I didn't see any mention in the index or find a topic on TEB with the search feature, so here's a new thread Mods--if I've totally missed an existing thread delete away and try not to yell at me for being an idiot

I recently offered an out of print historical to the brand new UK e-publisher Total-e-Bound to use in their "free read" section and was pleasantly surprised when owner Claire Siemaszkiewicz asked if I'd consider upping the heat level between the H/H because she'd like to reprint it. Claire gave some great suggestions for the rewrite. The suggested edits arrived just last week and this morning I received my author's copy of the revised book.

It's inevitable that things will slow a bit as their submissions increase but at this early stage I'm impressed not only with the speed but with the company in general. Claire and her partners have solid background which they have listed on the website--take note new publishers-- ALWAYS list this stuff. It's the first thing many authors look for when considering a new company. for.

They've got a very nice forum for readers set up with a private section for authors/artists. I really like the e-signature contract service they use as it makes things so much quicker and easier than snail mail which would be a nightmare considering their headquartered in the UK. The coverart is top notch and for your artists my friend Anne Cain is very pleased with in her dealings with TEB.

I hope Claire and company keep up the good work.