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Thread: Aspen Mountain Press

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    I have maintained my silence on this subject for a long time. But today I'm breaking it because I no longer have any books with AMP.

    I didn't experience the long term contact problems with AMP because I was with the Aurora Regency imprint. I never had a problem talking to my editors or the AR staff. I saw the problems in other areas at AMP, but once the senior staff took over all operations, things drastically improved except in one area. The owner was still responsible for payment.

    My checks stopped coming. They had always been sporadic and the publisher had a bad habit of sending checks without royalty statements so it was impossible to tell what I was being paid for, but the checks just stopped.

    Things got so bad internally that the senior staff walked out. I know I'm not the only person who hasn't been getting paid or getting proper royatly statements. Once the senior staff left, the owner posted one or two cheery messages about how all checks would be out by Aug. 15th and statements a few days later. I have never received either.

    Then she stopped communicating with anyone. Calls, emails, and certified letters have all gone unanswered. The author loop has been a frenzy of worry. Of the 13 books scheduled since the owner assumed full responsibility, only two have actually been released. Some people have been paid. Some haven't. To my knowledge, no one has received a statement.

    Happily, I am now free. The owner finally agreed to sell the Aurora Regency imprint to the people who actually built ARand ran it. While I"m thrilled that AR will continue and that I'm out of the great swampy mess that is AMP, I feel terribly sad for the AMP authors still stuck in limbo with an unresponsive and irresponsible owner who holds their books hostage.

    I would hate for anyone else walk into this mess, so I'm posting this as a warning to anyone thinking of submitting to AMP. I'm not even sure there is anyone still checking the submission box.
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