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    Before you proceed, please read the following:

    How Real Publishing Works


    Everything you wanted to know about literary agents...

    Now read them again. Really. Understanding the above will keep you out of the hands of scammers and help you bypass the slush pile. The extra time spent now will save you much trouble later.

    Moving on ... this Index contains four main sections:

    • Agents & Agencies - A-J, K-Z
      Listed alphabetically by agency (or agent's first name if not affiliated with an agency).

    • Publishers & Publishing Services - A-E, F-N, O-Z
      Print, electronic, and audio publishers, as well as services to help you self-publish in any format.

    • Other Services & Resources
      Watchdog Sites & Organizations
      General Agent & Publisher Listings
      Editing, Appraisal & Critique Services
      Display Sites
      Submission Services
      Publicity / Marketing / Reviews
      Content Sites / Freelance Job Listings
      Writers’ Associations, Communities, Forums & Workshops
      Contests & Awards

    • Everything Else
      Avoiding and Reporting Scams & Fraud
      Rights, Copyrights & Permissions
      How to Find an Agent and/or Publisher
      Navigating the Wide World of Publishing
      Published Authors Have Problems, Too

    To search, use either the “Search This Thread” at the top of this post, or the forum “Search” at the top of the page (Advanced Search tends to work better). You can also use the "Find (on This Page)" function of your browser (usually Ctrl-F).

    If all else fails, search via Google using the “search string here” format. For your convenience, there’s a customized Google search box at the bottom left of every forum page.

    Many threads contain multiple subjects. If a thread isn't named or doesn't start with what you're looking for, keep reading cuz it's in there somewhere (and you might even learn something by accident. )

    This Index is NOT all-inclusive. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, check out Preditors & EditorsTM: [ETA: Currently offline, alas.] See below for how to post about someone/thing new.

    Script and screenwriters might have better luck at the Done Deal board over at Script Sales:

    If you can't find a relevant thread, post your question in a NEW thread (the button is on the main Bewares page), not here in the Index.

    • When asking a question, include what info you already have, especially a website, so folks can give you a quick and accurate answer.

    • Post one subject per thread. For example, if you have questions about two agencies that you cannot find existing threads for, create a separate thread for each agency.

    • Do not create a new thread about an existing topic. No matter how old a thread is, just post your question to it, and it will pop to the top.

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