I've recently seen several Permuted Press contracts, and there are issues of concern, in my opinion, including:

- A life-of-copyright grant term without adequate provision for reversion (the work is "in print" as long as it's "available from the publisher or licensee in any edition"). Reversion in a life-of-copyright contract should always be tied to specific sales minimums.

- An overly sweeping Option clause that gives the publisher first refusal right on any sequels, prequels, successor works, or even, possibly, works in the same genre ("any full-length work of fiction based substantially on subject matter, material, characters or incidents in the Work").

- Royalty rates potentially substantially reduced by "special discount sales"--defined as anything sold at a discount of more than 40% (most online retailers demand a much bigger discount), in which case royalties drop to just 5% of net.

- Substandard ebook royalties (20% of net) and subrights splits (30% of net).

- An excessively long publication window (four years).

- Victoria