This was posted on one of my yahoo groups. Apparently it was sent out in the wee small hours.

Dear Authors:
You may have gleaned this information from the previous emailed press
release regarding Dorchester's new CEO, but several exciting changes are
happening at the company. In addition to Mr. Robert Anthony's
appointment, the imminent revamping of our Web site and release of Winter 2010 titles,
our old printer and warehouse, Offset Paperback Manufacturers, has
agreed to once again distribute single-copy sales of our inventory.

What this means to you:

. Your fans will be able to buy your books. All of your mass-market
paperback books that were in stock before the August 7 shutdown are back
stock. If you have readers who are interested in purchasing your books,
direct them to either or to the Telecenter at
(800) 481-9191. These books will be accounted for individually and appear on
your May royalty statement.

. You'll be able to set up book signings. Bookstores can once again
order your books, provided they are willing to do so on a non-returnable
basis. Because of the caveat, depending on the number of copies they are
willing to buy, they will be granted a scaling discount. They should call the
Telecenter to set up orders. These books will also show up on your May
royalty statement.

. You'll continue to be able to purchase any stock you desire. Special
offer author discounts continue to apply, on a sliding scale dependent on

Things you should know:

. If your rights have reverted, Dorchester is still able to sell these
books. A caveat of our reversion notice allows for sales of all
pre-existing stock. Be assured that we are not going back to press on any of these
books in order to sell them at a discount.

. There will be a slightly longer turnaround time on all orders. Allow a
day or two longer for shipments, as some changes have taken place at the
warehouse that will slow fulfillment.
All in all, though, this is great news. Dorchester looks forward to
providing your fans with your books for as long as we have stock and the
rights-and we wish you the very best of luck in the continuance of your
careers. We hope to be part of them.

Our other current project is generating up-to-date royalty statements
and developing a payment plan to see that everyone gets what they are owed
in as timely a manner possible. The staff is revitalized and working through
each and every problem as it pops up. Any questions, please let me know. I
will be out of the office all next week for the holiday, but will be checking
my email whenever possible.

Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving,

Christopher Keeslar
Senior Editor

Dorchester Publishing Co., Inc.
200 Madison Avenue, Suite 2000
New York, NY 10016