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Thread: Meet and Greet Ettiquette

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    Meet and Greet Ettiquette

    Here are a few suggestions and caveats for setting up meet and greets.

    When setting up a meeting, please take into consideration the age of the members attending. Are they under eighteen?

    We have a large and diverse community here at AW with a number of underage writers. I think it is a great idea to include everyone, but I think that these particular members should be accompanied by a parent or guardian if they plan on attending an event. It's a liability/safety issue and protects everyone involved

    When hosting a get together, it might be best to avoid doing it in your own home. While AW is a thriving community of intelligent, witty people, it is still an internet based interaction. You never know who might be a member! Putting a face to the name, meeting your fellow writers can be a lot of fun, but the meet and greet should take place in a public forum : a coffee house, a pub, a pot-luck in the park, a restaurant - even crashing a convention and organizing a meet-up during the scheduled activities. Once you meet your fellow members face-to-face the decision to share personal information is your own to make. Never feel pressured into giving out your number or address. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable then listen to your gut!

    None of this is meant to squash the enthusiasm of the meet and greet, but rather to make some safety based suggestions that will keep everything on even ground

    The most important thing is to have fun! Remember, I'm just a PM or an email away if anyone has questions or needs help with anything!

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