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Thread: Sandsmark, Joanna

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    Sandsmark, Joanna

    Title: A Girl's Best Friend: Why Dogs Are Better Than Diamonds
    Author: Joanna Sandsmark
    Publication Date: Dec. 1, 2005
    Publisher: Ronnie Sellers Productions
    Format: Illustrated hardcover
    ISBN-10: 1569065985
    ISBN-13: 978-1569065983
    Price: $9.95

    Diamonds are a girl's best friend, so the song says, but they don't offer the true companionship that a dog can. Loyalty, steadfastness, unconditional love -- these are all signs of the bond between woman and dog. Celebrating that special bond in words and pictures is A Girl's Best Friend. Vintage photography and artwork matched with a spacious design and muted colors give a nostalgic feel. Amusing quotes from literature and light-hearted text, written by Joanna Sandsmark, offer a charming look at canine and feminine behavior, covering subjects from treats, exercise, and etiquette to history's famous dog lovers and dog heroics.

    Link: Amazon
    Link to author's website:
    Link to author's threads in other library categories: Spiritual

    US cover UK cover
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