Hi all, I am writing an article (hopefully an amusing one) on spitting. It is an age old question...why do men spit. Why do men and boys stand on a corner and spit. Why do they spit while walking. Why do they spit out their car windows. Why can't they just swallow like most of the rest of us who also have saliva to deal with. I am not talking about the spitting that occurs during sporting events (e.g., marathons, other high intensity work outs in which both men and women spit to clear their breathing). I am talking about casually standing on the sidewalk and spitting for no reason, over and over again. Is it considered tough and manly? Is it habit? Is it a way to get rid of germs? Is it sexual in some weird way? Most importantly, where do they learn this from and why is it acceptable? Same goes for professional sports players - baseball in particular, who spit a lot. Funny, when a camera is on a baseball player they tend to catch them spitting, but you never see tennis players or ballet dancers spit on camera and they too are working hard. Why is that? I want to know! Any insights or personal experiences appreciated. Thanks.