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Thread: The big horse link thread

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    The big horse link thread

    I figured this would be helpful, since there's so much equine interest here. Anyone got a site to add to the list?

    -Hilarious. Frequent writer faux-... um, mistakes.
    -Another fmwriters article. Nice overview.

    Communication, Equine:
    -for writers
    -note- snicker=nicker

    Warfare: (Primarly Medieval or nearly so)
    -History of dressage and some examples of warhorse development...
    -Airs above the ground
    -Calvary. Note- early medieval horse size is overestimated greatly.
    -Regle du Temple- the Knights Templars' monastic constitution (say that three times fast)
    -10/11th century Byzantine calvary tactics
    -medieval English mounted infantry
    -essay on stirrups and their use

    Medieval Breeds:
    -general and specific info, and terms.
    -Wiki on breeds (should this fail, search Wikipedia for Destrier/Courser/Palfrey

    -basic intro, there's a piaffe animation to the right. Also mentions how fast and how long horses can gallop!
    -animation. **if anyone knows a better link, please add it and I'll replace this one**

    Pack mule/horse

    Someone chime in- saw this in the other horse thread somewhere...

    Horse colors and markings
    -nice site

    -site specific to writers

    -great article- read it all!

    -General jousting? link needed...

    Horse sense:
    -Tons of Q&A, and more links!

    Endurance (new)
    -The Tevis Cup. 100 miles, one day.
    -Feeding the endurance horse.

    *More links below* (A handful have been placed on the master list, but the rest require scrolling)
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