Okay not a big accomplishment really but I felt a need to post it here, cause I haven't really had any accomplishments.

The other day my mother turned to me and asked me about the story that was on my computer (at the time I had two) and I told her it was bit and pieces not connected yet. And then she tells me that it was good and she was disappointed that there had been no more. She also said she could definitely tell I had improved since the last time she had read something of mine, which had been about 6 or 7 months ago. She also said she could tell that I read, and that I was taking in what I read and was applying it to my writing.

I think it was the biggest compliment about my writing I've gotten from my mother. It made me really so happy, and while it might not be a big accomplishment to some of you, it means a lot to me, and felt the need to share