Title: The Laying Out of Gussie Hoot
Author(s): Fraser, Margot
Publication Date: 1990
Publisher: Southern Methodist University Press
Format: Print
ISBN: 0-87074-317-1
Price: $17.95
Logline: "Gussie Hoot was counting her money. Same as she did every morning of the world. It was a thing you could depend on, like noon... "

So begins this delightful novel that is part intriguing mystery, part comedy of manners. Within just a few pages the irascible Gussie Hoot lies dead, murdered even as she performed her beloved daily task. As the quest for her killer unreels, so too does a colorful panorama of life in a small Texas ranch town -- a town peopled by as richly varied a cast of characters as you will ever come across.

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