On one of the writing forums that I use to look through I've found quite a hot discussion on the importance of European-Asian culture and even comparison. This discussion grew into a real conflict.

Just a quick look:

"Well, I understand your patriotism, but try to read French poets, German philosophers, listen to Italian Opera (as I remember, you like theaters so probably you will enjoy opera) and then you will understand that there are a lot of beautiful things, not just England and English."

"You mention only European legacy. But how about Asia?
Take into account all those masterpieces created in oriental languages."

"Well, I'm not interested in Asia because I'm interested in Britain.
Now I read the Selected works of Sir Francis Bacon, and I have no time in discovering Asia."

"China, India and Babylon had a great developed civilization.
They left their legacy in multiple sciences and we use their knowledge till now.
At the very same time people in Britain were living in caves, they were barbarians."

"Hey you! Stop talking about caves and barbarians.
The ancient culture which disappered is a very broad topic, not for the discussion on the internet forum.
By the way it isn't related to the personal writing style. I don't want to be banned by the admin so I won't discuss anything.
I just advise you to read more about ancient history ask yourself a question: how will you explain Stonehenge?"

"May be it's not for the discussion in this particular thread but who are you to tell me what can be discussed on the internet forum."

"And don't show me that pathetic set of stones. I can show you the Pyramids or the Great Wall of China, but I won't)))"