Whether copyright law is fair, and to whom, is indeed making news again. For example, see this over at Making Light. It has wonderful quotations from Macaulay (whose writings are public domain, by the way). The same ML post goes on to remind us copyright infringement is a tort, and as such would require someone to sue you, which is probably unlikely no matter what you do. But youíre taking chances on that.

Of course conversation is two-way, and the notion of who owns what can be interesting to talk about. Think about the Wiki concept, for example. But your thread last month began as a question of what was legal, not what was right. As I understand it, your book will take a wide assortment of posted comments and publish them without the postersí permission. As folks told you, even though you canít find those people to get their permission, doing that could get you hauled into court. Macaulay wouldnít like current copyright laws, either, so youíre in good company if you donít.

So I gather you donít like Canadian or US copyright laws. Tough. If you want to rant about that, though, Iíll punt this over to TIO. If you want to ponder the vagaries of language, than we can certainly see if folks want to do that in here.

One more thing: please use the quote function. It makes long posts that quote previous posts much easier to follow. Itís simple and is explained in FAQ.