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We are looking for ongoing content submissions for our proposed pay-to-read section. Subject to our general submission guidelines - see - we require a wide variety of submissions of any genre/subject. We will consider sensual erotica, BDSM, gay and lesbian, bisexual, any combination of M/F/group, female orientated erotica, male orientated erotica, etc., Any length from 1000 words up to approx 10,000 words.

Quality is the key. Original, unpublished work only.

We will offer a single payment of $5 - $25 (US), possibly more, dependant on the standard of erotica and the length, payable upon publication.

Send submissions as a plain text file attached to an email marked ‘Pay-to-read submission’ to In your email please include an up to date author bio and short synopsis of your work.

Logical-Lust retains copyright for as long as the material remains online in pay-to-read.

Info/queries to