of 2006-2007 are:

i nominate as absolutely worst movie 'diary of a cannibal.' in addition, it gets worst director as it's obvious ulli lommel thinks he can splice together cheap video (honestly, some of it looks filmed on VHS) snips, put them in black and white, and show the same shot *repeatedly* throughout the movie at random intervals over the backdrop of bad synthetic opera-esque music.

awful, pure awful. and i so love bad horror films, too, but this turkey has to crawl up from the shit pit to be called terrible. while we do see extended close-ups of the girl's nipples (for some reason, not that it wasn't the only part of the movie i wasn't complaining about), there's nothing to even laugh at except one particularly bad shot where the guy's severed head is blacked out by such a cheap 'special' effect it warrants mention. it's one of those movies where an hour and a half feels like three.

the sets are ridiculous, too. the hospital literally looks like a warehouse, the 'medical equipment' consists entirely of a small oxygen tank. seriously, that's it, nothing more, a small o2 tank. no less than seven or eight minutes at the beginning are taken up by highway traffic filmed from the RV. just vehicles driving along, no kids in the next car, nothing interesting. the main set is another warehouse done up in cheap props probably borrowed from the director's house and bad artwork.

you could literally created a more intelligible and cohesive movie by taking individual clips, shaking them up in a big barrel, pulling out random bits and splicing them together.

need i talk about the acting? er, 'acting'? it consists of endless puppy dog looks from the two lovers and a bizarre lack of dialogue. what dialogue there is is repeated at least once more, often in the very next sentence spoken.

honestly, i think the entire thing was filmed in a week. at most. there are minutes where nothing but the lovers do but stare at one another, are on the beach, or her walking around the desert in the shortest possible mini-skirt possible.

the idea was to provide a case for cannibalism, though it explores absolutely nothing about it, poses no questions, offers no insight. like chapter headings, biblical quotes are inserted for no apparent reason and have no bearing on the story whatsoever.

a bad, bad, bad movie is putting it lightly. normally i'd say check it out *because* it's so bad, but this sucker is simply unwatchable in every possible way.

therefore, i give you the worst movie of the year (or of any other, actually). what's yours?