I've seen the email Permuted Press sent to authors. In addition to ending POD production, they're "pausing the release of most new titles until early 2015." They say that this is necessary in order "to increase margin in our production schedule".

In other words, when they ramped up production from about 25 books a year to over 100 released so far in 2014, their eyes were bigger than their stomachs and they now need time to regroup. This is not a good sign, IMO--either the huge increase in titles or the fact that they seem to have been unable to plan a realistic publishing schedule. They do say that when publishing resumes, they will have a "less aggressive" release schedule.

This may also put the halting of POD production in a new light. Could it be that the time management problems are less to do with publishing in a particular format than with just signing on too many books?

I've also been told that Permuted is offering to let authors out of their contracts--as long as they pay a hefty fee (four figures, in one case) to cover production expenses.

- Victoria