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backups don't count. Only RESTORES count. Whatever system you're using, make sure you can recover the backed-up files.
This, this, a thousand times this. If the backup won't restore, it's worse than useless (because it's both wasted your time and given you a false sense of security). If you count on a backup program, at least once do a test restore.

As to online backups, I've been following Backblaze as an inexpensive host focused on remote backups, and if I had upload speeds beyond a crawl I'd probably get an account, to use as a secondary backup (I already stash files on my webhosting, which has effectively unlimited space).

Someone above gripes of a soggy ZIP disk. ZIP disk is just a glorified floppy. They can be taken apart and cleaned, and if the disk itself hasn't degraded, the data will be fine.