine (div. of JournalStone Publishing as of ‘12) Link

    Dark Dragon Publishing (Fern Gould) Link

    Dark Eden Press (Debra Durham) Link

    Darkened Doorways Publications (FPL On Line) (David Boyer aka David Byron, et al.) Link

    Darker Times Publishing (formerly Darker Times Fiction) (Jessica Coleman) Link

    Dark Fiction Spotlight, The (Stephen Roberts) Link

    DarkFuse Publications (formerly Delirium Books) (Shane Staley) Link

    Dark Hall Press (div. of New Street Communications, LLC) (Edward & William Renehan) Link

    Dark Highlands, LLC (Brad Ellis) Link

    Dark Horse Comics (M Press, et al.) (Mike Richardson) Link

    Dark Mirror Publishing (Tricia Moerlein) Link

    Dark Moon Press (Eric Vernor) Link

    ¥ Dark Oak Press and Media (div. of Kerlack Enterprises, Inc.) (Allan Gilbreath, Charles Dinkins) Link

    Dark Quest, LLC (Palomino Press, Sparkito Press, et al.) (Neil Levin) Link

    ¥ Dark Regions Press (Chris Morey) Link

    ¥ Darkwater Syndicate, Inc. (Antonio Simon, Jr.) Link

    Daverana Enterprises (Flashing Swords Magazine) (Janrae Frank) Link

    David R. Godine, Publisher (Black Sparrow Books, Pocket Paragons, et al.) Link

    ¥ DAW Books (div. of Penguin) Link

    Dawn Publications (Glenn Hovemann, Muffy Weaver) Link

    Day Owl Press Corp. (Rough House) (Chey Barnes, Andre Pierre, Jr.) Link

    DC Comics, Inc. (div. of DC Entertainment) Link

    DDH E-pub (div. of DDH Co. Ltd./DDH, LLC) (Fujen “James” Hsueh, Roger Hsu) Link

    Dead End Street, LLC (formerly Dead End Street Publications) (John Rutledge, Mary Rutledge-Harrison) Link

    ¥ œ Decadent Publishing (Lisa Olmstead, Heather Bennett) Link

    December House Ltd. (Simon & Henrietta Smethurst-McIntyre) Link

    Deeds Publishing (Robert Babcock) Link

    Deep Desires Press (Cameron James) Link

    ¥ œ Deep Magic (Brandon Taylor, Jeff Wheeler, Jeremy Whitted) Link

    Deep River Books (Musterion Press, Partnership Publishers, Trusted Books, et al.) (formerly VMI Publishers) (Bill Carmichael) Link

    DeepSix Publishers (Betareader Journal, BookUsher) (Jeffrey Oshins) Link

    Deer Hawk Publications (Aurelia Sands Wilson) Link

    DellArte Press (formerly Harlequin Horizons) (div. of Harlequin Enterprises Ltd.) Link

    Delta Publishing Link

    DemiDec (div. of DemiDec Resources) (Dan Berdichevsky) Link

    De Montfort Literature (div. De Montfort Capital Ltd.) (Jonathan De Montfort) Link

    Denlinger's Publishers Ltd. (Daytona Press) (William Denlinger) Link

    De Novo Publishing, LLC (David Ballentine, Marcus Harris) Link

    Descant Publishing (Peter Orullian) Link

    Deseret Book Company (Shadow Mountain Publishing) Link

    œ Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. (Gail Delaney, Jenifer Ranieri) Link

    Destiny Image Publishers, Inc. (Don Nori) Link

    Destiny Whispers Publishing, LLC (Destiny Rose Editorial Services) (Leslie Stuart) Link

    DeWard Publishing Company Ltd. (Daniel De Garmo, Nathan Ward) Link

    Diabolic Muse (Mark Murdoch) Link

    Diabolic Publications, LLC (Scarlet Norton-Duperre) Link

    Diamond Eyes Publishing (Jessica Adriel) Link

    Diamond Heart Press, LLC (Tomiko Mitchell, Kyana Mayfield) Link

    Diggory Press Ltd./Inc. (Exposure Publishing, Kingdom Come Publishing) (div. of Meadow Books) (Rosalind Franklin) Link

    Digi-Tall Media (Story-E-Books, Poetry Highway, et al.) (formerly Entry Way Publishing & Marketing) (Victoria Freudiger) Link

    Digital Publishing Expert (Marlene Diaz) Link

    ¥ œ Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. (Digital Science Fiction, et al.) (Michael Willis) Link

    Diminished Media Group (Tim Ambrose, Randy Streu) Link

    œ Dingbat Publishing (J. Gunnar Grey) Link

    DIP Publishing House (DIP Press) (div. of ProxVoice Publishing) (Argus Milton) Link

    Direidi Publishing (Tony Cratz) Link

    œ DiskUs Publishing (Marilyn Nesbitt) Link

    Distinguished Press (div. of The Writing Network) (Catrina Taylor) Link

    œ Diveo Media (Altai Zeinalov) Link

    œ Diversion Books (Scott Waxman) Link

    Diversion Press (Yellow Snow Press) (Antonio & Amy Thompson) Link

    ¥ Divertir Publishing, LLC (Kenneth Tupper) Link

    DLSIJ Press (Sidney Jameson) Link

    dMon Publishing, LLC (Janie Monares) Link

    DNA Press, LLC (AceN Press, Nartea Publishing) (Alexandru Norten, Alexander Kuklin) Link

    DNA Publications, Inc. (Absolute Magnitude, et al.) (Warren Lapine) Link

    Doce Blant Publishing (Marti Melville) Link

    ¥ Dock Street Press (The Victoria Rose) (Dane Bahr) Link

    Doctor Fantastique Books (Show of Wonders Magazine) (Matthew Delman) Link

    Dog-Eared Press, The (Trevor Sawler, Dennis Deroches) Link

    Dog Ear Publishing, LLC (Miles Nelson, Ray Robinson, Alan Harris) Link

    ¥ Dog Horn Publishing (Fruit Bruise Press, Polluto) (Adam Lowe) Link

    Dogma Publications (Mark Lane) Link

    Domhan Books (Shamrock, Thistle, et al.) (formerly Net Novels) (Siobhan McNally) Link

    Donegal Bay Publishing Co. | Inc. (L.D. & Susan Ryan) Link

    ¥ DonnaInk Publications, LLC (The Book Nook, Sans Sanity) (Donna Quesinberry) Link

    Dorchester Publishing (Leisure Books, Love Spell) Link

    Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc. (Whitmore Publishing, Red Lead Press, RoseDog Books, et al.) (Gordon Dorrance) Link

    œ Double Dragon Publishing, Inc. (Blood Moon, Dragon Dance, et al.) (Deron Douglas) Link

    Double Edge Press (formerly Cutting Edge Lit. Svcs.) (div. Hummingbird World Media) (Rebecca Melvin) Link

    Double Star Press (Adventures of Sword & Sorcery Magazine) (Camila Lin) Link

    Down & Out Books (ABC Group Documentation, Shotgun Honey, et al.) (Eric & Christine Campbell) Link

    ¥ Down East Enterprise, Inc. (Countrysport Press, Down East Books, Down East Magazine) (Bob Fernald) Link

    Down the Shore Publishing Corp. (Ray Fisk) Link

    D-Publishing (div. of Dymocks) Link

    Dragonblade Publishing (Kathryn Le Veque) Link

    DragonEye Publishing (ISOTUT Books) (formerly In Search of the Universal Truth Publisher) (Michael Kiser) Link

    Dragonfairy Press, LLC (Alicia Brewster) Link

    Dragon International Independent Arts, LLP (Diiarts) (Jason Horger, Sarah “SJ” Heckscher-Marquis) Link

    Dragon Moon Press (Gwen Gades) Link (Brian Smith, Shelley Baar) Link

    ¥ Dragon Scale Publishing (Sam Ferguson) Link

    ¥ Dragon Soul Press (Jade Feldman) Link

    Dragon's Rocketship Publishing, The (Nikki & Mandi Yager) Link

    Dragonwell Publishing (Dawei Dong) Link

    Draumr Publishing (Robert & Rida Allen) Link

    Dream Access Books (Paul Gillebaard) Link

    Dream Big Publishing (Lindsey Owens) Link

    Dream Books, LLC (Jacob Morris) Link

    ¥ Dreaming Robot Press (Sean & Corie Weaver) Link

    Dream of Things (Mike O'Mary) Link

    Dream People, The (D. Harlan Wilson) Link

    Dreams of Decadence Magazine (div. of Tir Na Nog Press, Inc.) (Warren Lapine) Link

    ¥ œ Dreamspinner Press (Harmony Ink Press, DSP Publications) (Elizabeth North, Lynn West, et al.) Link

    Dreams Publishing Co. (Antoinette “Toni” Child) Link

    Dreams Reach Productions (Sean Leary) Link

    Drollerie Press (Kettlestitch, Quadrivium, et al.) (Deena Fisher) Link

    D3 Press (Susan Price) Link

    ¥ œ Duende (div. of Goddard College) Link

    Dufour Editions, Inc. (Paul Dufour) Link

    Duncurra, LLC (Susan Cusack aka Ceci Giltenan) Link

    Duke University Press Link

    DWJ Books, LLC (formerly Book Builders, LLC) (Darrell Kozlowski, Lauren Fedorko) Link

    D.W. Neal Publishing LLC (Making Love Stories, Romancezine) (Dale Neal) Link

    Dynasty Publishing, Inc. (Andrew & Theresa Byas, et al.) Link

    Dystopia Press (Mark Long) Link

    Dzanc Books (Keyhole Press, The Collagist, et al.) (Steven Gillis, Dan Wickett) Link

    Eagle's View Press, LLC (Robert Lipscomb) Link

    Earthbound Fiction (Dark Stars, Sparks) (Danielle Dawson) Link

    Earth's End Book Publishing Consortium (Arbuckle Free Press, Odell-Truman Book Publishers, The Book Fixers, et al.) (Wilbert Quick) Link

    East 64 Publishing (Jason & J.D. Faulkenburg) Link

    Ebb Tide Press (Casper Valentine) Link

    EbookoMatic (div. of Schneiderman & Assocs., LLC) (Steven Schneiderman) Link

    E-BookTime, LLC (Eugene Steele, Mickeal Farris) Link

    Eborn Books, LLC (Shady Hill Press) (Bret Eborn) Link

    œ Ecanus Publishing (Ecanus Aura, Ecanus Imprint Ltd.) (Darren Humby) Link

    Echelon Press, LLC (Explorations, Quake) (Karen Syed) Link

    ECKO House Publishing (ISBN4authors) (formerly Aardvark Global Publishing) (Nanice Ellis) Link

    Eclectic Bard Books (Andrea Kaye, Savannah Verte) Link

    Eclipse Magazine (div. of Random Publishing, LLC) (Jimmy Porch) Link

    Econohost Publishing (Richard Young) Link

    ¥ EDGE Science Fiction & Fantasy Publishing, Inc. (Absolute XPress, Tesseract Books Ltd.) (div. of Hades Publications, Inc.) Link

    Editorial Seleer (Seleer Press) Link

    Edward Gray Publications Link

    Edwin Mellen Press, The Link

    eFiction Publishing, LLC (Storyteller (formerly Nebula Rift, New Realm, et al.)) (Doug Lance) Link

    Eggplant Literary Productions (Raechel Henderson) Link

    Egmont Publishing International Link

    Eifrig Publishing, LLC (Penny Smith Eifrig) Link

    Eirelander Publishing (Bahn Sidhe, U-Lit, Wicked Lass Press) (div. Erielander Group Media Publications) (Lee Morris, Buffi BeCraft) Link

    Elder & Leemaur Publishers (Business Cents, Innovation Magazine, et al.) Link

    ¥ Elder Signs Press (ESP Books, Dimensions Books, Dark Wisdom Magazine, et al.) (William Jones) Link

    Eldritch Press (Michael Randolph) Link

    eLectio Publishing (Jesse Greever, Christopher Dixon) Link

    Electric eBook Publishing (TreeSide Press) (Terry Williams) Link

    Electric Forest Publishing, LLC (DarkHart Press, The Derwent Press, Raven’s Wing Books) (div. of Grey Gate Media as of 1/13) Link

    Electron Press, Inc. (Philip Harris) Link

    Elephantine Publishing, LLC (Amanda Aksel, Heather Hildenbrand) Link

    Elephant Rock Books (div. of Elephant Rock Productions) (Jotham Burrello) Link

    ¥ Elephant's Bookshelf Press, LLC (Matt Sinclair) Link

    E-Lit Books (div. of Literary Counsel) (Frances Black, Debra Caruso) Link

    Ellechor Publishing House (E2Books & Co., EverFaith Press, et al.) (div. Ellechor Media & Assocs., LLC) (Rochelle Carter, Andrea Hall) Link

    Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc. (Tina Engler) Link

    Ellysian Press (Maer Wilson, Jen Ryan) Link

    ¥ Elm Books (Gen-E) (Leila Monaghan) Link

    Elm Grove Publishing (Mick & Diane Prodger) Link

    Elotos Press Group (div. of Elotos Pty Ltd. (Bingxing Hu) Link

    œ Eltanin Publishing (Mystic Publishing) (Cashingtherine Ryan, Joseph Nusbaum) Link

    Emma Stern Publishing (Nigel Pearson, Martin Safra, William Landes) Link

    Empire Publishing (div. of Dare Empire eMedia Productions) (Justin James) Link

    Empire Publishing Service + Players Press, Inc. (Gaslight Publications, Empire Books, et al.) (Joseph Witt) Link

    EMSA Publishing (Elise Abram) Link

    Enclave Publishing (formerly Marcher Lord Press) (div. of Gilead Publishing as of '16) (Steve Laube) Link

    EnCompass Editions (Ocean Cooperative Publishing, The Business of Words) (Robert Buckland) Link

    ENC Press (Emperor’s New Clothes Press, New Standards Publishing Group) (Olga Gardner Glavin) Link

    œ Endeavour Media Ltd. (formerly Endeavour Press Ltd.) (Albion Press, Venture Press, et al.) (Matthew Lynn) Link

    Endurance Press (Robert Sweesy) Link

    Engage Books (AD Classic, BC Classic, SF Classic) (Alexis Roumanis) Link

    Engine Books (Lacewing Books) (Victoria Barrett) Link

    Enigma Books (Robert Miller) Link

    Enigmatic Ink (formerly Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink) (Wayne Groen) Link

    eNovel, LLC (The Amazing Instant Novelist) (Jack Singer) Link

    E-Novel Shop (Larry Larson) Link

    ¥ Enslow Publishing, LLC (Chasing Roses, Speeding Star, et al.) (formerly Enslow Publishers, Inc.) (Mark & Brian Enslow) Link

    Enspiren Press (Suzanne James) Link

    ¥ œ Enspire Publishing (formerly Fantastic Fiction Publishing) (ForbiddenFiction, OtherWorldsFitction, et al.) (Dawn “D.M.” Atkins) Link

    œ Entangled Publishing LLC (div. of Savvy Media Services) (Liz Pelletier, Heather Howland, Stacey Abrams, et al.) Link

    Entertwine Publishing (Angie Merriam) Link

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    James A. Rock & Co., Publishers (Rock Publishing, Sense of Wonder Press, et al.) Link

    James Russell Publishing Link

    ¥ œ Jamrock Magazine (div. of Linkup Media Group) Link

    Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc. (Little Creek Books, Mountain Girl Press, et al.) (Janie Jessee) Link

    Janus Publishing Co. Ltd. (Empiricus Books) (div. of Cambridge Media Group as of ‘13) Link

    Jason Aronsen Publishers, Inc. (div. of Rowman & Littlefield) Link

    Jed Samuel Books Link

    Jefferson Press (David Magee) Link

    Jenkins Group, Inc. (Independent Publisher, Printellectual) (Jerrold Jenkins) Link

    Jessica Kingsley Publishers (Singing Dragon) (div. John Murray Press/Hachette UK as of ’17) Link

    Jessica Lynn Original Publishing Link

    JIMMY Patterson (div. of Little Brown & Co./ Hachette Book Group) Link

    JK Publishing (Jana Koretko aka Jana Leigh Kudron, Leigh Brock) Link

    ¥ œ JMS Books, LLC (Queerteen Press) (J.M. Snyder) Link

    JMW Publishing Co. (Jim Wyzard) Link

    John Blake Publishing Ltd. (John Blake Books, Dino Books) Link

    John Hunt Publishing Ltd. (Axis Mundi, O Books Soul Rocks, et al.) Link

    JoJo Publishing (Publishers Consortium Pty Ltd.) (div. of Classic Author & Publishing Services) (Jo Costello, Barry Dorr) Link

    Jolly Fish Press (div. North Star Editions, Inc. as of ’16) Link

    JoNa Books Publishing Co. (Joe Glasgow, Marina Guba) Link

    Jonathan David Publishers, Inc. (Alfred Kolatch) Link

    Jongleur Music Book Publishing (Gary Revel) Link

    Joshua Tree Publishing (Centaur Books, Chiral House, Heroides Publishing) (John Paul Owles) Link

    Journal of Social Inquiry (Ashwin Kumar) Link

    JournalStone Publishing (Hellnotes, Horrow Review, et al.) (Christopher Payne) Link

    Journey Stone Creations, LLC (JSC Books, My eZ Book Club) (Patricia Stirnkorb) Link

    J Publishing Company Ltd. (JPubBooks, VISNOMY) (formerly SR Literary Agency) (Smita Rajesh) Link

    J. Taylor Publishing (Julie Anne Belfield, Aimee Laine, Jocelyn Adams) Link

    JTW Pressco, Inc. (Donna Venzi, James White) Link

    ¥ œ Juicy Pink Box (div. of Single White Femme, LLC) (Virginia "Jincey" Lumpkin) Link

    JukePop Serials (Jerry Fan, Mark Trinh) Link

    Jummit Publishing (Sayan Chakraborty) Link

    Junction Publishing (Happy Ever After Publishing) (Marcus Brown) Link

    Juno Books (div. of Pocket Books/S&S) (Paula Guran) Link

    Jupiter Gardens Press (Pink Petal Books) (Mary Wilson) Link

    Justin, Charles & Co. (Kate’s Mystery Books) (Stephen Hull) Link

    Just My Best, Inc. (aka JMB Book Publishing Co.) (Janet Sue & Megan Blue Terry) Link

    Kaeru Digital (K Digital) (Kyle Davis) Link

    Kae Wilson Publishing (Tiffany Heiser-Wilson) Link

    Kalkion Magazine (Swapnil Bhartiya) Link

    Kane / Miller Book Publishers (Usborne Books & More) (div. of EDC Publishing) Link

    Kar-Ben Publishing (div. of Lerner Publishing Group) Link

    ¥ œ Kasma Publishing (Kasma Magazine) (Alex Korovessis) Link

    Kayelle Press (Karen Lee Field Henderson) Link

    Keene Publishing (Moo Press, Inc.) (Diane Tinney) Link

    œ Keith Publications (D'Ink Well, Wicked Ink Press) (Mary Keith) Link

    Kellan Publishing (formerly Romance Novel Publishing) (Kelli Ballard) Link

    Kendall Publication (Tangelika Bolen) Link

    Kennebec Publishing, LLC (Prepper Press, Steam) (Derrick Grant) Link

    Kensington Gore Publishing (KGHH Publishing) (Leesa Wallace, Graeme Parker) Link

    Kensington Publishing Corp. (Citadel, Pinnacle, Zebra, et al.) (Hilary Save) Link

    KERNPUNKT Press (Jesi Buell) Link

    Kerodina Press, LLC (formerly Capitol Publishing) (div. of Kerodina Media) (Sam & Holly Kerodin) Link

    Kessinger Publishing, LLC (Roger & Joanne Kessinger) Link

    Key Porter Books Ltd. (div. of Fenn Publishing) (Jordan Fenn) Link

    Kid Mercury Publishing Link

    Kids Active Media Ltd. (KAMedia Works Ltd., KABooks) (formerly HandE Book Publishers) (Justine Maynard, Graham Dickinson, Jackie Rann) Link

    Kids Can Press (div. of Corus Entertainment) Link

    Kids In Between (Marcy Clubb) Link

    Killing Time Press, LLC (Donalie Beltran) Link

    œ Kindle Direct Publishing (div. of Amazon) Link

    ¥ œ Kindle Worlds (div. of Amazon) Link

    ¥ œ Kind of a Hurricane Press (Pyrokinection, Jellyfish Whispers, et al.) (A.J. Hoffman, April Salzano) Link

    Kings Hart Books (P.U.K.L.) (div. of Publishers UK Ltd.) (Colin Shearing, Elizabeth Plant) Link

    Kingston Publishing Company (C.K. Green, Michelle Areaux) Link

    Kitsune Books (Anne Petty) Link

    KiwE Publishing Ltd. (Neil & Patricia Holland) Link

    Kiwi Publishing, Inc. (Eitan & Stacey Battat) Link

    Knox Robinson Publishing (Mithras Books, Your Editor, et al.) (Dana Celest Robinson) Link

    Kobalt Books Entertainment (Cedric Mixon) Link

    Koboca Publishing (Creative Juices Publishing, Word Journeys) (Jill Silver, Kimbo “Bo” Savino) Link

    Koehler Books (Battle Flag Books, Cafe con Leche, et al.) (John Koehler) Link

    Koehler-Hintz & Partners Publishers, Inc. (KHP Publishers) (Black Death Books, Skullvines Press, et al.) (Karen Koehler, Scott Hintz, Jerrod Belzer) Link

    Kore Press (Lisa Bowden, Karen Falkenstrom) Link

    Koru House Press Ltd. (Samantha Armstrong) Link

    K.Q. Publishing Link

    ¥ œ Kraken Press (George Cotronis) Link

    KRBY Creations LLC (Kevin Burton) Link

    Krullstone Publishing, LLC (Charlotte Ivey) Link

    Kunati Book Publishers (Derek Armstrong) Link

    Kyanite Publishing (Kyanite Glass) (Samantha Hendricks, Jessica Williams) Link

    L'Abeille Publishing, Inc. (Andrea Delauren) Link

    Labrador Ltd. (Labrador Publishing) (Doron Ritter) Link

    LaChance Publishing, LLC (Debra LaChance, Victor Starsia) Link

    Lachesis Publishing, Inc. (Sinful Moments Press) Link

    ¥ œ Lackington's (Ranylt Richildis) Link

    Lady Leo Publishing (Sammie Ward) Link

    Lady Luck Publishing (Black Horse Bookstore) (Donna Jean Lyons) Link

    La Frontera Publishing, Inc. (Michael Harris) Link

    Lake Fossil Press (Nicholas Pacione) Link

    ¥ Lakewater Press (Elderflower Press) (Kate Foster) Link

    L.A. Media, LLC (Teresa Jacobs aka Teresa Wayne) Link

    ¥ LampLight Magazine (div. of Apokrupha) (Jacob Haddon) Link

    Lancer Books (Irwin Stein, Walter Zacharius) Link

    L&L Dreamspell (Linda “Linndah” Houle, Lisa Rene Smith) Link

    L&R Hartley, Publishers (Lionel Hartley) Link

    Lands Atlantic Publishing, LLC (Lands Discovery, Lands Pathway Press, et al.) (Lisa Paul, Shelena Shorts) Link

    Lang Book Publishing Ltd. (Roger Lang, Jr., Jennifer Betham-Lang) Link

    ¥ œ Langley’s Lovelies (Lina Duarte) Link

    Langmarc Publishing (North Sea Press, Harbor Lights 2000) (James Qualben, Lois Langemo Qualben) Link

    ¥ Lanico Media House (formerly Living Waters Publishing Co.) (div. of Lanico Enterprise) (Lacresha Hayes-Raino) Link

    Lantern Books (LanternMedia) (div. Booklight Inc.) (Gene Gollogly, Martin Rowe) Link

    Laray Carr Publications (aka LC Publications, Niche Age Media, CMCGroup, MNT Management, et al.) (Quincy Carr) Link

    Larson Publications (Paul Cash) Link

    Last Knight Publishing Co. (Charles Kaine) Link

    Last Line, The (James Snee, Matt Adams) Link

    Last Stand Productions, Inc. (Jenifer Delia-Paquette, Brad Harris) Link

    Laura Hird’s Showcase Link

    Laurel Lane Media, Print & Publishing (Laurel Lane Publishing) (Jason McCloy) Link

    LazyDay Publishing, LLC (div. of ABCD Graphics & Design) (Mark McConnell, Staci Helling) Link

    LBF Books (aka Let’s Be Frank Publishing) (div. of Lachesis Publishing as of ‘07) Link

    LB’s Free Spirit Arts of Healing, LLC (formerly LB's Just Say It Publishing) (Lamar Anderson) Link

    Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd. (Platinum Press, Celestial Books, et al.) (Swarup Nanda) Link

    Leaf Books Ltd. (The Leaf Writers’ Magazine, Root Creations) (Kevin Davies) Link

    œ Lean Publishing (Leanpub) (div. Ruboss Tech. Corp.) (Peter Armstrong, Scott Patten, Len Epp) Link

    ¥ Leap Books, LLC (Seek (formerly Frolic), Shine, Surge) (Shannon Delany, Judith Graves) Link

    Leapfrog Press (Lisa Graziano) Link

    Legend Press Ltd. (New Generation Publishing) (div. of Legend Times) (Tom Chalmers) Link

    Leigh Walker Books (Adrian Bowers, Cynthia Parks) Link

    Leo Publishing, LLC (Seagull Books) (Steven Lyon) Link

    ¥ œ Less Than Three Press, LLC (Megan & Samantha Derr, Sarah Miller) Link

    ¥ Lethe Press (Bear Bones Books, Icarus Magazine, et al.) (Steve Berman) Link

    Leucrota Press (Danielle Kaheaku) Link

    ¥ Level Best Books (div. of Dames of Detection, Inc.) Link

    Level 4 Press, Inc. (William Roetzheim) Link

    Lexington Books (div. of Rowman & Littlefield) Link

    Liberties Press (Sean O'Keeffe) Link

    Liberty University Press (Liberty Mountain Publishing) Link

    Library Tales Publishing, Inc. (Morgan Usher) Link

    Libros International (Wild Cherry Press) (Ken Douglas aka Ken Scott) Link

    Libros Libertad Publishing Ltd. (Emmanuel “Manolis” Aligizakis) Link

    Life of Riley Productions (Torquil Riley-Smith, Leslie Plock) Link

    Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, Inc. (Jesse Krieger) Link

    Lighthouse Christian Publishing (Lighthouse Publishing, Lone Oak Publishing) (Andy Overett) Link

    Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (Heritage Beacon, Brimstone Fiction, et al.) (Eddie Jones) Link

    Light Messages Publishing, LLC (Torchflame Books) (Wally, Betty & Elizabeth Turnbull) Link

    Lightning Source (IngramSpark) (div. of Ingram Content) (John Ingram, Larry Brewster) Link

    ¥ œ Lightspeed Magazine (John Joseph Adams) Link

    Light Switch Press, LLC (A Book’s Mind) (Floyd Orfield) Link

    Lillibridge Press (Ronald Blakeslee) Link

    ¥ Lillicat Publishers (Rogue Star Press, Alternate Universe Press) (Carrol Fix) Link

    Lily Ruth Publishing (Jennifer Stone) Link

    œ Limitless Publishing (Jennifer O’Neill, Jessica Gunhammer) Link

    Linden Bay Romance, LLC (All Romance eBooks, Inc.) (Barbara Perfetti, Lori James, Maria Morpeth) Link

    Line by Lion Publications, LLC (Three Fates Press) (Amanda Huntley, Marian Allen, T. Lee Harris) Link

    Linen Press, The (Lynn Michell) Link

    Link2U Publishing, Inc. (SteelLinks, LoveLinks, et al.) (Gail Harris) Link

    Lionsong Publishing (Renee Scattergood) Link

    œ Liquid Silver Publishing (formerly Liquid Silver Books) (div. of Ten West Publishing (formerly Atlantic Bridge Publishing)) (Mike Feury, Linda Eberharter) Link

    Lisa Loucks Christenson Publishing, LLC (Creek Rising Romances, Snowy Creek Romance, et al.) (div. Loucks Studios, Inc.) Link

    Literary Bone, The (Lawrence Dagstine) Link

    Literary Laundry, LLC (Giuilo Gratta, Jonathan Canel) Link

    Literary Road (Michael & Renee Fitzgerald) Link

    Literary Wanderlust, LLC (Ardent Garden, Black Bird Lane, et al.) (Susan Brooks) Link

    LitFire Publishing, LLC (formerly Finer Application, LLC) Link

    Little Acorn Press Ltd. (Melanie Amann) Link

    ¥ Little Bird Publishing House (Elixir Edits) (Katie John) Link

    Little Flower Press (Nicean Magazine) (Leonardo Velez, Tiffany Burnett-Velez) Link

    Little Moose Press (Cedar Vista Books) (Ellen Reid) Link

    Little Prince Publishing (Sybil Nelson) Link

    Little Things Publishing, The (Randi Ertz) Link

    Live It Publishing (Britain's Next Bestseller) (div. Live It Ventures Ltd.) (Murielle Maupoint) Link

    Living Dead Press (Open Casket Press, STFU Publishing, Undead Press) (Anthony Giangregorio) Link

    Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd. (Midnight Ink) (Bill Krause) Link

    LL Publications (Logical Lust Publications) (Jim & Zetta Brown) Link

    Lobster Press Ltd. (Alison Fripp) Link

    Lock Publishing (John Lock, Catherine Blase) Link

    Loconeal Publishing Group, LLC (Handcar Press, Loconeal Select) (James Barnes) Link

    Lonehouse Creative Studio (Ruby Hart) Link

    Lone Star Publications (Tamra Dickey) Link

    Long Barn Books Ltd. (Little Barn Books) (Susan Hill-Wells, Jessica Ruston) Link

    ¥ Longshot Press (Longshot Island Magazine) (Daniel White) Link

    Long Tale Press, LLC (Nathan Everett, Jason Black, Gary Syck) Link

    Loomis Park Press, LLC (Heather Jordan, Tara Sewell) Link

    Loose Id, LLC (Treva Harte, Alisa Schreibman McKnight, Karen Williams) Link

    Loose Leaves Publishing, LLC (Megan Eichelaub) Link

    Lost Goddess Publishing (Calypso Press, Hot Lunch) (Michele Zurlo) Link

    Lost Woods Publishing, LLC (Eddie Patin) Link

    ¥ œ Lot's Cave (Phaedrus Wolfe) Link

    Love Inspired (formerly Steeple Hill Press) (div. of Harlequin) Link

    LoveLight Press (Scarlet Cox) Link

    Love Poetry Cafe (Sherri Emily Avery) Link

    Love Song Cards (Cliff Posey) Link

    LoveStruck Books (Mystic Moon Press) (William & Sandra De Taranto) Link

    loveyoudivine Alterotica (Claudia Giles) Link

    œ LSP Digital, LLC (Artistic Endeavors, LLC) (formerly Light Sword Publishing) (Linda Daly) Link

    Lucky Bat Books (LB Press) (Judith Hardin, Cindie Geddes) Link

    Lucky Excentrique Publishing (Rona Wang) Link

    Lulu Press, Inc. (Lulu Jr.) (Bob Young) Link

    ¥ œ Luminosity Publishing, LLP (Clive & Janice Bowles) Link

    LUNA (div. of Harlequin Enterprises) Link

    Luna Brillante Publishing (JC De la Torre) Link

    Luna Moth Publishing Link

    ¥ Luna Press Publishing (Academia Lunare) (Francesca Barbini) Link

    œ Lyrical Press, Inc. (formerly Dragon Spell Publishing) (div. of Kensington as of ‘14) (Frank & Renee Rocco aka Rene Lyons) Link

    Macmillan Publishers (Celadon Books, Flatiron Books, et al.) (div. Holtzbrinck Publishing Group) Link

    Macmillan New Writing (div. of Pan Macmillan) Link

    Macro Edizoni (div. of Gruppo Editoriale Macro) Link

    ¥ Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, The Link

    MagCloud (div. of Blurb as of ‘14) Link

    Magic Valley Publishers (Matt & Debra Gonzalez) Link

    Magination Press (div. of American Psychological Assoc.) Link

    Magnoff Publishing (Brian Deegan) Link

    Magnus Books (Don Weise) (div. of Riverdale Avenue Books as of ‘12) Link

    Magpie Eclectic Press (Nichole White) Link

    Magus Press (David Montoya) Link

    Mahogany Magazine (Henry Dorris) Link

    Mainly Murder Press (Judith Ivie) Link

    Malachite Quills Publishing (MQuills, Clockwork Quills, Bookfundr, et al.) (div. Spannings, LLC) (Brian Quezada) Link

    Malice Press (Michael David Miller aka Mike Sharlow) Link

    Mandac-Goldberg Publishing Link

    Mandrake of Oxford (formerly Golden Dawn Publications) (Mogg Morgan) Link

    Mango Media, Inc. (Books & Books Press) (Christopher McKenney) Link

    Manic D Press, Inc. (Jennifer Joseph) Link

    Mantle Rock Publishing (Kathy & Jerry Cretsinger) Link

    Maple Lane Books (Red City Review) (Marshall Roofner) Link

    Maple Press Co., The (Vail-Ballou Press) (div. of The Maple-Vail Book Manufacturing Group) Link

    March 4th, Inc. (formerly Little Pickle Press) (div. Jabberwocky/Sourcebooks ’17) (Rana DiOrio) Link

    Mardi Gras Publishing (Satin Rouge Press) (Teresa Jacobs) Link

    Margins Press (Duncan Arthur) Link

    Marric Digital Ltd. (Kindlepress, WriterPrint Publications Ltd.) (Richard Jahn, Guy Tibbert) Link

    Mars Publishing, Inc. (Apogee) (div. of Solon Enterprises) (Edwin E. Steussey) Link

    Martell Publishing, Inc. (formerly Le Gesse Stevens Publishing, Simon & Northrop Publishing) (Ed Johnson) Link

    Martin Brown Publishers, LLC (Ampichellis Ebooks, Black Dove Books) (Sharene Martin, Robert Brown) Link

    Martin Sisters Publishing (Barefoot Books) (Melissa & Denise Martin) Link

    Marvel Worldwide, Inc. (Marvel Comics) Link

    Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Link

    Mascot Books, Inc. (Naren Aryal) Link

    Masquerade Books, Inc. (Kevin Troiano) Link

    MasterpieceFactory, Inc. (Christopher Chaplin) Link

    ¥ œ Masters Review, The (Kim Winterheimer) Link

    Ma2books Electronic Publishing (Gurmeet Mattu) Link

    Maverick Arts Publishing Ltd. (Maverick Children’s Books) (Steve Bicknell) Link

    Maverick House Publishers (Book Republic) (Jean Harrington) Link

    ¥ Mayapple Press (Judith Kerman) Link

    ¥ May December Publications, LLC (Denise Brown) Link

    ¥ Mayhaven Publishing, Inc. (Wild Rose) (Doris Wenzel) Link

    McBooks Press, Inc. (Alexander Skutt) Link

    McCallister-Ingram Publishers (William A. Lester) Link

    McCarren Publishing Co. (Paul Barretta) Link

    McFarland & Co., Inc. (Robert McFarland Franklin) Link

    McKenna Publishing Group (Eric Bollinger) Link

    McNaughton & Gunn, Inc. (Julie McFarland) Link

    McWood Publishing, LLC (Antoine McClendon, Tameca Woods aka T.T. McClendon) Link

    Meadowhawk Press (Dan & Jackie Gamber) Link

    Medallion Press, Inc. (div. of Medallion Media Group) (Helen Rich) Link

    Media Angels, Inc. (Jeff & Felice Gerwitz) Link

    MEDIAARIA CDM Ltd. (Christopher & Ceri Mick) Link

    Media Corporation of America, Inc. (Hudson House Publishing, Vivisphere Publishing, Bookhitch) Link

    Medialivros/DIFEL (Gotica, Edicoes Inapa) (Rita Vital) Link

    MeeGenius (div. of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt as of ’15) Link

    ¥ Meerkat Press (Tricia Reeks) Link

    Meeting of the Minds Publications (Chapbook Enterprises) (Shaela Montague-Phillips) Link

    œ Melange Books, LLC (Satin Romance, Fire & Ice) (formerly Midnight Showcase, MS Fiction) (Nancy Schumacher) Link

    Melodrama Publishing, LLC (Brooklyn Books) (Crystal Winslow) Link

    Mel Parker Books, LLC Link

    Melrose Press Ltd. (Melrose Books) (Ernest, John, Richard & Vivienne Kay) Link

    Melville House Publishing, LLC (Valerie Merians, Dennis Johnson) Link

    Memoirs Publishing (Mereo) (div. Memoirs Books Ltd.) (Antonia Tingle) Link

    ¥ œ mental_floss Magazine (div. of Dennis Publishing Ltd. as of ‘11) Link

    Mentors Digest Publishing Assocs. (Mentors Harbor Magazine) (div. of Mentors International, LLC) (Linda Forsythe, Surya Ganduri) Link

    Menz Magazine (div. of Mount Real Corp.) (Lino Matteo, Laurence Henry, et al.) Link

    Mercury Retrograde Press (Hermes Books) (Barabara Friend Ish) Link

    Merge Publishing (Marci Diehl, Don Stevens) Link

    Mermaid Publishing, LLC (Mermaid Press) (Dora Machado, Bryan Marshall) Link

    Merpoint Publishing (David & Jennifer Pitzer) Link

    ¥ Metamorph Publishing (Markie Madden) Link

    ¥ œ Metaphysical Circus Press (See the Elephant Magazine) (Melanie Lamaga, Mary Boyes) Link

    ¥ Metasagas Press (Katy Stauber, Chester Hoster) Link

    Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds Magazine Link

    ¥ Michael Terence Publishing (Keith Abbott, Karolina Puckute-Robinson) Link

    Michelkin Publishing (div. of Michelkin, LLC) (Jeremy Michelbook, Rutherford Rankin) Link

    Micro Publishing Media, Inc. (Mufon Books, The Keys Press, et al.) (formerly OfftheBookShelf) (Deborah Herman) Link

    MidAmerica Publishing Co., LLC (Blue Foot Press, Revelation Books, AuthorTV) (div. Scott Dee Co., LLC) (Scott Damschroder) Link

    Midici Books (Christopher King) Link

    Mid-List Press (First Series Award) (James Nora) Link

    Midnight Books Press Link

    ¥ Midnight Hour Media (Vincent Cava) Link

    Midnight Hour Publishing (Midnight Fire Erotic Publishing, Demon & Deities Publishing) (Jamie & Leah Hutchinson) Link

    Midnight Magic Press, LLC (Misty Burke) Link

    Midnight Rose Publishing (Catrina Taylor, Kristina Stutts) Link

    Midwest Literary Magazine (formerly MidWest Press) Link

    Mighty Media Press (Red Portal Press, Scarletta Press) (formerly Scarletta) Link

    Milkweed Editions (Daniel Slager) Link

    Mill City Press, Inc. (MCP Books) (div. of Hillcrest Media Group) (Mark Levine) Link

    MillerWrite Inc. (Wray Miller) Link

    MindFuck Fiction (Shanna Germain) Link

    MindStir Media, LLC (JJ Herbert) Link

    Mine Falls Press (SlushMe, GotPlot, TrailerMill) (Michael Alan, Janice Schad, et al.) Link

    Minerva Press Ltd. (Peter Hamblin) Link

    Mirador Publishing (Belvedere Publishing, Glastonbury Publishing, Netherworld Books) (David & Sarah Luddington) Link

    Mirage Books (Nikhil Khanna, Huned Contractor) Link

    Mirage Group, The (Good Samaritan Press, New Mirage Quarterly) (Jerome Brooke) Link

    ¥ œ Mirror Dance Magazine (Megan Arkenberg) Link

    Mirror Publishing (Neal & Travis Wooten) Link

    Mirror World Publishing (Murandy Damodred, Justine Dowsett) Link

    Mischievous Muse Press (Echomark Press) (div. of World Nouveau Company) (Cat Spydell, Virginia “Gineve” Rudolph) Link

    Mitchell Morris Publishing (kNight Romance Publishing) (div. of Celeris Publishing Group, Inc.) (Tracey Mitchell) Link

    Mitchell Publishers, Inc. (Wubbit Fulfillment) (Blaine Loomer) Link

    Mithra Publishing Ltd. (div. of The Sussex Newspaper group) (Kizzi Nkwocha) Link

    Mizan Group (Mizan Publishing House, Noura Books) (Haidar Bagir, et al.) Link

    MJS Publishing Group, LLC (Mona Syring) Link

    ¥ œ MLR Press, LLC (ManLoveRomance Press) (Laura Baumbach) Link

    MobileLoveStories (Nancy Fulton) Link

    Moby Books (Angela Caravan) Link

    ¥ œ Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC (Sword & Mocha, Sci-Chai, et al.) (Nicole Givens Kurtz) Link

    ¥ Modern Dog Magazine (Connie Wilson) Link

    Mojocastle Press, Inc. (Marjorie Jones, Carrie Anne King, Stephanie & Ryan Kelsey) Link

    œ Momentum Books (div. of Pan Macmillan Australia) Link

    Mondial (Golden Sky) (Andrew Moore) Link

    Monkfish Book Publishing Co. (Epigraph Publishing Service) (Paul Cohen) Link

    Monolith Books (Midnight City Press) (Wassim Elhovar) Link

    Monsoon Books Pte. Ltd. (Philip & Sandy Tatham) Link

    Montag Press Collective (Charlie Franco) Link

    Month9Books, LLC (Swoon Romance, Tantrum Books) (div. of Georgia McBride Media Group) Link

    Moonclipse (Daniel Arenson) Link

    Moongypsy Press, LLC (Foery MacDonell) Link

    Moon Rose Publishing (div. of SideStreet Cookie Publishing as of ’15) Link

    Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC (Laughing Lune Publishing) (Gene Dedrick Robinson, Natasha Osteen Howell) Link

    ¥ Moonstone Entertainment Publishing, Inc. (Joe Gentile) Link

    Moorna Publications (Stephan Greenwood) Link

    MoReaLm Publishers, LLC (Monique “Monica” Carter-da Silva) Link

    Morgan James Publishing, LLC (David L. Hancock) Link

    Morrigan Books (Gilgamesh Press, Three Crow Press) (Mark Deniz) Link

    Motivational Press, Inc. (True North Publishing (Justin Sachs) Link

    Motorsports Illustrated News Magazine (formerly SpeedWeekly) (Rick Bradham) Link

    Mountain Mist Productions (Lynette King) Link

    Mountain Springs Publishing, LLC (Mountain Springs House) (Allison Bruning, Delfin Espinosa) Link

    MP Publishing Ltd. (Mark Pearce) Link

    ¥ Mslexia Publications Ltd. (Mslexia Magazine, Women's Fiction Awards) (Deborah Taylor) Link

    ¥ Mugwump Press (Mofo Pubs, Afrocentric Books) (Megan Lewis, Jem McBride) Link

    ¥ Multifarious Press (Kaelan Rhywiol) Link

    Mundania Press, LLC (PhazE, New Classics Press, et al.) (div. of Celeritas Unlimited as of ’12) (Daniel Reitz, Sr., Bob Sanders, Ann Shilling) Link

    Mundi Book Ediciones (Magdalena Stroie) Link

    Musa Publishing (Penumbra Magazine) (Celina Summers) Link

    ¥ œ MuseItUp Publishing (MuseItHot, MuseItYoung) (Lea Schizas) Link

    ¥ Museo de la Palabra (Museum of Words) (Cesar Egido) Link

    Muskrat Press, LLC (Jeannie Burt) Link

    Muswell Press (Kate & Sarah Beal) Link

    MX Publishing Ltd. (Steve & Sharon Emecz) Link

    My Authors Ltd. (James "J.J." Reid) Link

    My-E-book (div. of Cornet Solutions) (Mary Anne Donovan) Link

    MyInkBooks (Blogger Book Reviews) (Rodney Wild, Gregory Isherwood) Link

    Myrmidon Books (Ed Handyside) Link

    Mystic Moon Press LLC (Jennifer Mitchell, Kerry Walsh) Link

    Mystic Moon Publishing (Wicked Nights) (Stacey Thompson-Geer) Link

    Mystic Publishers, Inc. (Vision Novels, Ink & Quill Publishers, NewLink Publishing, RMJ Publications) (Jo Wilkins, Richard Draude) Link

    Mythica Publishing Ltd. (Graeme Houston) Link

    ¥ Mythic Delirium Books (Clockwork Phoenix) (Mike & Anita Allen) Link

    Naked Reader Press (div. of Inkstain Publishing Co. (formerly Naked Reader, LLC)) (Robin Roberts) Link

    Napkin Books (Meghan Woodburn) Link

    ¥ Narrative Magazine (div. of Narrative Press) (Tom Jenks, Carol Edgarian) Link

    National Pacific Press Ltd. (Chris Mundy) Link

    ¥ Natural Solutions Magazine (div. of InnoVision Health Media) (Dick & John Benson) Link

    ¥ œ Naughty Nights Press, LLC (Gina Kincade, Faith Knight) Link

    Nazca Plains Corporation, The (Nazca Plains Books, et al.) (Herbert Moseley) Link

    ¥ Necro Publications (Bedlam Press, Weird West Books, et al.) (David Barnett) Link

    Ne'er-Do-Well Literary Magazine, The (Sheila Ashdown) Link

    Nemaha Ridge Publishing Group, LLC (Laura Starks) Link

    Nemesis Publishing (John & Emma Quirk) Link

    ¥ NeoPoiesis Press, LLC (Dale Winslow) Link

    Netherfield House Press (Darnell Spirit Productions) (Melissa Darnell) Link

    Nevaeh Publishing, LLC (Stacey Johnson) Link

    Neverland Publishing Co., LLC (Foray Publishing Services) (Donna & Joseph Font) Link

    Nevermore Press (Raven's Seduction Press) (Brandy Dull, Dawn White) Link

    Newbreed Publisher Link

    New Century Publishing (David Caswell) Link

    New Chapter Media (formerly New Chapter Press) (Randy Walker) Link

    ¥ œ New Concepts Publishing (Madris DePasture) Link

    ¥ NewCon Press (Steel Quill Books) (Ian Whates) Link

    New Harbinger Publications, Inc. (Matthew McKay, Patrick Fanning) Link

    New Horizon Press (Small Horizons) Link

    ¥ œ New Libri Press (Stanislav Fritz) Link

    New Line Press (Quickie Reads) (Catherine Burr) Link

    New Pulp Press (div. of Whiz Bang, LLC as of ’15) Link

    New Victoria Publishers, Inc. (Patricia Feverhaken) Link

    New Way Publishing (Daniel Kline) Link

    New World Library (formerly Whatever Publishing) (Marc Allen, Shakti Gawain) Link

    New World Media, Inc. (American Book Press) (formerly Trident Media, Inc. aka Washington House, Mandrill Publishing) (Sam Asinugo) Link

    New World Publishing (Silver Quill Poetry) (Ronald Kisner) Link

    ¥ New Yorker, The Link

    NY Literary Magazine, The (Best Story Award) (Camille Kleinman) Link

    New York Tyrant Books (Giancarlo DiTrapano) Link

    NF Publishing (Stacey Kohan, Nicole Moens aka Nickie Fleming) Link

    nHouse Publishing, LLC (Terry Benjamin, Tobias Fox) Link

    Nicholas Brealey Publishing (Davis-Black, Intercultural Press) (div. of Hachette UK as of ’15) Link

    Nightchaser Ink Publishing (Helen Sidebottom, Sam Makin) Link

    Nightengale Press (div. of Nightengale Media, LLC) (Valerie Connelly) Link

    Nightfall Publications (Nightfall Proofreading & Editing) (formerly JoRi Publications) (Amber Campbell, Jo Wilkins) Link

    Night Heron Press (Karla Yvette) Link

    ¥ œ Nightmare Magazine (John Joseph Adams) Link

    Nightscape Press (Mark Scioneaux, Robert & Jennifer Wilson) Link

    Night Shade Books (div. of Start Publishing as of 6/13) Link

    Nine: A Journal of Imaginative Fiction (Ian Rose, Sam Reed, Tom Corcoran) Link

    ¥ œ NineStar Press (Lisa Cox) Link

    Niteblade Magazine (Rhonda Parrish) Link

    Nobility Publishing (Arthur Lee) Link

    Noble House UK Ltd. (Nigel Hillary, Abdul & Saeela Rahman Malik) Link

    Noble Romance Publishing (Noble Young Adult) (Jill Noble Shearer) Link

    No Boundaries Press (Denise Blackwood) Link

    No Boundaries Publishing (Judy Sipics) Link

    Nobrow Ltd. (Flying Eye Books) (Sam Arthur, Alex Spiro) Link

    Noctober Magazine (Luisa Perkins) Link

    Nocturnal Press Publications (Shane Almond) Link

    No Frills Buffalo (Amelia Press, No Frills Florida) (Mark Pogodzinski) Link

    ¥ Noir Nation Magazine (Eddie Vega, Alan Thomas, Cortright McMeel) Link

    No Limit Publishing Group (Jeremy Brown) Link

    Noösphere Publishing Co. (Blake Northcott) Link

    ¥ Nordland Publishing (Wyrd Words & Effigies) (MJ Kobernus, Markus Furchner) Link

    No Record Press (The Red Anthology) (Miles Clark) Link

    Norilana Books (Leda) (Vera Nazarian) Link

    NorLights Press (formerly Northern Lights Literary Services) (Vorris "Dee" & Sammie Justesen) Link

    North Atlantic Books (Frog Ltd., Blue Snake Books, et al.) (Richard Grossinger, Lindy Hough) Link

    Northerly Beast Publishing Ltd. (Darren Silver) Link

    Northern Frights Publishing (James Schnarr) Link

    ¥ North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc. (Corinne Dwyer) Link

    œ Not So Noble Books (Joffe Books) (Jasper Joffe, Eric Empson) Link

    Nova Science Publishers, Inc. (Nadya Columbus) Link

    NovelBooks, Inc. (Penny Hussey aka Phyllis Ann Welsh) Link

    œ Novel Concept Publishing (Jason Halstead, Jane Taylor Houle) Link

    Novel Fox, The (Amanda Ritter) Link

    NovoPulp (div. of Hermit Studios) (Ted Ewen, Niamh Brown) Link

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    Professional Publishing House (Milligan Books) (formerly Milligan Literary Agency) (Rosie Milligan) Link

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    Punkin House Press (Bella Gail Publishing, Creative Writers Space) (Amy Ferrell) Link

    Pure Obsessions (div. of Pure O, Inc.) Link

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    Purple Panda Press (Jen Lang) Link

    œ Purple Sword Publications, LLC (George & Traci Markou) Link

    œ Purple Toga Publications (Assaph Mehr) Link

    ¥ PUSH (div. of Scholastic, Inc.) (David Levithan) Link

    Python Publishing LLP (Martin Prescott, Dean Ritchie) Link

    Quantum Fairy Tales (Chris Coray, Eric Ehlers, Leigh Statham, Gwen Holt) Link

    ¥ œ Quantum Muse Magazine (Quantum Muse Books) (Michael Gallant, Raymond Coulombe, Timothy Goyette) Link

    Quartet Press (Don Linn, Kassia Krozer, Kat Meyer) Link

    Quarto Publishing Group USA (Quarry Books, Rockport Publishers, Voyageur Press, et al.) (formerly Quayside Publishing Group) (Marcus Leaver) Link

    Quattro Media, Inc. (Madness Books, Malevolent Books, Tinsel Road Books) (James Strader) Link

    Queen's Ferry Press, LLC (firthFORTH Books) (Erin McKnight) Link

    Quercus Publishing Ltd. (Heron Books, Jo Fletcher Books, et al.) (div. of Hodder & Stoughton) Link

    Quick Brown Fox Publications (Lively Dog) (formerly White Horse Publications) (Adam Kirkman) Link

    ¥ Quicksylver Publications (div. of Quicksylver, Inc.) (G. Russell Gaynor, Madolyn Locke) Link

    Quiet Storm Publishing (Clint Gaige) Link

    Quirk Books (David Borgenicht) Link

    Quixotic Night Press (div. of Striking Prose, Inc.) (Robert & Leah Breg, Powder Scofield) Link

    Rabid Press, Inc. (David & Dennis Baker, Rebecca Greulich) Link

    Rabid Transit Press (Electrum Novellas) (formerly Ratbastards) (Alan DeNiro, Christopher Barzak, Kristin Livdahl) Link

    ¥ Radiant Crown Publishing (Helios Quarterly, Selene Quarterly) (Olivia Raymond aka Elizabeth Smith) Link

    Rag Magazine, The (Dan Reilly, Seth Porter) Link

    Ragnarok Publications (Per Aspera Press) (Joe Martin, Tim Marquitz) Link

    Raider Publishing International (Purehaven Press, RPI Publications, et al.) (Adam Salviani) Link

    Rainmaker Publishing, LLC (Renee Dexter, Michaela Gaaserud) Link

    Rain Publishing, Inc. (aka Rain Books, Rain Enterprises) (Matilda “Tilly” Rivers) Link

    Rainstorm Press (Mandy & Lyle Perez-Tinics) Link

    RainTown Press (Cory Freeman) Link

    Rambunctious Ramblings Publishing, Inc. (Aaron Hughes) Link

    Random House (Bantam, Dell, Suvudu Universe, et al.) Link

    ¥ œ Random House Digital (Hydra, Alibi, Flirt, Loveswept) Link

    randomUniverse Link

    Ransom Note Press (Christian Alighieri, Emily Marlowe) Link

    Ransom Publishing Ltd. (Stephen Rickard & Jenny Ertle-Rickard) Link

    Rare Bird Books (Vireo, Barnable, et al.) (Tyson Cornell) Link

    Raular Publishing Services (Eileen Sheehan) Link

    Ravenhawk Books (div. of The 6DOF Ravenhawk Co.) (Karl Lasky) Link

    Raven International Publishing (The Book Editor Show) (Clark Chamberlain) Link

    Ravenna Press (Snow Monkey) (Kathryn Rantala) Link

    Ravenous Romance (Breathless, Fantastica, et al.) (div. Literary Partners Group, Inc.) (Allan Penn, Holly Schmidt, Lori Perkins) Link

    Ravenswood Publishing (div. GMTA Publishing Group, LLC) (Kitty Bullard) Link

    ¥ Raw Dog Screaming Press (John Lawson, Jennifer Barnes) Link

    RDR Books (Roger Rapoport) Link

    Reactor Press (ReActions) (Donald Backman, Amie Pascal-Joiner) Link

    Reader's Digest (LifeRich Publishing) (div. of Trusted Media Brands, Inc. as of ’15) Link

    Reading Reading Books, LLC (Mat & Kris Bonnell) Link

    ReadPAWS (Casey Loh) Link Publishing, Inc. (Donis Marshall) Link

    Reagent Press (Indie Plus, RP Books) (Robert Stanek) Link

    ¥ Realistic Poetry International (Delano & Callie Johnson) Link

    Reality Publishing Ltd. (Emma-Louise Byfield) Link

    Really Blue Books (Sam & Sarah Bailey) Link

    Realmwalker Publishing Group (Dragon Eyrie, Esper Press, et al.) (James Drake) Link

    Rebel Books LLP (Stephanie & Samantha Williams) Link

    œ Rebel ePublishers, LLC (Caroline Addenbrooke, Joan De La Haye, Jayne Southern) Link

    Rebel Ink Press, LLC (Elizabeth Carr, BethAnn Buehler) Link

    Rebellion Publishing (Abaddon Books, Ravenstone) (div. of Rebellion Developments Ltd.) (Christopher & Jason Kingsley) Link

    Rebel Press (formerly Next Century Publishing) (Ken Dunn) Link

    Rebel Satori Press (Ashe Journal, Queer Mojo) (Sven Davisson) Link

    Rebel's Domain Publishing (Kevin McDonald) Link

    Rebel Tales (Holly Lisle) Link

    Reck House Press (Janis Bolster, Lin Maria Riotto) Link

    Red Adept Publishing (Cinnabar Silk) (Lynn McNamee) Link

    Red Carpet Publishing, LLC (Rustyna Lynne) Link

    Red Coyote Press, LLC (Suzanne Flaig, Susan Budavari) Link

    Red Empress Publishing (Amanda Roberts) Link

    Redemption Press (Athena Dean Holtz) Link

    Red Engine Press (River Road Press, RRP Consulting) (div. of Authors’ Coalition) (Joyce Faulkner, Carolyn Howard-Johnson) Link

    Redhead Magazine Link

    Red Hen Press (Arktoi Books, Boreal Books, et al.) (Kate Gale, Mark Cull) Link

    Red Queen Press (Kaari Busick, Samantha Hemenway, Cynthia Fliege, Marcia Munt) Link

    Red Rose Publishing (Desert Rose) (Wendi Felter-Gabbigon) Link

    Red Rose Review (Larissa Nash) Link

    Redrum Horror (Abattoir Press) (Ed Kurtz) Link

    œ Red Sage Publishing, Inc. (Alexandria Kendall) Link

    Red Squirrel Publishing (div. of Shoreditch Media Ltd.) (Henry Dillon) Link

    Red Wheel/Weiser (Canari Press, Hampton Roads Publishing, Turning Stone Press, et al.) (Michael Kerber) Link

    Red Willow Digital Press (Red Willow Books, Red Willow Publishing) (Chris O’Byrne) Link

    Red Zone Publishers Link

    Regal Crest Enterprises, LLC (Blue Beacon, Quest, Yellow Rose, et al.) (Cathy Bryerose) Link

    ¥ Regal House Publishing, LLC (Fitzroy Books, Pact Press, et al.) (Philippa Royal) Link

    Relic Publishing, LLC (Ryan Scott) Link

    Reliquary Press (Bill Coffin) Link

    Remosa Publishing (Samantha Tarrier) Link

    œ Renaissance E Books, Inc. (REB, Inc., Sizzler Editions, PageTurner Editions, et al.) (Jean Marie Stine) Link

    Renaissance Press (Nathan Frechette, Marjolaine Lafreniere, Marie-Claude Goulet, et al.) Link

    Renaissance Publishing (Lance Ng) Link

    Renaissance Romance Publishing (Michele Richard, Laura Braley, Lisa Bilbrey) Link

    Resilient (formerly BAM! Publishing, Borderline Publishing) (Lynn Hardy) Link

    ¥ œ Resplendence Publishing, LLC (Leigh Collett, Jessica Berry) Link

    Restless Books (Yonder) (Ilan Stavans, Joshua Ellison) Link

    Resurrection House, LLC (Arche Press, Rota books, Underland Press) (Mark Teppo) Link

    ¥ REUTS Publications (Ashley Ruggirello) Link

    Reveal Magazine, LLC (Reveal Nights) (div. of Swanson Media Group) (Travis Swanson) Link

    Rhemalda Publishing (Rhett Hoffmeister) Link

    RhetAskew Publishing (div. of Rhetoric Askew, LLC) (Mandy Melanson, Dusty Grein, Emma Gitani) Link

    Richer Resources Publications (Ira & Patty Crowe) Link

    Rickshaw Publishing Ltd. (Paul Michaelides) Link

    Ricochet Press (Jessie Wionzek, Insha Fitzpatrick) Link

    Ridan Publishing (Robin Sullivan) Link

    Ridero IT Publishing, LLC (Yakov Alperin, Alexander Ostapenko) Link

    œ Ring of Fire Publishing, LLC (Stephen Penner, Brian Wasankari, Raymond Odell) Link

    Rio World Class Publishing (div. of Rio World Class, LLC) (Nick Passig) Link

    Riptide Press, Inc. (Greg & Julie Kurzawa) Link

    ¥ Riptide Publishing (Rachel Haimowitz, Aleksandr Voinov) Link

    Rivercity Press, Inc. (River City Press) (Robert Wolf) Link

    ¥ œ Riverdale Avenue Books (Riverdale Dagger, Riverdale Pop, et al.) (Lori Perkins) Link

    ¥ River Ram Press (River Ram Purple Pen, The Ram Boutique) (Kristin Bergene, Stephen Hastings) Link

    River’s Bend Press (Rio Norte Press) (William Schmaltz) Link

    R.J. Buckley Publishing (Black Iris, Pink Iris, Purple Iris) (formerly Blackfeet Publishing) (Rebecca Buckley) Link

    RoadRunner Press, The (Jeanne Devlin) Link

    ¥ œ Roane Publishing (Rebecca Hart) Link

    Robert D. Reed Publishers (The Author’s Workshop) (div. of Peterson Publishing Group) Link

    Robert Hale Ltd. (Hale Crime) (div. of The Crowood Press as of ’16) Link

    Roc City Book Publishing (BootStrap Publishing Co.) (Mary Dougherty) Link

    Rocking Horse Publishing, LLC (Bascule, Carousel, Equidae, et al.) (Robin & Dennis Tidwell) Link

    œ RockWay Press, LLC (Alexandria “Sherri” Szeman) Link

    ¥ Rogue Blades Entertainment (formerly Flashing Swords Press) (Jason Waltz) Link

    ¥ œ Rogue Phoenix Press (Arlo & Christine Young) Link

    Rollicking Tales: Farmer's Almanac (Thomas H. Pugh) Link

    Romance A Day (Mason & Debbie Wolf) Link

    Romance First Publishing (Stephanie Danielson) Link

    Ronsdale Press (formerly Cacanadada Press) (Ronald & Veronica Hatch) Link

    Rookhaven Publishing (Thaddeus Sexton) Link

    Rook Publishing (Edgar A. Lawson) Link

    Rooster & The Pig Publishing, The (Vicktor Bailey) Link

    Rosarium Publishing (Shattered Prism Magazine) (William Campbell) Link

    Rosa Romance (div. of Sub Rosa Books) (Cate Crowley, Chris Cross) Link

    ¥ Rosebud Magazine (Roderick Clark, John Lehman, Tom Tomplun) Link

    RoseHeart Publishing (Cypress, Firefly, Heartland) (div. of Jan-Carol Publishing as of ’14) Link

    œ RosettaBooks (Arthur Klebanoff) Link

    ROTHCO Press (Christine Roth, Rob Cohen) Link

    Rounder Books (Bill Nowlin) Link

    Roval Publishing & Digital Services, LLC (Jeromil Valencia aka Jerry Adams, Theodore Rosenberg) Link

    Rowanvale Books Ltd. (Catherine Charlton, Sarah Scotcher) Link

    Royal Fireworks Press (Silk Label Books, Trillium Press) (Thomas Kemnitz) Link

    Rozlyn Press (Alayne Bushey-Fiore) Link

    RSPublishing (Lutz Barz) Link

    Ruby Lioness Press (Marissa Dobson, Angie Mroczka) Link

    RuneWright, LLC (Christopher Ficco) Link

    Rushmore Publishing Group (formerly Big Sky Press, Mythic Dragon Publishing) (Dale & Julie Duncan) Link

    Sable Publishing (Art of the Book Journal) (Ed Baron) Link

    Saddleback Educational Publishing, Inc. (Tim McHugh, Arianne Milano McHugh) Link

    Safa Publishing (Safa Shaqsy) Link

    Safkhet Publishing GbR (Safkhet Books Ltd.) (William & Kim Sutton) Link

    Saga Books (Authorship, Inc.) (Frank & Ruth Thompson) Link

    SAGE Publications (CQ Press, Corwin, et al.) (Sara Miller McCune) Link

    Sage Wisdom Publishing, LLC (formerly Christine F. Anderson Publishing & Media) (Christine Favara) Link

    Saguaro Books, LLC (John & Mary Jo Nickum) Link

    Sakura Publishing & Technologies (Derek Vasconi) Link

    ¥ Salt Hill Journal (div. of Syracuse University) Link

    ¥ Salt Publishing Ltd. (Embrace Books) (Chris Hamilton-Emery, John Kinsella) Link

    ¥ Salo Press (Sophie Essex) Link

    Salvatore Publishing (Steve Salvatore, Guy Cousins) Link

    Salvo Press (Broadhead Books) (div. of Start Publishing as of 9/13) (Scott Schmit) Link

    Samhain Publishing Ltd. (Retro Romance) (Christina Brashear) Link

    SAM Publishing (Sex and Murder Magazine) (Douglas Rhodes) Link

    Sandrilyn Publications (Sandrilyn Books, Red Line Editing Services) (Linda Sandrilyn, Saulander Evans) Link

    ¥ Sands Press (div. of 3244601 Canada Inc.) (Perry & Laurie Prete) Link

    Santa Monica Press (Jeffrey Goldman) Link

    Santiago Publishing (Deborah Giovanni Chastain) Link

    Sapphire Blue Publishing (Tina Gerow, Maria Clayton, Lori Combs-Graves) Link

    Sapphire Star Publishing (Amy Lichtenhan, Katie Henson) Link

    Sarah Book Publishing (RGV + Beyond Arts & More Magazine) (div. Litewell Holdings, LLC) (Oladayo & Cherry Sanusi) Link

    Satya House Publications, Inc. (Julie Murkette) Link

    Sazmick Books (Michael & Sarah Feeley) Link

    S.B. Addison Books (Lauren Hammond) Link

    Scape Magazine (Peta Freestone) Link

    ¥ Scarlet Galleon Publications, LLC (Parker Publishing) (Mark Parker) Link

    Scarlet Tie Books (Zacton Press) (Zachary Sexton) Link

    Scarsdale Publishing Ltd. (Sharona Wilhelm) Link

    ¥ œ Scars Publications (CC&D Magazine, Down in the Dirt Magazine) (Janet Kuypers) Link

    Scherf, Inc. (Scherf Books, MegaGrace Books) (Dietmar Scherf) Link

    Schiel & Denver Publishing Ltd. (div. of The S&D Book Group) (Akintunde Reid-Kapo, Margo Reid) Link

    Schiffer Publishing Ltd. (LW Books, Whitford Press, et al.) (Peter & Nancy Schiffer) Link

    ScienceThrillers Media (Amy Rogers) Link

    Scholastic Library Publishing (Children's Press, Franklin Watts, Grolier) (formerly Scholastic Classroom and Library Group) (div. of Scholastic, Inc.) Link

    Scholastic Professional (div. of Scholastic, Inc.) Link

    ¥ Scout Media (Brian Paone) Link

    Scribe Book Company (formerly Literati Agency) (Angela & Dan DePriest) Link

    Scribe Publishing Company (div. of Scribe Consulting, LLC) (Jennifer Baum) Link

    Scribe’s Guild Publishing (Rebecca Axelrad) Link

    Scribum (StoryPlus) (Jean & Ethel Chalopin) Link

    Script-Lit eBooks (SLebooks) (James West) Link

    Scrybe Press (Nathan Barker) Link

    Sea Lion Books, LLC (David & Pascal Dabel) Link

    Secret Cravings Publishing (Sweet Cravings Publishing) (Sandy Sullivan) Link

    Self Publishing, Inc. (BookJustBooks, RJ Communications) (Ron Pramschufer, Dana Cole) Link

    Self-Publishing Partnership, The (formerly The Manning Partnership Ltd., Nightingale Press) (Greg Manning, Roger Hibbert, Andrew Hewetson) Link

    Selznick Serials (Storyworlds Magazine) (div. of MWS Media) (Matthew Selznick) Link

    Semper Press (J.S. Wayne) Link

    Sendak Children’s Publishing House, Inc. (div. of West Asia Distributors, LLC) Link

    SenegalPress (Elke Senegal) Link

    Serendipity (div. of Ardrope Ltd.) (Kimberley Wheatley, John Phillips) Link

    Serving Jesus Christ with Joy Publishing House (Randy & Gloria Lyons) Link

    Seven Locks Press (James Riordan) Link

    Seven Stories Press (Siete Cuentos Editorial, Triangle Square) (Dan Simon) Link

    ¥ Seventh Star Press (Stephen Zimmer, Amanda Debord) Link

    Seventh Wave Books, LLC (Angela Abderhalden, Jason Wilcox) Link

    Seventh Window Publications (Ken Harrison) Link

    ¥ Severed Press (Gary Lucas) Link

    Severn House Publishers (Creme de la Crime) Link

    SexyScribe Link

    ¥ SEZ Publishing (Kathleen O'Mara) Link

    Shade City Press (Lame Goat Press) (Christopher Jacobsmeyer) Link

    ShadeWorks Magazine (Gordon Clemmons) Link

    Shadoe Publishing (K’Ame Meinel) Link

    Shadowfall Publications (Brent Chapman) Link

    Shadowfire Press (Michael Barnette, Tracy Boyall) Link

    Shadow Line Press (Keith Spence) Link

    Shadow Publications (Wooden Cat Books, Nano Press) (Lucy Hornstein) Link

    Shadowrose Publishing (Shadowmere Publishing) (Patricia Fuller) Link

    Shalom Publishing House Link

    Shannon Road Press (Loretta Miller) Link

    ¥ Shanti Arts, LLC (Still Point Arts Quarterly, Stone Voices) (Christine Cote) Link

    Shanti Publishing (Deanna Shanti) Link

    Shari Parker Publishing and Printing Link

    Sharp Mind Publishing (Craig Coppola, David Nelson) Link

    Sheaf House Publishers (Journey Press, Narrow Road Press) (Joan Shoup) Link

    She Writes Press (BookSparks, SparkPress) (div. of SparkPoint Studios as of ’14) (Crystal Patriarche, Kamy Wicoff)) Link

    ShieldCrest Publishing Ltd. (John Stephenson) Link

    ¥ œ Shimmer Magazine (Beth Wodzinski) Link

    ¥ Shirtsleeve Press (Quanta Books, Broadsword Books, et al.) (Jake Kerr) Link

    Shobunsha Co. Ltd. Link

    Short On Time Books (Karen Bryson) Link

    ¥ œ Short Story America (Tim Johnston) Link

    Shroud Publishing, LLC (Shroud Magazine) (Timothy Deal) Link

    Sid Harta Publishers Pty Ltd. (Kerry Collison) Link

    ¥ Signature Editions (formerly Nuage Editions) (Karen Haughian) Link

    Sigurd Journal, The (Caleb Warnock) Link

    ¥ Silence in the Library, LLC (Maggie Allen, Janine Spendlove, Bryan Young) Link

    Silk’s Vault Publishing, LLC (Sarah Tiller) Link

    SilkWords, LLC (Sharon Fisher, Kari Multerer) Link

    Silver Knight Publishing, LLC (Fortitude Publishing) (Ayami Chin) Link

    Silver Lake Publishing (Stephanie Weidner) Link

    ¥ Silver Leaf Books, LLC (Creative Strategists) (Clifford & Marilyn Bowyer) Link

    œ Silver Moon Books (Silver Mink) (div. of Fiction4All) Link

    Silver Publishing (Silver Stream Press) (Lodewyk Deysel) Link

    Silver Rose Publishing (Ellena Jennings) Link

    Silverthought Press (Elm Ridge Books, Offense Mechanisms) (Paul Hughes) Link

    SilverWood Books Ltd. (Adrian & Helen Hart, Richard Hallman) Link

    Silvestri Books (Christine Catlin) Link

    Simon & Brown Book Publishers (Bradley Fenton) Link

    Simon & Schuster (Archway Publishing, Saga Press, et al.) Link

    Simon451 (div. of Simon & Schuster) Link

    Simply Read Books (Dimiter Savoff) Link

    Sinful Press (Lisa Jenkins) Link

    ¥ Sinister Grin Press (Travis Tarpley, Shane McKenzie) Link

    Sinnful Ebooks (div. of DA Media) (David Parsons) Link

    Sipper Magazine Link

    ¥ œ Siren Publishing, Inc. (BookStrand, LoveXtreme, PolyAmour) (Amanda Hilton) Link

    ¥ œ 600 Second Saga (Mariah Avix) Link

    1602 Enterprises, LLC (1602 Films) (Eric Fortune, Anthony Yezak) Link

    Sixty Minute Story (Chung Nguyen-Le) Link

    SkipJack Publishing (Eric Hutchins, Pamela Fagan Hutchins) Link

    SkyAzure Publishing (NR Press, Sarn Press) (Douglas & Deborah Watson) Link

    Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. (Carrel Books, Sky Pony Press, Talos Press, et al.) (Tony Lyons) Link

    ¥ œ Sky Warrior Book Publishing, LLC (Sky Dragon Press, Sky Warrior Press) (Maggie Bonham) Link

    Skywater Publishing Co. (Flat Sole Studio, Sol Books) (Blake Hoena) Link

    Slaughterhouse Publisher, Inc. Link

    Sleeping Bear Press (div. of Cherry Lake Publishing as of '12) Link

    Sleepytown Press (Randy Young) Link

    SL Publishing Group (Heather Kendall) Link

    Small Beer Press (Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, et al.) (Gavin Grant, Kelly Link) Link

    Small Dogma Publishing (Matthew Porricelli) Link

    Smart Guide Publications, Inc. (Frank Jerome) Link

    Smart Publications, Inc. (div. of Morgenthaler family LP) (John Morgenthaler) Link

    Smart Publishing (Suzette Smart) Link

    ¥ œ Smart Set Magazine, The (formerly Dragonfire) (div. of Drexel University) Link

    œ Smashwords, Inc. (Mark Coker) Link

    Sniplits (Anne Stuessy) Link

    SnoppyQwop Press (Scott G. Franz) Link

    Snowbooks Ltd. (Emma Barnes, Rob Jones) Link

    Snowfall Press (Tom Tillinghart) Link

    Snowy Wings Publishing (Lyssa Chiavari, et al.) Link

    Soaring Eagle Books (Eagle's Branch Books) (Penelope Fletcher) Link

    Soft Skull Press, Inc. (div. of Catapult as of ‘16) Link

    Soho Press (Soho Crime, Soho Constable, Soho Teen) (Bronwen Hruska) Link

    ¥ SolaFide Publishing (Michael Pang) Link

    Solaris (div. of Rebellion Publishing as of ’09) Link

    Solarwyrm Press (Dominica Malcolm, Jax Goss) Link

    Solstice Horizons (formerly Alpha Wolf Publishing) (div. of Solstice Publishing as of ‘13) (Carly McCracken) Link

    œ Solstice Publishing (Fairy Tales and Dreams, Summer Solstice Publishing) (formerly Hearts On Fire Books) (Melissa Miller) Link

    Something or Other Publishing (Wade Frensson) Link

    Sonar4 Publications (Rob Walters) Link

    ¥ Soul Mate Publishing, LLC (Deborah Gilbert) Link

    Soul Star Publishing (Heidi Angell, Dawn Tevy) Link

    Soundings Review (div. of Northwest Institute of Literary Arts) Link

    Sourcebooks, Inc. (Casablanca, Fire, et al.) (Dominique Raccah) Link

    Sourlane Press (Jeffrey Newman) Link

    Southern Lion Books, Inc. (Charles McClain) Link

    Southern Savvy Magazine (formerly Southern Vanity) (Leslie Lehman) Link

    SouthWest Publications (Stacey Kohan) Link

    ¥ œ Spangaloo Publishing (Liphar Magazine) (James Blanchette) Link

    Sparklesoup, Inc. (The Edge Books) (Katlin Gow) Link

    Sparkling Books Ltd. (Anna Cuffaro) Link

    Speaking Volumes, LLC (div. Zenerji Media Group) (Kurt & Erica Mueller) Link

    Speak Only to Me (Abbe Holmes, Caroline Connor) Link

    ¥ Spectacle Magazine (Kevin Hale, Danny Dumas) Link

    Spectacle Publishing Media Group, LLC (Eric Staggs, Nicole Canniff, Ditrie Sanchez) Link

    Spectral Press (Criminal Density) (Simon & SiobanMarshall-Jones) Link

    Speculation Press (Winifred Halsey) Link

    Specupress, LLC (Specutopia) (Dale Wise) Link

    ¥ œ Spellhawks Press (Allen Childers) Link

    Spencer Hill Press (Spence City, Tulip Romance, et al.) (div. of Kampmann & Co. as of ‘15) Link

    SphinxBooks (Alice Weiss) Link

    Spiderwize (Diadem Books) (div. of Bonacia Ltd. as of ‘13) Link

    Spilled Candy Enterprises, Inc. (Spilled Candy Books) (Lorna Tedder) Link

    ¥ œ Spinetingler Magazine (Snubnose Press) (Sandra Ruttan, K. Robert Einarson, Jack Getze) Link

    Spinetinglers Publishing Ltd. (Spinetinglers Elite Publishing) (Nolene Dougan) Link

    SpireHouse Publishing, LLC (SpireHouse Books) (Lucas Beechinor) Link

    Spirit Magazine (Harmony Rice) Link

    SplitMySide (Chad Burud) Link

    Spore Press LLC (Argenta Books, Safe House Books) (Keith & Kathryn Henning) Link

    Spotlight On Pahrump Magazine (div. of Two Guys Media) (Steven Johnson, Dan Schinhofen) Link

    ¥ Spout Press (Spout Magazine) (Michele Filkins, John Colburn, Chris Watercott) Link

    ¥ Spring Song Press (Noblebright) (C.J. Brightly) Link

    Square One Publishers, Inc. (Rudy Shur) Link

    Squinti Publishing (Sage Giraffe Publishing) (Quinta Warren) Link

    Staccato Publishing (Darkest Night Publishing) (Heather Savage) Link

    Stackpole Books (div. of Globe Pequot/Rowman & Littlefield as of ’15) Link

    Stairway Press (Curva Peligrosa, Shadow Lake Press, The Armchair Adventurer) (Ken Coffman) Link

    Standout Books (Alex & Bronwyn Hemus) Link

    StandUp & Cook Independent Publishers, Inc. (div. of Christina Arneson Publishing & Media) Link

    Stanley Publishing Co., LLC (Marsha Morris) Link

    StarDust Press Pvt Ltd. (John Walters) Link

    Stargazer Publishing Co. (Carol Amato) Link

    Starry Night Publishing, LLC (Richard Hartmetz) Link

    Static Movement (Chris Bartholomew) Link

    œ Stay Thirsty Media, Inc. (Schiller & Wells, Stay Thirsty Publishing, et al.) (Lewis Sang) Link

    Steam eReads (div. of Eside Media Pty Ltd.) (Nicola Boss) Link

    Steel Pen Publishing (Troy & Jeannine Hein) Link

    Steerforth Press (Thomas Powers, Alan Lelchuk, et al.) Link

    Stemmer House Publishers (International Design Library) (div. of Pathway Book Service) Link

    Stepping Stones Publishing (Brian Tedesco) Link

    Sterling & Ross Publishers (Cambridge House Press) (Drew Nederpelt) Link

    Sterling Executive Publications Link

    Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. (Lark Crafts, Hearst Books, et al.) (div. of Barnes & Noble, Inc.) Link

    Steve Jaffe Books (formerly The Next Great Author’s Guild Publishing House) Link

    Steward House Publishers, LLC (Randal Schwartz) Link

    Stiff Rain Press (div. of Umbrella Book Group, LLC) (Carol Lynne Hiner, Jessica Berry-Flab, et al.) Link

    Still Moments Publishing (Darlene Fredette) Link

    ¥ Stirling Publishing Ltd. (formerly Stirling Robyns Publishing) (Stoen Cold Fox Press, Skiddou Books) (Tabatha Stirling) Link

    St. Martin's Press (Griffin, Minotaur, SMP Swerve, et al.) (div. of Macmillan) Link

    Stonebunny Press (Todd & Melanie Fischer) Link Publishing (Kristofer Stamp) Link

    Stonehedge Publishing Co. (Kristine Dalton) Link

    œ StoneHouse Ink (Sandbox Ink, StoneGate Ink, et al.) (Aaron Patterson) Link

    Stony Meadow Publishing (Dark Moon Books, Inamorata Romance Books, Slick Friction Press) (Stan Swanson) Link

    Storm Moon Press, LLC (Thunder Moon, Wild Moon et al.) (Roger & S.L. Armstrong, Kris Piet) Link

    Storm Publishing (div. of Storm Innovations, Inc.) (Randolph & Dorrie Dilday) Link

    Story Monsters, LLC (formerly Five Star Publications, Inc.) (Author & Experts, Little Five Star, Six Point Press, et al.) (Linda Radke) Link

    Story Plant, The (Fiction Studio Books) (formerly The Fiction Studio) (Lou Aronica, Peter Miller) Link

    Story Star Publishing Ltd. (Kanesha Plummer, Nakia Garriques, Selma, Silcott) Link

    Strand Publishing UK Ltd. (Iman Hanif, Jane Lee) Link

    Strange Flesh Press, LLC (Teresa Wymore) Link

    ¥ œ Strange Horizons Magazine Link

    Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Publishing (David Russell) Link


    Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency (SBPRA) (Robert Fletcher) AVOID!

    The AEG/SBPRA/WLA subforum: Link

    Incarnations include:
    • AEG Publishing Group (aka American Enterprises Group)
    • Best Selling Book Rights Agency
    • Best Quality Editing Services
    • Children’s Book Publishing Agency (Bill Williams)
    • Eloquent Books
    • Global Book Agency, The
    • Literary & Rights Agency
    • Poetry Book Publishing Agency
    • Publish On Demand Global
    • Strategic Book Agency
    • Strategic Book Marketing
    • Strategic Publishing Group
    • WLA Publishing (John Taylor)
    • Writers Book Publishing Agency
    • et al., ad nauseam


    ¥ œ StrausMedia (New York Press) (div. of Straus News) (Jeanne Straus) Link

    Street Money Publishing, LLC (Raheem Hoyte, Tara Pugh) Link

    Strident Publishing Ltd. (Keith & William Charters) Link

    Sugar and Spice Press (Kelly Ann Pearson, Jordyn Tracey) Link

    SugarBuzz Books (Steven Climer) Link

    Summerhouse Publishing (Celia Kyle) Link

    Sunbury Press, Inc. (Milford House, Brown Posey Books, et al.) (Lawrence & Tammy Knorr) Link

    ¥ Sun Magazine, The (Sy Safransky) Link

    Sunpenny Ltd. (Ridgeback Author Services, Sunberry Books, et al.) (Josephine Holloway) Link

    Sunpiper Press (Sunpiper Media Publishing, Sunpiper Literary & Consulting, P.C.) (Robert Denson III) Link

    Sun Publishing Co. (Sun Books, Sun Rising Poetry, Mandala Press) (Skip Whitson, Donette Smock, Dale Jungk) Link

    ¥ Supposed Crimes, LLC (Acquitted Books) (Christy Case) Link

    Sweatshoppe Media, LLC (Sweatshoppe Publications, Coffee Ring Publishing, The Rusty Nail Magazine) (Craig Hart) Link

    Sweet Cherry Publishing Ltd. (formerly The Phonics Publishers) (Abdul Thadha) Link

    Sweete Sinz Publishing (formerly Dark Storm Publications, Phoenix Fire Publishing, Mystic Press, et al.) (Tabetha Jones aka Zoey Sweete, et al.) Link

    Swimming Kangaroo Books (Bill & Dindy Robinson) Link

    ¥ œ Swords and Sorcery Magazine (Curtis Ellett) Link

    Sycamore Publishers Ltd. (Best & Brightest) (formerly New Dawn Publishers Ltd.) (Sundeep Parhar) Link

    ¥ œ SynergEbooks (Debra Staples) Link

    Syn Publishing (Kimberley Mullican) Link

    œ Tablo (Ashley Davies) Link

    TAG Publishing, LLC (The Amarillo Group) (Deaitra Burks, Liz Ragland) Link

    Tails of the Cowardly Lion and Friends (formerly Buckethead Enterprises of OZ) (Chris Dulabone) Link

    Tailwinds Press (Gregory Pece) Link

    Take Two Publishing, LLC (Elizabeth Ku, Courtney Coon) Link

    Talaria Press (Garth & H.L. Reasby, Quiana Kirkland) Link

    ¥ Tales from the Canyons of the Dead (Daniel Smith) Link

    ¥ œ Talking Book (Ben Matchar) Link

    Tall Tails Publishing House (Krystal Russell) Link

    Tanglewood Publishing, Inc. (Peggy Tierney) Link

    TANSTAAFL Press (Thomas Gondolfi) Link

    Tan Tan Books (Rorie Smith) Link

    œ Tantor Media, Inc. (Tantor Publishing) (div. of Recorded Books, Inc. as of '15) Link

    Tate Publishing & Enterprises (Lux Creative Concepts) (Richard & Rita Tate) Link

    Tatra Press, LLC (Short Take Original) (Chris Sulavik) Link

    ¥ Tayen Lane Publishing (Procyon Press, et al.) (Kermit Heartsong) Link

    Taylor-Dth Publishing (Nancy Cardinali) Link

    Taylor Trade Publishing (Cooper Square Press, Republic of Texas Press, et al.) (div. of Rowman & Littlefield) Link

    TCK Publishing (Tom Corson-Knowles) Link

    TC Publishing & Consulting Group (Tonetta Chester) Link

    ¥ œ TDmonthly Magazine (div. of Toy Directory, Inc.) (Bob Naimi) Link

    Teague Publishing (Jim Scott, Derek Semmler) Link

    Tease Publishing, LLC (Tonya Nagle, Tabbitha Norris, Stacee Sierra) Link

    ¥ œ Teen Ink RAW (div. of The Young Authors Foundation) (John & Stephanie Meyer) Link

    TelegraphConnect (Primogeniture) (Chris Moody) Link

    œ Telemachus Press, LLC (NovelHelp) (Steven & Claudia Jackson) Link

    T. Eliot Press, LLC (JHM Children's Books) (Richard Mandell) Link

    œ Tell-Tale Publishing Group, LLC (Wise Words Publishing Group) (Anita Harrison, Elizabeth Fortin, Janice Rodriguez) Link

    Tellwell Talent, Inc. (Timothy Lindsay) Link

    Telos Publishing Ltd. (Telos Moonrise) (David Howe, Stephan Walker) Link

    Temple Hill Entertainment (Temple Hill Publishing) (Wyck Godfrey, Marty Bowen) Link

    Tenth Street Press (Michael Button) Link

    œ Ten West Publishing (Blue Swan Publishing) (formerly Atlantic Bridge Publishing) (Mike Feury, Linda Eberharter) Link

    Teri Woods Publishing, LLC Link

    ¥ œ Terraform (div. of Vice Media, LLC) Link

    Terry Prince Publishing Corp. (Stephanie Mickens) Link

    Texas Family Magazine (Jesse Santiago) Link

    Tex Ware Publishing (Ray Ruppert) Link

    ¥ œ T. Gene Davis's Speculative Blog Link

    That Right Publishing (Taylor Street) (formerly Night Publishing) (Tim Hewston le Roux, Kathleen McKenna Hewston) Link

    theblacksheepgroup (Shane Blackman) Link

    TheBookPatch (div. of Wilshire Press, Inc.) (Victor & Bella Ostrovsky, William Nesbitt) Link

    ¥ œ Third Flatiron Publishing, LLC (Juliana Rew) Link

    Thirteen Below Press, LLC (Lor Rose, Tracey Steinbach) Link

    13 Red Media Ltd. (Cherry, Garnet, Cardinal) (Keith Miller) Link

    Thomas Nelson Publishing (WestBow Press, et al.) (div. of HarperCollins as of 11/11) Link

    Thornton Publishing, Inc. (Books to Believe In, Empower Publishing & Book Marketing Services, et al.) (formerly Profitable Publishing) (Ellen “EJ” Thornton) Link

    ¥ œ Thought Catalog (div. of The Thought & Experience Co.) (Chris Lavergne) Link

    Three Hares Publishing Ltd. (Helen Bryant, Yasmin Standen) Link

    ¥ Three Rooms Press (Maintenant) (Peter Carlaftes, Kat Georges) Link

    Thriller Factory, The (formerly Conrad Jones Book Publishing & Marketing, Gerricon Books Ltd.) (Conrad & Ruth Jones) Link

    Thriller Press (Todd Borg) Link

    Thunderstorm Books (Black Voltage, Maelstrom, et al.) (Paul Goblirsch) Link

    ¥ Thurston Howl Publications (Jonathan Thurston) Link

    ¥ Tickety Boo Press Ltd. (Phantasia, Venus Ascending, et al.) (Gary Compton) Link

    ¥ Ticonderoga Publications (Ticon4) (Russell Farr) Link

    TICO Publishing (Arnold Tijerina) Link

    œ TidalWave Productions (formerly Storm Entertainment, StormFront Media, Bluewater Productions) (Darren Davis) Link

    Tiger Dynasty Publishing (Nathan Squiers, Megan Parker) Link

    Tiger Publications, Inc. (Tiger Kids) (Scott & Dona Parus) Link

    Tilbury House Publishers (div. of WordSplice Studio as of ’13) Link

    Timberline Press (div. of Virtual Artists Collective as of ‘11) Link

    Timberwolf Press, Inc. (Patrick Seaman) Link

    Time and Tide Publishing, LLC (Tina Carreiro) Link

    Timeless Avatar Press (Sara DeGraft) Link

    ¥ œ Times Square Chronicles (Suzanna Bowling, David Basch) Link

    Tincture Journal (Daniel Young) Link

    Tingle Media, Inc. (Scarlett James, Andy & Debbie Cargile) Link

    Tiny Fox Press (Galen Surlak-Ramsey, Jennifer Henderson, Josh Cohen) Link

    Tinyhorn Press (Marsha Braxton) Link

    Tiny House Publishing (Colleen Genest McCready, Sara Cremeno Carbonneau, Cindy Shea) Link

    œ Tirgearr Publishing (City Nights) (Kemberlee Shortland) Link

    Titan Publishing House (SyDuctive) (div. of Titan InKorp Ltd.) (Chris Austin) Link

    TM Publishing, LLC (Burgundy Grove, TM Magazine, et al.) (Brett Peterson) Link

    ¥ Toad Suck Review, The (div. of the University of Central Arkansas) (Mark Spitzer) Link

    Toast, The (The Butter) (Nick Pavich, Nicole Cliffe, Mallory Ortberg) Link

    Tokyopop (formerly Mixx Entertainment) (div. of Pop Media Holding) (Stuart Levy) Link

    Tomahawk Press (Bruce Sachs) Link

    Tom Doherty Associates, LLC (Tor/Forge Books, Orb Books, et al.) (div. of Macmillan) Link

    Tomorrow’s Bestseller (div. of Art Universe, Inc.) (L.D. Sledge, Karen “Liz” King, et al.) Link

    Top Publications Ltd. (William Manchee) Link

    ¥ Topside Press (Cat Fitzpatrick, Tom Leger, Riley MacLeod) Link

    ¥ œ Publishing (div. of Tor/Forge Books) (Irene Gallo) Link

    Torquere Press, LLC (Prizm Books) (Joanna Talbot, Kristi Boulware-Talbot) Link

    Tor UK (div. of Pan Macmillan) Link

    ¥ œ Totally Entwined Group (Evidence Press, Finch Books, Totally Bound, et al.) (div. of Bonnier Publishing as of ‘15) (Claire Siemaszkiewicz) Link

    ¥ TotalRecall Publications, Inc. (Mouse Gate Adventure Books, Ultimate Hero Contest) (Bruce Moran) Link

    TouchPoint Press (TouchPoint Faith) (Sheri Ables-Williams) Link

    Traffic Sail Press (Todd & Clare Hammond) Link

    Trafford Publishing (div. of Author Solutions as of ’09) Link

    trailBLAZER Magazine (Susan Gibson) Link

    Transit Lounge Publishing (Barry Scott, Tess Rice) Link

    Transmitter Magazine (div. of Illusion Television, LLC) (Dekker Dreyer) Link

    Transworld Ireland (Doubleday Ireland) (div. of Random House) Link

    Travis Lake Publishing, LLC (Stephen Delear, Sandra Smith) Link

    TreasureCove Press, LLC (Danny & Michael Zyskind) Link

    Treble Heart Books (MountainView Publishing, Sundowners, WhoooDoo Mysteries) (Lee Emory) Link

    Tree Of Life Publishing (Peter Parente) Link (Belita Rennicks) Link

    Trestle Press (Helping Hands Press) (Michael Brachelli aka Giovanni Gelati) Link

    TRIAD Publishing Group (Hidden Gate Books) (Vern Firestone) Link

    TriCoast Studios (TriBooks, Inc., TriCoast Publishing) (Strath Hamilton, Marcy Levitas Hamilton) Link

    Tricorp Publishing (Adam Sampson) Link

    Tri Destiny Publishing (Sizzlin' Books) (Jessica Warth, Alyssa Tucker) Link

    Trifecta Publishing House (Vintage Hill Press) (Diana Ballew, Lori Lyn Grube, Doug Burmeister) Link

    TriMark Press, Inc. (Barry Chesler) Link

    Triplicity Publishing, LLC (Alea Hamilton) Link

    Triscelle Publishing (Christopher & Heather Dunbar) Link

    Triskelion Publishing (Ron & Kristi Studts) Link

    Trixy Lion Publishing Link

    ¥ Tropes Publishing House, LLC (Amanda Sterling) Link

    Troubador Publishing Ltd. (Matador) (Jeremy Thompson) Link

    True North Custom (M.D. News) (formerly Sunshine Media) Link

    Truth Magazine, The Link

    Trytium Publishing, LLC (David Matusik) Link

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    WritingRoom, LLC (PublishingRoom) (Lindsay Preston-Friedman, Charles Chudakoff) Link Ltd. (FeedARead, et al.) (Ted & Edward Smith) Link, LLC (Zirdnews, ThatFirstLine, Arc Angel, et al.) (Jami Harrah, Joel Ratner, P. Barry Jones) Link

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    Australian Literary Talent (Michael Dalvean, Anne Clarke, John Henry Te Hira) Link

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    Literary Agent Matchmaker (Your Book is Your Hook) (Jennifer S. Wilkov) Link

    Literary Fiction Book Review (Phillippa “P.J.” Royal) Link

    Liz D Publicity & Promotions (Liz Donatelli) Link

    Locust Point Publishing Consulting (Celebrity International Press) (Heather Lennon) Link

    Luminous Expressions, Inc. (Bernetta Thorne-Williams, Charles Williams) Link

    Magnus Publicity (formerly Sandpiper Publicity, The Albee Agency) (Mike Albee, Lura Dodd) Link

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    Media Connect (formerly Planned TV Arts) (div. Finn Partners) (Rick Frishman) Link

    Mega Book Marketing University (Mark Victor Hansen) Link

    Milton Kahn Associates, Inc. Link

    MJLA Media (formerly Mondella Jones Literary Agency) Link

    New York Journal of Books, LLC (Ted Sturtz, Lisa Rojany-Buccieri) Link

    Nurture Your BOOKS (formerly Pinnacle Author & Book Promotion, Dedicated Book Reviews) (Bobbie Crawford-McCoy) Link

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    Oristin Global Productions (Oristin Global Literary Agency) (Abdu “John” Igein, Debra Lamar-Igein, Rekia Okpe) Link

    Out:think Group (Tim Grahl, Joseph Hinson, et al.) Link

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    Piece of Cake PR (Jim Collins)Link

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    Publishing Push Ltd. (Patricia Walsh) Link

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    Quality Reads UK Book Club (Bob & Eliza Richardson) Link

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    ReadersMagnet (John Fleming) Link

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    RED Carpet Connection Publishing, Publicity & Talent Agency, The (Andrea Adams-Miller) Link

    Rolling Seas Promotions Pty. Ltd. (Rolling Seas Publications) (Pamela Faye, Mark Baker) Link

    RoseMEDIA Group (formerly AuthorSpark, New Media Mavens) (div. of Minna Press) (Lena Rose Claxton) Link

    Ryan Zee Author Marketing Link

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    Self-Publisher’s Showcase (Indie Book Butler) (div. of Dominion Editorial) (Tim Marquitz, Paul Martin) Link

    Shelf Media Group, LLC (Shelf Unbound, Podster, Middle Shelf) (Margaret Brown, Lauren Crispin) Link

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    Strategic Vision, LLC (Strategic Vision PR Group) (David Johnson) Link

    Substance Books, Inc. (Book to Movie, Online Book Publicity, Review Exchange, et al.) (Hajni Blasko) Link

    TCM Reviews (Tami Brady) Link

    Texas Association of Authors (Texas Authors, Inc.) (B. Alan Bourgeois) Link

    The Penniless Writer's Club (Damian O'Connor) Link

    Tomoson, LLC (Daniel Fernandez, John Koch) Link (Blake Moody) Link

    Tribute Books (Nicole Langan) Link

    TR Talk Magazine (div. iUsion Studios, Inc.) (Chris Foust, Lindy Paul) Link

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    VendorPro, Inc. (formerly Bulk Works) (Mark Adams, Ethan Nelson, Michelle Brooks) Link

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    Where Writers Win (PubSmart Conference) (div. of Shark Marketing Co.) (Shari Stauch) Link

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    WriteIntoPrint (Tweet Your Books) (Stef McDaid) Link

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    Craigslist (Craig Newmark) Link

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    Freedom With Writing (Jacob Jans) Link

    Freelance Home Writers Network (Work At Home Group, et al.) (div. of Unparalleled Marketing, LLC) (Michael Sampson, Jeremiah Patton, Michael Strathmore) Link

    Freelancer Technology Pty Ltd. Link

    Freelance Writing Organization – Int’l (Inkwell Newswatch, Writers Traffic Exchange) (Rowdy Rhodes) Link

    Go Freelance (formerly Freelance Work Exchange) (Rob Palmer) Link

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    GuruContent Studios (div. of Valhalla Innovative, LLC) (Cameron Lewis, Shawn Tooley) Link

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    Her Online Network Link

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    JDD Media (Military View, Senior View, et al.) (Joshua Dinnerman) Link (Dustin Cannon) Link

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    Mother Nature Network (formerly Plenty Magazine) (div. of Narrative Content Group) Link

    MyFreeRead (Lisa Davis) Link

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    Quality Ghostwriters Link India Ltd. (formerly Rediff on the Net) (Ajit Balakrishnan) Link

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    Search Influence (Will & Angie Scott) Link (formerly (Brock Hilozoic) Link

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    This Is By Us, Inc. (Bill Heil, Lauren Davis aka Elle Dee) Link

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    Useless-Knowledge Online Magazine (Matt Flogel) Link

    VerbumSoft, LLC (, (Martin, Marian & Bartosz Marcinkowski) Link, Inc. (Michael & Sylvie Fortin) Link (Eddy Salomon) Link

    World Survey Group, LLC (RealWritingJobs, Easy Lifestyles, Digital Writers, et al.) (John Higgins, Brandon Harris) Link

    WRITE Business Solutions, The (Tammatha Conerly) Link

    Write Jobs Link

    Writerlance (div. of CapCan Media, Inc.) Link

    Writers Bloq, Inc. Link

    Yahoo! Voices (A.C. Network) (formerly Associated Content) Link

    Yuddy, LLC (div. of Yuddy Networks, Inc.) (Robert Mitchell) Link


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    Algonkian Writer Conferences (div. of Web del Sol Association) (Michael Neff) Link

    Algonkian Novel Writing Courses Link

    Alice Orr Seminars (formerly Alice Orr Agency) Link

    Alliance of Independent Authors, The (ALLi) (Orna Ross) Link

    American Screenwriters Association (ASA) Link

    American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI) (Wealthy Web Writer, DirectResponseJobs, et al.) (formerly American Writers & Artists Institute) (Donald Mahoney, Paul Hollingshead, Edward & Katie Yeakle) Link

    Andrea Campbell Link

    A Room of Her Own Foundation (Darlene Chandler Bassett) Link

    Aspen Words (formerly Aspen Writers’ Foundation) Link

    Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) Link

    Author Media (The Bestseller Society) (div. of Castle Media Group, LLC) (Thomas Umstattd, Jr.) Link

    Author Island (DeNita Tuttle) Link

    Author 101 University (Rick Frishman) Link

    Authors Alliance, Inc. (Pamela Samuelson, et al.) Link

    Authors Guild, The Link

    Backspace, LLC (Backspace Writer’s Conference, Salt Cay Writer’s Retreat) (Karen Dionne, Christopher Graham) Link

    Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN) (Mark Nicols, Sallie Marron) Link

    Book Publishing Academy, The (Richard McMunn) Link

    Born2Write Link

    Cascade Writers (Karen Junker, Tom Wright, et al.) Link

    Columbus Creative Cooperative (Columbia Press, The Great Novel Contest) (Brad Pauquette) Link

    ComixTribe (Tyler James, Steven Forbes) Link

    Creative Fiction Writing (formerly (Patrick H. Dent) Link

    Creative Writing Institute (Deborah Owen) Link

    Creativity Workshop, LLC (Shelly Berc, Alejandro Fogel) Link

    CrimeFest (Adrian Muller, Myles Allfrey, Donna Moore) Link

    Critique Circle (Sigrun Erna Geirsdottir, Hulda Bjarnadottir, Jon Bjarnason) Link

    Cyle Young Literary Elites (CYLE) Link

    Djerassi Resident Artists Program (div. of Djerassi Foundation) Link

    EditRed (formerly Spoiled Ink) (Alan Emmins, Sean Merrigan, Chris Ramsden) Link

    Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition, The (EPIC, Eppie Awards) (formerly Electronically Published Internet Connection) (Florence Moyer, Jane Bierce) Link

    F&SF Writing Workshop (div. of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction) Link

    Faber Academy (div. of Faber & Faber) (Ian Ellard) Link

    Figment, LLC (The Requiem Writing Contest) (div. of Random House as of ’13) Link (Jonathan “J. Paul” Dyson, Nick Britton, Dave Matthews) Link

    Florida First Coast Writers’ Festival, Inc. (John Hunt, Howard Denson, Cathy Clower) Link

    Freelancers Union, Inc. (Working Today) (Sara Horowitz) Link

    Gather Writing Essential (div. of Gather, Inc.) (Jennifer Hodge) Link

    Get It Write (The Complete Story, Write Your Novel Now, et al.) (Jerry Cleaver) Link

    Get Published Conference (div. of Works by Design, LLC) (Lynn Kinnaman) Link

    Green River Writers, Inc. (Novels in Progress Workshop) (James & Mary O’Dell) Link

    Guild, The (formerly Ed & Soot’s Writers’ Guild) (Ed Williams III, Linda Oness) Link

    Gutsy Creative (formerly Avasta Press) (Kelsye Nelson) Link

    Hawai’i Writers Foundation (formerly Maui Writers Foundation) (John, Shannon & Somerset Tullis) Link

    Hurston/Wright Writers’ Week (div. of Hurston/Wright Foundation) (Marita Golden, Clyde McElvene) Link

    Institute for Writers, LLC (formerly Long Ridge Writers Group) (div. of Writer’s Institute, Inc.) Link

    Krusemark, Grinnell & Associates (LeeAnne Krusemark) Link

    Lawson Writer's Academy (Margie Lawson, Tiffany Lawson-Inman) Link

    Life After Publishing (J.P. Jones, Nicholas Clayton, Leon Mentzer) Link

    LitReactor, LLC (formerly The Cult's Writers' Workshop) (Dennis Widmyer, Kirk Clawes, Phil Jourdan) Link

    MARSocial (formerly New Yorker Times) (div. of Frackle Media Group) (DiMarko Chandler, Bonito Sahagun) Link

    MasterClass (div. of Yanka Industries, Inc.) (David Rogier, Aaron Rasmussen) Link

    Middle Grade Authors Association (Edward Gordon) Link

    Morning Garden Artists Retreats (Sebastian & Jennifer Jean) Link

    Murder 203: Connecticut's Mystery Festival (div. of Easton Public Library) (Bernadette Baldino, Jane Murphy) Link

    Murphy Writing, LLC (formerly Murphy Writing Seminars) (Peter E. Murphy) Link

    National Federation of State Poetry Societies, Inc. (NFSPS) Link

    New York Center for Independent Publishing, The (formerly The Small Press Center) (Whitney North Seymour, Jr.) Link

    New York Writers Workshop, Inc. (Ducts, Greenpoint Press) (div. of New York Writers resources, Inc.) (Tim Tomlinson, Charles Salzberg, Rita Gabis, et al) Link

    Novelists, Inc. (NINC) (Victoria Thompson, Laura Taylor, Martha Sans, et al.) Link

    NYC Pitch Conference (formerly NYC Pitch-and-Shop) (div. of Web del Sol Association) (Michael Neff) Link

    OneRoom (Scott Foreman) Link

    Pacific Northwest Writers Association (PNWA) Link

    Pen To Press Writers’ Retreat (Deborah LeBlanc) Link

    Publish With Confidence (Carrie Butler) Link

    Red Room Writers Society (div. of Red Room Omnimedia Corp.) (Ivory Madison) Link

    Romance Writers of Australia, Inc. Link

    Santa Barbara Writers Conference Link

    Screenwriters Federation of America (formerly Screenwriters Guild of America) Link

    Scribophile (div. of Turkey Sandwich Industries, Inc.) (Alex Cabal) Link

    Sisters in Crime Link

    Stephanie Hale Group (Millionaire Bootcamp for Authors, Oxford Literary Consultancy, et al.) Link

    StoryStudio Chicago (Jill Pollack) Link

    Surrey International Writers' Conference Link

    TV/Film Seminars (TV Writers’ Summit, Story Expo, et al.) (Derek Christopher) Link

    WILDSound Writing Festival (Matthew Toffolo, Jen Fenkel) Link

    Winghill Writing School (div. of Quality of Course, Inc. dba QC Career School) (Joanne Pendon, Alex Myers) Link

    Winning Writers (Wergle Flomp Contest) (Jendi Reiter, Adam Cohen) Link

    Wolf Pirate Project, The (Treasure Aisle) (formerly Wolf Pirate Publishing & Editing, Inc.) (Bryan & Catherine Rudy, Lois Tower) Link

    Words Undone (David & Lorraine Cornish aka Debra Spiller, etc.) Link

    World Science Fiction Society (NASFiC, The Hugo Awards, Worldcon) Link

    Writer2Writer (Cheryl Wright) Link

    Writers' Academy, The (div. of Penguin Random House) Link

    Writers' Bridge, The (Gail & Darrell Laurant) Link

    Writer's Digest Annual Conference (div. of F+W) Link

    Writer’s Digest University (Agent One-on-One Bootcamp, OnDemand Workshops, et al.) (div. of F+W) Link

    Writers’ Union of Canada, The Link

    Writers' Village University (div. of Writopia, Inc.) (Robert “RJ” Hembree) Link

    Writers’ Workshop, The (Harry Bingham) Link

    Writers' Workshop of Ashville, The (Karen Ackerson) Link

    Writers World Boot Camp (Randall Andrews) Link (div. of, Inc. dba 21x20 Media, Inc.) (Jerold & Kenneth Wagenheim, Sarah Prye) Link

    Writing Day Workshops (Jessica Bell) Link

    Writing Wise (Stephanie Cordray) Link

    Zoetrope Virtual Studio (Zoetrope: All-Story) (div. of American Zoetrope) Link


    Contests & Awards

    Are there any legit poetry contests?
    Finding legit poetry contests
    Novel contests
    Entry fee a red flag?
    Is there a Competitions beware?

    Actor’s Project NYC, The (Bobby Holder) Link

    Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Link

    America Library of Poetry, The (Paul Charles) Link

    America’s Next Author (div. of eBookmall) (Martijn Leenders) Link

    AARP Memoir Contest (div. of Huff/Post50) Link

    Atlantis Short Story Contest, The (Chloe Lenz) Link

    Benjamin Franklin Awards (div. of Independent Book Publishers Association) (Jan Nathan) Link

    Beyond Stereotype Contest (div. of Lions Gate Films) (Chaseton Hammond) Link

    Book Awards, The (formerly AmazonClicks) (div. of Acclaimed Books Ltd.) (Peter & Gillan Lihou) Link

    Book Excellence Awards (div. of Literary Excellence, Inc.) Link

    Bronte Prize (The Literary Arts Guild) (Tally Dawson, Mikki Cassel) Link

    Christian Writing Contest (div. of Athanatos Christian Ministries) Link

    Circle of Poets (Circle of Photographers) (John Johnson) Link

    Creative Communications ( (Tom & Gaylen Worthen) Link

    Cut A Long Story Short (div. of e-Literate-World (formerly My Mate Kindle)) (Kenny Mclachlan) Link

    Delacorte Press Contest (First YA Novel, Yearling) (div. of Random House) Link

    ”Don’t Get Mad, Get Evil” Int’l Writing Competition (div. of Good Morning Planet Earth) (William & Cathie Lewis) Link

    Eber & Wein Publishing (Poetry Nation) (div. of Eber & Wein, Inc.) (John Eber, Sr., Rachel Mueck) Link

    Fade In: Awards (div. of Fade In: Magazine) (Audrey Kelly) Link

    Famous Poets Society Int’l, The (Famous Poets Press) (Mark Schramm) Link

    FieldReport Experiential Writing Contest (div. of FieldReport, Inc.) (Will Petty, Skye Thompson, Michael Bolcerek, et al.) Link

    Golden Book Awards, LLC (Ian Goldfarb) Link

    Hazel Hilles Memorial Short Fiction Prize (div. of Be A Better Writer) (Pearl Luke) Link

    Hour of Writes Ltd. (Alison Ireland) Link

    Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY Awards) (div. of Jenkins Group, Inc.) (Jerrold Jenkins) Link

    International Library of Photographers (aka Int’l Society of Photographers) (Watermark Media Group, Inc.) (John Herman) Link

    i310 Media Group (formerly Keen Multimedia Group, JPX Media Group) (Best Books Awards, International Book Awards, USA Book News, et al.) (Jeffrey Keen) Link

    James Jones First Novel Fellowship (div. of Wilkes University) Link

    Jenkins Group, Inc. (Living Now Book Awards, Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, et al.) (Jerrold Jenkins) Link

    JM Northern Media, LLC (New England Book Festival, New York Book Festival, et al.) (Bruce Haring) Link

    Less Than 100 Words (Paul Gledhill) Link

    Light Reading Competition (Diamond Light Source Ltd.) Link

    Lyra Independent Fiction Contest (Bookstore Without Borders) (Lynda Baxter, Scott Thompson) Link

    Make Your Mark (div. of MYM Talent Agency) (Andrew & Meaghan McKaige) Link

    Maxy Awards (Reagan Rothe) Link

    MCNA Writers' Bursary (div. of Medical Case Notes Assessment Ltd.) Link

    Muslim Writers' Awards (America Writers' Awards, Brit Writers' Awards) (div. of Brit Writers Ltd.) (Geoffrey Phillips, Zareen Ahmed, Imran Akeen) Link

    Nelson Algren Literary Awards (div. of Chicago Tribune) Link

    Next Generation Indie Book Awards (div. of Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group (IBPPG)) (John McDougall, Catherine Goulet, Marylin Allen) Link

    NYC Midnight Movie Making Madness, LLC (Short Story Challenge, Screenwriting Challenge, et al.) (Charlie Weisman, Craig Flamm)Link

    Peace Corps Third Goal (Poetry Contest, Storytelling Contest, Blog It Home, et al.) Link

    Pitch Madness (Pitch Wars, #PitMad) (Brenda Drake) Link

    Pitch Week (div. of When Words Count Retreat) (Steven Eisner, Jon Reisfeld) Link (formerly International Library of Poetry (aka Int’l Society of Poets, Nat’l Library of Poetry, Poets Workshop, Watermark Press, et al.) (Watermark Media Group, Inc.)) Link
    Note:, & domains bought by Lulu, Inc. 4/09 bought by Newton Rhymes, LLC 5/11.

    Poetry Institute of Canada (Young Writers of Canada, Canadian Poetry Institute, Inc.) (Peter Jones, Wendy Burgess) Link

    Project Publish (div. of Media Predict, Inc.) (Brent Stinski) Link

    Publishers Advocate Award (Fern Reiss) Link

    Publish Me! (div. of Nurmal Resources) (David Trotter, Kent Burgess, Stacey Robbins) Link

    Revise & Resub (#RevPit) Link

    Search for a Bestseller (div. of Richard and Judy Book Club) (Richard Madeley, Judy Finnigan) Link

    Screenwriter Dig, The (div. of XrayMedia, Inc.) (Raymond Dabney) Link

    SFWA Link

    Short Story Project, The (Iftach Alony, Matan Elmalam) Link

    Short Zombie Horror Screenplay Competition (div. of Midnight Evil Productions, Inc.) (Gary Shireman) Link

    Sitcom Trials, The (Kev Sutherland) Link

    Smarketing, LLC (Beverly Hills Book Awards, National Indie Excellence Awards, et al.) (Ellen Reid) Link

    Song of the Year (Zayda Zod) Link

    Tomorrow Project, The (div. of Intel Corp.) (Brian Johnson) Link

    True Life Story Contest (Bob Halpin) Link

    White Oak Press, Inc. (formerly League of American Poets, American Poetry Society, Inc.) Link

    World’s Best Story (formerly Book Idol Canada) (div. of WBS Entertainment Co. (formerly Book Idol, Inc.)) (Vincent Salera) Link

    Write4Fun (div. of Write4Fun Int’l Pty. Ltd. aka Australasian Publishing Group Ltd., Australian Publishing Group Ltd.) (Iain Sprod, Julia Woods) Link

    Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook Competitions (div. of Bloomsbury) Link

    Writer’s Digest Competitions & Awards (div. of F+M Media) Link

    Writers of the Future (div. of Author Services, Inc.) (L. Ron Hubbard) Link

    Xerox Aspiring Authors Link

    Young Authors of Tomorrow (Don Burks) Link



    ABC Ebook Link

    All Answers Ltd. (Academic Knowledge, UK Essays, Viper, et al.) (formerly Academic Answers Ltd.) (Barclay Littlewood) Link

    Acento Advertising, Inc. (Benito Martinez-Creel, Maria Amparo Escandon) Link

    AdCandy (div. of Collective Consumer, LLC) (Per Hoffman) Link

    Admosion (Wordy the EBook Builder) (Robert O’Ferrall) Link

    AFrankOpinion (Robert Frank) Link

    Agile Analysis, LLC (Tyler Pedersen) Link

    Alanworks Studio Productions (Alan Miller) Link

    All For Indies (div. of Pure Textuality PR) (Jena Gregoire) Link

    All Romance eBooks, LLC (ARe Café, OmniLit) (Lori James, Barbara Perfetti) Link

    All Writing Sites Link

    Alpha Token Foundation (Alpha Browser) (Wallace Lynch) Link

    Alton G. Burkhalter, Esq. Link

    A Luxury Travel Blog (Paul Johnson) Link, Inc. Link

    Amazon Rapids (Signature Stories) (div. of Link

    Amy & Dan Leblanc (Emerald City, ContrivedMedia, Marketster, SoloPros, Two Diva Designs, VeriPros) Link

    Analytix Group, The (The Attention Connection) (Rex Halbeisen) Link

    Anderson Media Corp. (Anderson News,, Media Solutions, et al.) (The Anderson Family) Link

    Angel City Talent (Mimi Meyer) Link

    APG Sales & Distribution (div. of Warehousing and Fulfillment Specialists, LLC) Link

    AtlasBooks Distribution (div. of BookMasters, Inc.) Link

    AutoCrit (formerly AutoCrit Writing Centre) (div. of Accelerated Innovations Corp. as of ‘13) Link

    Babelcube, Inc. (Carlos Granados, Mark Dresdner) Link

    BayTSP, Inc. (Mark Ishikawa, Evelyn Espinosa) Link

    Be The Star You Are (Starstyle) (Cynthia Brian, Heather Brittany) Link

    Beyond Entertainment, Inc. (div. of Galaxy Ventures, LLC) (Bill Sautter) Link

    Bibliocracy Nation (George & Peter Vriniotis) Link

    Biblio Distribution, Inc. (div. of National Book Network, Inc.) (Jen Linck) Link

    BiblioLabs (BiblioBazzar, BiblioLife, Nabu Press, et al.) (Andrew Roskill) Link

    Blog2Print (div. of XanEdu Publishing, Inc. as of ‘14) Link

    Blue Spider Books (formerly Blue Spider Press) (Jeremy DeFetta, Candice Mizell) Link

    Bogner Entertainment (Jonathan Bogner) Link (div. of Ahold Delhaize as of ’15) Link

    Bookburst (formerly BOCM2, Zooba) (div. of Bookspan as of ’14) Link

    Book Cover Art (Joleene Naylor) Link (div. of Archer Ellison, Inc.) (Allen D’Angelo) Link Link

    Book Drum Ltd. (George Pennock, Hector Macdonald, Mark Negus) Link

    Bookmate (div. of Dream Industries Ltd.) (Simon Dunlop, Victor Frumkin) Link

    Bookow (Steve Passiouras, Michelle Lovi) Link

    BOOKS etc. Ltd. Link

    Bookshare (Benetech) (div. of Beneficent Technologies, Inc.) (Jim Fruchterman) Link

    Books In Print (R.R. Bowker, LLC) Link

    BookSwim, Inc. (George Burke, Shamon Siddiqui) Link

    Box of Crayons (Michael B. Stanier) Link

    Brad Gross, Inc. (Bradley Gross) Link

    Brenda Van Niekerk Link

    Brian Hill & Dee Power Link

    Broad Realty, LLC (Jeremy Eisenberg) Link

    Cambridge Who's Who Publishing, Inc. (Metropolitan Who’s Who, et al.) (formerly Empire Who’s Who, Manchester Who’s Who) (div. of Worldwide Branding, LLC) (Randy Narod, Matt Proman) Link

    Carmel Business Sales (div. of Monterey Bay Business Brokers) Link

    Cat 5 Music Publishing (div. University of Miami) Link

    Catalyst for the Arts, Inc. (Burning Shorts) (formerly Catalyst Agency, Inc.) (Harvey Harrison) Link

    Charity Guide (Michael Organ) Link (Scott Connery) Link

    Choice of Games, LLC (Dan Fabulich, Adam Strong-Morse) Link

    CityScene (Tim Gilberg) Link

    Cognigen Networks, Inc. (Commission River Corp.) Link

    Consortium Book Sales & Distribution (div. of Perseus Books Group) Link

    CoOpFilm Productions Ltd. (Lou Di Giorgio) Link ( (div. of TDN Pro) (Tanya Damien, Nancy Dubé) Link

    Copyright Editorial, LLC (Editorial Courses, Grammarama, Grammatika) (div. of ISAT Online) (Joshua & Michelle Moser) Link

    Cosmotourist Gmbh & Co. KG (Frederick Kraus, Constantin Wunn) Link

    Creative Madhouse Graphic Design Studio (Madelyn Wattigney) Link

    Customized Car Accessories (div. of Elena Maria, Inc.) (Ellen & Mary Fitzpatrick) Link

    David Robert Typesetting (David R. Jackson) Link

    Daylo, LLC (Aaron Wertheim, Chris Larsen, Tim Gillespie) Link

    Debra Kass Orenstein Link

    Deisel eBooks (eBook Eros) (L. Scott Redford) Link

    Diana Bocco Link

    Dialogue Scouting (Dialogue Berlin, The Reader Berlin) (formerly Lovegrove & Gosling) (Sharmaine Lovegrove) Link

    DMCA Force (div. of Pink Visual, LLC) (Allison Howarth) Link

    Docgamentry, Inc. (Gus Diavatopoulos) Link

    Docstoc (Jason Nazas, Alon Shwartz) Link

    Domain Registry of America (div. Brandon Gray Internet Services, Inc.) (Darius Patel, Marilyn Benlolo) Link

    Draft2Digital, LLC (Kris Austin, Aaron Pogue) Link

    duckplajatin1959 Link

    DZ Net (formerly DZFiction) (div. of Tenable Services) (Wei Pin Ho) Link

    eBay, Inc. ( Link

    eBookMall, Inc. (eBook Club) (Mark Owens, Bonnie Martin) Link

    eBookr (Ryan van Barneveld) Link

    e-Cyrano (Online Dating Help) (div. of, Inc.) (Evan Marc Kratz) Link

    eHarmony, Inc. (Neil Warren, Greg Forgatch) Link

    eSnips Ltd. (div. of Logia Media Ltd.) (Yeal Elish, Itai Aaronsohn) Link

    EssayTown (div. of Example Research, Inc.) (Jason Taylor, Sarah Teach) Link

    EZRead, Inc. (div. of Astak, Inc.) (Chorngguang Hsia, Robert Barry) Link

    Fairlight Pictures (Melanie Fairlight) Link

    Fantastic Ebook (Abcebook, Welcome Ebook) Link

    Fiction Factor (Lee Masterson) Link (John Velencia, Ahmad Rahim) Link (ChooseYourPublisher, et al.) (div. of Author Solutions) Link

    First Chapters (div. of Blueline Books Ltd.) (Malcolm Turner) Link

    Fiverr Link

    Flatline Films (Bryan Hinds, Godwin Bernard) Link

    Freebooksvampire Link

    Guardian for Content (div. of Digimarc Corp. as of ‘12) Link

    General EBooks (div. of General World) Link

    GetLegal (The Attorney Store, et al.) (div. of LawConnect, LLC) (Philip Gaylen, Jeffrey Rattikin) Link

    Glass Mountain Entertainment (Dawn Fields) Link

    Gmail (div. of Google, Inc.) (Paul Bucheit) Link

    Grable Group, The (formerly The Nashville Agency) (Tim Grable) Link

    Grammarly, Inc. (Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvyn) Link

    Guaranteed Response Marketing, LLC (Jim Edwards) Link

    Guide to Literary Agents (Chuck Sambuchino) Link

    H33t Link, LLC Link

    Hummingbird Digital Media (div. of American West Books) (Stephen Mettee) Link

    Hushion House Publishing Ltd. (Bill Hushion, Jules Beauregard) Link

    ideaApp (Lori Jordan, Alan Amron) Link

    Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) (formerly Publishers' Marketing Assn.) (Jan & Terry Nathan) Link

    Independent Publishers Group (IPG) (Small Press United) (div. of Chicago review Press, Inc.) Link

    Ingram Book Group, Inc. (formerly Ingram Book Co.) (div. of Ingram Content Group) Link

    iOffer, Inc. (Steven Nerayoff) Link

    Intellectual Property Rights Office (Copyright Registration Services) (Jonathan Dyson) Link

    Intelligent Courses (, et al.) (Nick Daws) Link

    Internet Book Database of Fiction, The (Internet Book List) Link

    Internet Secrets (Upgrade Secrets, My Software Secrets, et al.) (Desumba Enterprises) (Randy Jett, Jean Shonovvo Jett) Link

    Intromark, Inc. (InventHelp) (div. of Invention Submission Corp.) Link

    Jacob Langley Link

    Jane Starr Literary Scouts Link

    JLA Talent (formerly Jack Lippman Agency) Link

    J. Naomi Linzer Indexing Services Link

    Job Spider (Chris McGarry) Link

    John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center (MTM Agency) Link

    Josh Hoopes (aka David Johnson, Ron Runstrom, et al.) Link

    Judy Boals, Inc. Link

    Judy's Book Link

    KissLibrary (Jack Comstock, Nikolay Korolev) Link

    KiwiBox, Inc. (Pixunity, Kwicki) (div. of Magnitude Information Systems, Inc.) Link

    Kolstein Talent Agency (Naomi Kolstein) Link

    Komic Brew Ltd. (Adam Armit, Goce Cvetanovski) Link

    Krissy Media Ink (formerly Just Joan Marketing Services, Brady Magazine) (Krissy Brady) Link

    Landolt & Associates (Lisa A. Landolt) Link

    LegalZoom (Brian Lee, Edward Hartman, Brian Liu, et al.) Link, Inc. (Ilan Klein, Mois Benarroch) Link

    LendInk (Tribe130 Enterprises, LLC) (Dale Porter) Link

    Leslie Lomax Link

    Light & Sound Graphics (div. of Somnium Press) (Nicholas Taylor) Link

    LightForce Productions, LLC (Dewey Wayne Hanks, Jr. aka Wayne Heyman-Hanks) Link

    Limu Ltd. Link

    Live Psychic Network (Julia Casale, Diane French-Joseph) Link

    Livrada, Inc. (Robert Kang, John Tantum) Link

    loliboods09 Link

    Maestro Publishing, LLC (Peter Farrell) Link

    Manuscript Buyer, The (div. of DCP) (Mike Wells) Link

    Manuscript Wish List (Jessica Sinsheimer, K.K. Hendin) Link

    ManyBooks (div. of Advertical Media, LLC) (Klas Eliasson, Erik Pegreus) Link

    Mark Creative Management (NYLA Entertainment) (Eileen Cope) Link

    Marquis Who’s Who (div. of Worldwide Branding, LLC as of ‘16) Link

    Mary Anne Thompson Associates Link

    Masters Productions (Julianne Masters, Jeremy Owen) Link

    Midwest Circulations LLC (aka Success Unlimited Associates, Inc.) (Bridget Robbins) Link

    Makertime, LLC (Jeff Miller) Link

    MineEye Ltd. (Gavin Carter, Robert Oliver) Link

    Muller Entertainment, LLC (Justin Muller, Alan Medelin) Link

    Nashville Music Productions, Inc. (N.M.P. Publishing, Independent Artists of Nashville) (Kirk Comiskey) Link

    Neovella, LLC (Michael & Wojciech Siedlecki) Link

    New Fixtion (New Fiction) (Dennis Manuel, Rod Miller, et al.) Link

    Northern Cards Ltd. (J.P. Burchell, Hugh Clarkson) Link

    NovelRank (Mario Lurig) Link

    Novlr Ltd. (Thomas Muirhead, Kimberly Pryor) Link

    NTN Associates (Neil Thomas) Link

    Numenorean Films (Cary Solomon, Chuck Konzelman) Link

    Obey Enterprises (formerly GMA Publishing (Glenn Mollette)) (Anthony & Crystal Obey) Link, Inc. (Oboolo, (Julien Wolff, Jean Xavier Bersot) Link

    Ocean of PDF Link

    One Year Adventure, Inc. (Bob Loren, Gary Friedman) Link Link Ltd. (Michal Kicinski, Tomek Staniek) Link

    Osmora, Inc. (Rosa Rosario-Jaquez) Link

    Our Novel Link

    Outernet Link

    Page 1 Solutions, LLC (Daniel Goldstein, Norton Frickey) Link

    Panic Ventures, Inc. (Panic Productions) (Daniel Farrands) Link

    Paper Experts, The (AmazingPapers, PaperWizards, ExpressPapers, et al.) (Marcelo Vilanez) Link

    Paragraph of the Day, The (Paul Strauss) Link

    Paw Prints (div. of Baker & Taylor) Link

    PayLoadz, Inc. (Shannon Sofield) Link

    PayPal Link

    PDFPupil (Rakibul Shemon) Link

    PSMG Bookstore (div. of Precious Seeds Media Group, LLC) (Darryl Montague) Link

    Precision Consulting, LLC (formerly Minimax Consulting, LLC) (Pierre & Charlotte Chabot, Clark Guo) Link

    Pro Dissertation Link (div. of Blindside Publishing) (Jon Hodges) Link

    Protect My Work Ltd. (Marcus & Jason Sen, Jonathan Balcombe) Link

    Publishers Group West (div. of Perseus Book Group) Link

    Publishing Research Group (Clara Harris) Link

    Publishizer, Inc. (Guy Vincent) Link

    Quarasan Group, The (Randi Brill) Link

    Query Letter Builder (div. of KoppTech, LLC) (Anna Kopp) Link

    Rain Management Group (StoryBy Entertainment) (Jonathan Baruch, Rick Dorfman) Link

    RadarBlipBooks (Adam Warner) Link

    Real Creatives Global Ltd. (10Muses, TVMyWorld) (Malcolm & Frieda Rasala, Mark Macho) Link

    Red Roxy Studios (Greg Allen) Link

    Rightscenter, Inc. (Emily Parker, Jim McCugh) Link

    Royal Academy of Bards, The (Stephanie Solomon-Lopez, et al.) Link

    R.R. Bower, LLC (MyIdentifiers, et al.) Link

    Russell Images (Kevin Russell) Link

    Sam Okun Link

    Script Styler (div. of Script Styler Corp.) (Ken McKenzie) Link

    Sea to Sky Books (Tina Haveman) Link

    SelectEbuys (Tim Hickman) Link

    SelfPublisherStore (div. of SPS Enterprises, LLC) (Steven Johnson, Steve Owen) Link

    ShadowDog Productions (Dexter Goad) Link

    Share Master Link

    ShareYourExperiences (ShareYourOpinions,, et al) (John Torrey, Scott Kucera) Link

    Sincere Kirabo Link

    Smart Works (Sandy Campbell) Link

    Space Goat Productions, Inc. (Shon Bury) Link

    Spiral Universe, Inc. (formerly Spiral Software Systems, EZHW Corp.) (div. of Chalkable as of ’14) Link

    Stageplays, Inc. (Cyberpress) (div. of The Internet Theatre Bookshop Ltd.) (Paul & Sonia Thain) Link

    Stallion Publishers Link

    Star Painter Productions, LLC (formerly Star Painter Publishing & Multimedia, LLC) (Weldon “Drew” Bankston) Link

    Stelor Productions, Inc. (Steven Esrig) Link

    Story Aid Pro (div. of SeanSo Software) (Sean Sopata) Link

    Storylane (Jonathan Gheller, Michael Landau) Link

    Student Operated Press, The (Newsblaze) (Judyth Piazza) Link

    Superior Formatting Publishing Link

    Teachers Pay Teachers (div. of Teacher Synergy, LLC) (Paul Edelman) Link

    TechStreet (div. of Thomson Reuters) Link

    Terrell Mims University (Terrell Mims aka Chris DeLaune) Link

    Terrence “Terry” Brejla Link

    Think All Publishing, LLC (formerly Manay Software) (Yuri Mintskovsky, Jon Labovitz) Link

    Third Rail Marketing, LLC (Eric Rogell, Sheri Wallace) Link

    Tiger Author Services & Book Trailers (Anika Williams) Link

    Today’s Woman, LLC (formerly Today’s Woman Writing Community, et al.) (Rose & Shawn Desrochers) Link

    Torch Group (Ronald & Michele Torch) Link

    Touchpoint Media (formerly Touchpoint Publishing Group, Inc.) (Steve Farbman, Jim McEwen) Link

    TurnIt (div. of Evolusent, Inc.) (Kaleem Ahmad) Link

    Universal Research, Inc./LLC/Ltd. (aka Uniwork, Inc.) (Essay Writers, Best Essays, Rush Essays, et al.) (Yuriy & Olga Mizyuk) Link

    UNIVERSEindie (div. of New Stars, LLC) (Pete Dudek) Link

    Vearsa (formerly ePubDirect) (Gareth Cuddy) Link

    Vezeo Ventures (Mason Hibbard, Timothy White) Link

    VipraSys Link

    We Feel Fine (Sep Kamvar, Jonathan Harris) Link

    Weston Executive Partners (Phillip Wade Link

    WiccaSources (Vera Carvalho aka Vera Oak) Link

    Will Entertainment (Garrett Hicks) Link

    WillowRaven Illustration & Design Plus (Aidana WillowRaven) Link

    Wise Marketing (div. of We Love Media Ltd.) (Jim Smith, Philip Smitham) Link

    WorldCat (div. of OCLC, Inc.) Link

    World Weddings, LLC (formerly Euroevents & Travel, LLC) (Roland & Rosanna Ripamonti) Link

    Write Agenda, The Link

    WriteAlong (Harro Engelen) Link

    Writer Beat (Autumn Cote, Stephen Shaprio) Link (Elizabeth Bailey, Olivia Gilder) Link

    WriteStoryBooksForChildren (div. of Digital Sea Ltd.) (Neil & Hayley Maxwell-Keys) Link Link

    Writing Help Tool Center (Instant Book Writing Kit) (Shaun Fawcett) Link

    Xacti Corp. (aka Xacti Global, LLC) (Robert Oesterlund) Link

    Xicom Technologies Ltd. (Rahul Mahajan) Link

    XinXii (div. of GD Publishing Ltd. & Co. KG) (Andrea Schober) Link

    YouShelf, Inc. (Jingxin “Jerry” Huang) Link

    Zeta Entertainment Software (Philip Hetherington) Link

    Ziff Davis, LLC (PC Magazine,, et al) (formerly Ziff Davis Media, Inc.) Link

    Zimbo Books (Zimbo Pages) (div. of Technocash Pty. Ltd.) (Paul Monsted, Raymond Pakalns) Link

    Zodiak Rights (formerly Zodiak Media, RDF Media Group) (div. of Banjay Group as of ’16) Link
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    Everything Else

    Avoiding and Reporting Scams & Fraud

    General tips to avoid and escape scammers
    Reporting mail fraud
    Reporting to Consumer Affairs
    Reporting to as many agencies as possible
    Jenna Glatzer’s webcast
    Daniel Steven’s webcast
    The lies scammers tell about us
    Reporting spam
    Get “The Street-Smart Writer” FREE!
    Writers as mystery shoppers: understanding scams

    Avoid fee-charging agents. Period. Full stop.
    Fee-charging agents: right or wrong?
    Charging up front for copies
    Agents charging for postage
    Agents charging fees
    Aren’t agent fees part of the game?
    How much are agents allowed to charge?
    Processing fee versus reading fee

    Other scams to beware:
    Tsunami Relief
    Phishy publisher?
    Another phishy publisher?
    Scams aimed at editors
    Check-cashing scams
    Foreign lotteries
    Phishing email
    Magazine solicitors
    Guy posing as a publisher?
    Subscription renewals
    Content writing
    Work-at-home schemes
    Phishing websites
    Patent filing services

    Tales of woe and requests for help:


    Rights, Copyrights & Permissions

    Do I need to copyright my work?

    North American serial rights
    Using quotes for book blurbs
    Subsidiary rights and royalties
    Blocking Google cache
    Is my work now their property?
    Copyright vs publishing rights
    Acquiring rights to out-of-copyright work
    Copyright vs trademark
    Publishing a derivative work
    Life of Copyright

    Combating Piracy and Plagiarism


    How to Find An Agent and/or Publisher

    Finding an author’s agent
    Using agent/market guide books
    FAQ re: agents and publishers

    Evaluating Agents & Publishers
    Questions to ask author about publisher
    Good agency guidelines
    What is a fair contract?
    Don’t pay to be published!
    Asked to sign a waiver
    Who are the biggest publishers?
    Asking agents for their credentials
    New agents
    The Fisher Scale
    Testimonials a bad sign?
    Agents sharing address/office space
    Approaching foreign publishers
    Evaluating an agent’s sales
    Qualifying an agent to query
    Agent requiring pre-orders?
    Contract Language Question
    Why Pubilshers Fail.
    Startup small presses


    Response times / Coping with non-responsiveness
    Sites which track response times


    Navigating the World of Publishing

    How real publishing works
    How sales are reported
    How agents submit to publishers
    How are agents paid?
    Agent commissions
    Agents’ codes of ethics
    The slushpile: what it is and how to avoid it
    Effective distributors

    Negotiating novel contracts
    Charges upon termination
    Work-for-hire contracts
    Option clauses
    Renegotiating existing contract
    Non-disclosure agreements
    Writers’ Rights

    Royalties & Reserves
    Gross versus net
    Sale price versus cover price
    What if statement incorrect?
    Standard rates
    Payment net good or bad?
    Do publishers charge for returns?
    Reserves against returns



    Published Authors Have Problems, Too

    Publisher went out of business
    Publisher violated contract
    Communicating with agent
    Print reviews
    Publisher wants SSN
    Agent not selling my work
    Amazon reviews
    Are online stores really selling my book?
    Questions about a shady publisher
    Changes to contracts
    No contract?



    Surviving a Convention

    Viruses & Firewalls

    Coping with Harassment On- and Off-line

    Misc. questions, discussions & announcements

    Forum business

    Fried spam
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    To conserve space I haven’t cross-referenced much, but I’ll come back and sub-label some of the multi-thread sections as soon as my eyes uncross. I intend to update stuff as they scroll off the first page. In the meantime, feel free to PM me with corrections and suggestions.

    <ego> Much thanks and "You're welcome!" to all who've pinged me. </ego>
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    Censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates in the end the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion. -- Henry Steele Commager
    Achievers strive for excellence. Perfectionists drive themselves to extinction. -- A Grapple A Day
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    All I can say is...Wow. Fabulous job, Cao. Thank you so much!

    You deserve many, many rep points!

    - Victoria

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    Quote Originally Posted by victoriastrauss
    All I can say is...Wow. Fabulous job, Cao. Thank you so much!

    You deserve many, many rep points!

    - Victoria
    *blush* Thanks! I had a lot of fun with it, actually. 'Twas a great trip down memory lane. Let me know what I've missed/messed up.

    Censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates in the end the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion. -- Henry Steele Commager
    Achievers strive for excellence. Perfectionists drive themselves to extinction. -- A Grapple A Day
    I've never known any trouble that an hour's reading didn't assuage. -- Charles DeSecondat

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    Wonderful Job!


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    Quote Originally Posted by T42
    Wonderful Job!
    Encore with this one! Good Lord it's amazing! This should be published


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    Cao, you're my new favorite person.

    I'm going to close down this thread and let people thank you with rep points.

    Do me a favor: check to see if you're still able to edit your own posts after a thread is closed.


    Drat, that didn't work.

    But look at Cao's shiny new blob!
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    Ooo, shiny!

    Does everyone have a "Find (on This Page)" function in their browser? For Explorer it's Ctrl-F. Might be handier than Search in some cases.

    Censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates in the end the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion. -- Henry Steele Commager
    Achievers strive for excellence. Perfectionists drive themselves to extinction. -- A Grapple A Day
    I've never known any trouble that an hour's reading didn't assuage. -- Charles DeSecondat

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    Thank you for this amazing Index!

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    Exclamation Update

    I've sub-divided the “How to…” categories. Feel free to PM me with suggestions.

    And check back often to see what's new.

    Censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates in the end the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion. -- Henry Steele Commager
    Achievers strive for excellence. Perfectionists drive themselves to extinction. -- A Grapple A Day
    I've never known any trouble that an hour's reading didn't assuage. -- Charles DeSecondat

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    Considering the potential for confusion, I think this warrants a separate post:

    In case y'all aren't aware, the infamous ST Literary Agency recently changed its name to Stylus Literary Agency. They also formed an umbrella company The Literary Agency Group, Inc. They no doubt chose this name to create confusion with the legit (or at least competent) agency The Literary Group (aka Literary Group International).

    So, what we’ve got here is The Literary Agency Group, Inc. posing as the “parent” agency for the following puppets:

    The Children’s Literary Agency

    The Christian Literary Agency

    The New York Literary Agency

    The Poets Literary Agency

    The Screenplay Agency

    Stylus Literary Agency

    Which in turn refer writers to the paid services of:

    My Editor Is A Saint

    The Writers Literary & Publishing Services Co.

    Just so we’re clear…


    ETA: 2/07: Fletcher and pals claim The Literary Agency Group is bought by Writers’ Literary Agency & Marketing Company and rename some of their "agencies" (e.g. The Children's Literary Agency to WL Children's Agency). It's all the same people and still the same scam. See individual threads for details.

    ETA: 4/08: The latest tentacles are the Children's Book Publishing Agency and the Writers Book Publishing Agency. See individual threads for details.
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    To whom it may bemuse, the Never-ending PA thread has been reopened.

    In other news, I've settled into a comfortable rut of updating the Index on Mondays and Thursdays. Be sure to PM me if you find a broken link or something.

    Carry on.

    Censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates in the end the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion. -- Henry Steele Commager
    Achievers strive for excellence. Perfectionists drive themselves to extinction. -- A Grapple A Day
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    July 2005...a time of introspection and refinement.

    As some have no doubt noticed, the B&BC board is being overhauled to weed out irrelevant stuff, make old threads searchable, and condense them where practical. The Index should be updated within the next couple of days. Please pardon my dust.

    Censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates in the end the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion. -- Henry Steele Commager
    Achievers strive for excellence. Perfectionists drive themselves to extinction. -- A Grapple A Day
    I've never known any trouble that an hour's reading didn't assuage. -- Charles DeSecondat

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    Dear Cao,

    I love you.

    I am no longer here. If you'd like to visit me, please find me at or on Facebook. Thanks!

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    Luv ya, too, Jenna.

    A'ight, folks, the Index has been refurbished and updated as of 8/6. As always, feel free to PM me if you find any errors of (c)omission. Enjoy!

    Censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates in the end the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion. -- Henry Steele Commager
    Achievers strive for excellence. Perfectionists drive themselves to extinction. -- A Grapple A Day
    I've never known any trouble that an hour's reading didn't assuage. -- Charles DeSecondat

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    I've got some questions for y'all...

    How do you use the Index (i.e. scroll or search)? Would you prefer to have stuff like on-line markets and film agencies separated from the rest? Any other suggestions?


    Censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates in the end the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion. -- Henry Steele Commager
    Achievers strive for excellence. Perfectionists drive themselves to extinction. -- A Grapple A Day
    I've never known any trouble that an hour's reading didn't assuage. -- Charles DeSecondat

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    Personally, I like an all-in-one list, so I don't have to know what an agency or market is in order to find it. I scroll. I'm also on a slow connection, so I browse with javascript and everything else that slows me down further off. Maybe one master list, with color-coding to indicate agency, publisher, on-line market, etc.?

    And have I mentioned lately that you are a saint for doing this?

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    Thanks, Aconite, I try.

    Color-coding's a great idea! Let's about blue for online markets and green for screen agents? Do those show up well, without being obnoxious?
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    Censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates in the end the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion. -- Henry Steele Commager
    Achievers strive for excellence. Perfectionists drive themselves to extinction. -- A Grapple A Day
    I've never known any trouble that an hour's reading didn't assuage. -- Charles DeSecondat