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Thread: The Rep Response Repository

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    Mar 2006
    lost in headspace

    The Rep Response Repository

    I see a lot of people going to FAQ's and Tech Help asking for ways to send a response back for a rep point. Apparently, its a very complex code to crack in getting that accomplished. I thought this would help.

    If you get a rep point you want to respond to, put the person's name and a brief response to the rp in a post here. you dont have to quote the rep, we don't need to know all your business, (and hopefully the person that repped you will know what the heck you are talking about.)

    If you left a rep you think might have merited a response, check here to see if you got one.

    Sass - thanks.
    Delarege - It's true. I am not a gracious loser and difficult to please.
    Robeaie, KTC, and William H - I love you too.
    Sunna7kore - your good luck rep worked.
    Clockwork - with hot fudge, please.
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