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Thread: How Pagan or Wiccan is Harry, really?

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    How Pagan or Wiccan is Harry, really?

    *Sigh* I know. Another Harry Potter thread. But I really want to know, straight from the folks, here, who know.

    My best friend says she heard that some Wiccans were concerned when the books first started coming out--they wanted to warn people that the spells were too realistic for children to be reading them; that JKR did her research too well and the books could be dangerous to those who wanted to dabble.

    Were there really Wiccans who feel this way or felt this way? Are there Pagans or Wiccans who don't like what Harry Potter books have done for/against the religion, itself?

    BTW, I know how lame this question might sound. But I'm really that clueless.

    I've certainly heard a lot of opinions on it from Christians (many of whom haven't read the books). I'd really like to hear some opinions from a different perspective, if y'all don't mind.
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