This survey is for the published authors on this board...

Who were your first agents or publishers? I don't mean for you to name specific names or figures, but:

1. Did you go with a small agency, or a small publisher?
2. Did you get on with the big guys right off the start?
3. Did your very first book sell? Or did you have to try again?
4. What was your first success like? Small run but great sell through? Large run and great sell through? Large run and not so great sales...?
5. How long did it take you to come out of being an "entry level"?
6. How much marketing, promotion, etc. did you have to do when you first started out? Compared to now?

As we all know, being published once doesn't automatically mean you're going to have a successful career. Hopefully our authors' insights here may shed some light on the writers' career...