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Thread: Useful Research Links

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    Useful Research Links

    I've gathered these together from the links that used to be up here in a sticky. Thanks to I_Shrugged and others for the links so far. If you want to add any more, please do!

    Agriculture - The Food and Agriculture Org of the UN

    American - Digital Archive of American Architecture - Index of the US Constitution - The Supreme Court

    Animals - Animal Behavior Archives at Cornell. - Enature (most animal species)

    Art - Excellent art by the masters. - Quent Cordair Fine Art - Fine Realist art - The Metropolitan Museum of Art - New YorkMuseum - Bernard Safran's Fine Arts - Sandra Shaw, sculptor - Everything sculpture - The San Francisco Art Exchange - The Smithsonian Institution

    Baby Names - Baby Names and more

    Biographies - Biographies - More Biographies

    Countries - CIA World Fact book is a starting place for quick info

    Crime - The Criminology Mega Site

    http://www.pacific-mall.comdictnary/index.htm - Online Dictionary List -Rhyming Dictionary -American Heritage Dictionary - The Phrontistery (unusual Dictionaries) - Online Etymology Dictionary - Describe a Concept in one word

    Fashion - This one requires a paid or two week trial subscription - lingerie catalogs, including some from the 40's

    Financial - Bloomberg Financial - Kiplinger's Finance - Currency Calculator

    Food and Drink - The Food and Agriculture Org of the UN - Wines

    Fun - Microsoft Design Gallery (clip art, etc.) - Early Dr. Seuss Stuff - Crayola Creativity Central - Virtual Fireworks - Free online greeting cards with animal pics - Peanuts comics and other strips - for when you get really bored - Virtual Bubble Wrap.

    Grammar - The Blue Book of Grammar & Punctuation

    History - History - look up any date in history.

    Horses - Hilarious. Frequent writer faux-... um, mistakes. - Another fmwriters article. Nice overview. - Communication. For writers -Communication: note- snicker=nicker - History of dressage and some examples of warhorse development... - Warefare - Medieval Breeds. general and specific info, and terms. - Gaits. basic intro, there's a piaffe animation to the right. Also mentions how fast and how long horses can gallop! - Gaits, animation. - Horse colors and markings - Nutrition. Site specific to writers

    Industry - Interesting Industrial Info

    Language - dictionary of the vulgar tongue (c1811). - British / American word variants. Literary Resources - on-line etymology dictionary. - translate different languages

    Law - Index US Constitution -Supreme Court

    Libraries -THOMAS searchable database at LOC

    Literature - Literary resources on the net - List of every winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature - THOMAS the searchable database at the LOC - Database of Award Winning Children's Literature - Searchable database of kid's lit characters. - The Literary Encyclopedia - Online literature library

    Medicine and Healthcare - AmericanAcademy of Family Physicians - Yahoo Drug Guide (info about popular prescription - American Psychiatric Association - Health Hyperlinks (includes links to medical writing - Medline (a good starting point) - NationalCenter for Compementary and Alternative - The National Center for Forensic Science - AmericanAcademy of Child and Adolescent - AmericanAcademy of Opthamology - AmericanAcademy of Pediatrics - American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry - American Cancer Society - US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (This has to - Clinical Trials (list of studies enrolling patients. No - Emedicine.Com (physician written articles for - Forensic Education and Consulting - Lab Tests Online (describes various lab tests and gives - The Mayo Clinic - National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute - National Institute on Drug Abuse (info on street drugs) - Medical Abbreviation Dictionary - National Organization for Rare Disorders - Reproductive Health Online (associated with Johns - National Institute for Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney - National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases - Forensic Education and Consulting - The Natl. Ctr. For Forensic Science

    Military - The US Air Force

    Miscellaneous - The Gallup Organization (Polling, etc.) - How Stuff Works - describe a concept in one word. - The Society for Creative Anachronism - Free online typing test - Research any Subject - Gallup Org - Mayo Clinic Crayola Creativity _GOV Deals -Official Car Guide -Natl. Sex Offender Reg -Ask an Expert -Politically Correct Terms -Latterday Saints Genealogy History Database --Great Place for picking up Vintage Collectables,00.html -TIME ‘s 50

    Music - Lyrics to Kids' Songs

    Museums -The Metropolitan Museum - The Smithsonian Institution

    Mythology and Folklore - encylopedia of monsters and mythical beasts - Annotated Collection of World Mythology - Encyclopedia Mythica (research myths) - Folklinks - Folktexts: A library of folklore at Pitt.

    Names - Names - More names and other baby stuff

    Nature -Enature (animal species)

    People - Biographies - Biographies

    Philosophy - The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Philosophy Pages

    Quotations - Famous Latin Quotes - Author Index of Quotes - Quotes by Famous Americans - Familiar Quotations (searchable by keyword) - BrainyQuote famous quotes - Another quotation site - Quoteland

    Religion - Sacred Texts --The Vatican Official Site

    Research - research any subject. - Google Scholar (Beta) - Interesting lists of links for research

    Science - 21st Century Science/Technology - Your weight on other planets - Junk Science

    Supernatural - Haunted Europe - Descriptions of ghost and spirits throughout the world.

    Technology - The Galt Download Zone (Fun Free and Shareware) -How Stuff Works

    US Links - Index US Constitution -CIA

    Wine -Wines
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