Hi all,

I'm planning to write this book on book promotion. Er, specifically, on one aspect of book promotion, and not just book promotion in general. I talked with my publisher about this and, while she's got a book similar to this idea, she said it sounded unique and expressed interest. I wrote the outline and figured out a way to make this book unique and different from the other title and I've started to do research for it.

But therein lies the problem. While I'm basing this book on my own tactics and personal experience, I know that I can't just jump into this subject without some research. Of course I've read tons of articles and books on book promotion, along with methods employing my approach. But I'm worried that, from this point forward, any research I do on this subject might seep into my own book and be presented as "my idea." I certainly wouldn't do such a thing to another writer!

When I was writing my tips book, I avoided reading ANY writing tips as well as very few articles on writing. I was merciless in making sure every single tip in my book came from my personal experiences as a writer and as someone often stopped in the hall, on the street, etc., asked for advice on writing. I made sure that there wasn't anything in there that I got from someone else's experiences or someone else's words.

But I don't know if I'll be able to do that with this book. I'm not writing it at present; only researching it. As it goes, I might get too caught up with the nonfiction book I am writing now for the chances of my research for book 4 to get into the actual writing of it. But, I don't know the odds of that happening.

Any advice?

Take care.