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Thread: Dawno's CafePress Shop

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    Dawno's CafePress Shop

    Back when we had the AW Shutdown, I opened a little CafePress shop to help raise funds for whatever needed financial support - whether it be a hosting fees, legal fees or just to support the ongoing AW costs.

    I didn't do much marketing of the store then, but with so many folk getting together via the Regional Meet and Greet forum, and the NasFic convention coming up, I wanted to remind folk they can identify each other pretty easily with AW Logo gear

    I've also got other items with Yog's Law and Learn Writing With Uncle Jim themes - permission and courtesy of Uncle Jim.

    The AW Logo tee-shirts and other logo items have been updated with the new AW logo. Remember - all proceeds after CafePress takes its cut, go to AW - not Dawno. I've kept the prices as low as I can and still send a buck or two to AW from most purchases.
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