So on my book, I'm toying with the career my hero has. He does well, since he is in like the top 40 most eligible bachelors or something like that, but what is his career? Does he own his own company? Was it inherited? Is he the bastard son of a European prince? lol. My first thought was that he owns a record label and the story is set in Nashville. But I haven't done any research yet so it isn't solid. I've never seen that done before though...but certainly it would be more refreshing than the multi-millionaire greek business tycoon? lol. What do you think, what are the most used careers for the heros?

What about the heroine? She's certainly easier I guess since most of the time, she ends up being happy homemaker cause he can provide more than enough to support whatever family they might have. Teacher, librarian, owns a bookstore that has been in the family for generations...a writer! lol. I can't think of the more used careers for heroines since mostly what I read is historicals where women didn't have jobs XD. So far my heroine works in a local library while she's going to school part-time to be a teacher. Easy enough I guess. I'm still refining the details. But what are the most used careers for the heroines?

And finally, does the career being used too much really affect the book overall? Sure if you look at ALL books as a whole, it is a bit unrealistic that there are THAT many billionaires with their own companies in the world, but who really looks at it that way? lol. I think I could deal with another European billionaire as long as the rest of the book was good. I dunno, what do you think?

I start too many topics XD. I'm sorry, I am just brimming with the need to discuss stuff like this. Perhaps I shall browse through the old topics and see what I can collect that way.