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Thread: Light Sword Publishing / LSP Digital, LLC

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    Quote Originally Posted by victoriastrauss View Post
    This thread is indeed about Light Sword Publishing. Let's keep it on topic, please.

    - Victoria

    Hi! I'm Mari, the author who has been mentioned as having been published by Light Sword Publishing, and who is no longer under contract to them. My husband is Kalelski, and while we sometimes debate different avenues of travel, we are a team and are definitely on the same page and headed for the same place. I am more than willing to answer questions about MY EXPERIENCE with Light Sword Publishing, keeping in mind some very basic facts.

    My last experiences with Light Sword Publishing that were concerned with anything having to do with their ability to prepare for publication, publish, or market a book were previous to May 2nd of this year, the day I was released from my contract. Any questions I answer pertaining to those subjects will date from before, or on, that date. I did have a rather unpleasant experience while attempting to collect my royalty from the publisher, dating from July 27th of this year, when the company sent me an insulting and inaccurate royalty statement with an inaccurately calculated check for $11.35. After a heated argument, copied to Writer Beware and Editors and Preditors, Light Sword Publishing decided that it did owe me an additional $112.87, which it sent with no corrected or businesslike, unbiased, royalty statement to clarify what it actually thought that it was paying me for. We are still trying to get that verification for our records. I have copies of all of this, as do the agencies already quoted.

    In giving out information I am more than happy to give facts, but there are things that are not that important. I cannot see what importance can be given to the fact that Light Sword Publishing used a POD printer. Almost anything digital is done in small print runs or POD now. I was always surprised that Linda Daly, the person I had the most interaction with, reacted so badly to any accusation of that, since it is an avowed small press, but the size of the "print runs" were always a closely guarded secret. I know the name of the printer as I had materials sent to me from it, but that does not mean that Light Sword Publishing still even uses that printer. Much of my information is of that nature, dated, and not that important now.

    I have stated that I was not happy with the presentation of my book and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be re-releasing it. My husband and I DO have a strongly vested interest in It's ME! Ink Press, and are VERY proud of it. If you check my profile, you will see that I do, indeed, sleep with my publisher. :-P On the other hand, we do not take submissions and have no plans to publish OTHER authors while we are learning the ropes ourselves. The way that we handle ourselves with OUR OWN publications will speak for itself.

    What we have found out is that producing the book, while a headache at times and requiring a hefty learning curve, is the EASY part of the process and the hard part is yet to come. While we have turned the mechanics of distribution over to a capable and reputable source, SELLING the book is up to us. How well we do this will determine whether or not we are sucessful publishers. The publisher generally makes the connections to market the book, and has to make the book acceptable to be sold in bookstores. The writer's committment is to show up and do everything he or she can to support that effort.

    To sum up, I will cheerfully answer questions, but the answers may not mean that much anymore. Kalelski (Alan) and I are partners in every way, and each of us is pretty able to take care of ourselves. ASK away, but keep in mind that my experience may not have all that much in common with authors undergoing the "Light Sword Experience" right now. I can only explain MY situation almost six months ago, and anyone visiting our webpage will see, spelled out, that we do not recommend that publisher. It's a personal decision, founded on personal experience.

    I'm happy to be a part of the Absolute Write Water Cooler and I'm looking forward to moving past this and learning from the many different rich areas of this resource.

    Thank you for having me!

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