Author Sherry Thomas had an interesting blog post about the anti-heroine, something she'd like to see more of in romance books.

I pretty much agree with everything she said (so much so that I commented--i'm commenter numero uno). I also wanted to hear from folks here about this issue.

So, after you read the post,

1) Tell me about your own heroine with a twist (if that's what you've written)

2) Do you think anti-heroine's have a chance at seeing the light of day (i.e., being in a published book)? Anyone get editorial or agent feedback about this type of heroine regarding their own project?

3) Can you recommend any books with an anti-heroine (the kind with a redemptive character arc, of course)

My current project features a sexy space pirate out to avenge the deaths of her family. She's captain of a ship loaded with kick-butt artillery, and she's not afraid to use seduction, especially with the hero, to get what she needs. Outside, she's cool, crafty, and ruthless. Inside, however, she's very conflicted and worries her soul will be condemned for all of eternity.

What about you?