Anyone ever submit to "Moist" magazine? I sent them two submissions about a month ago. I always wonder--so what takes them so long--what's so hard? Either it's not suitable and they don't want it, or it fits their fancy and they'll take it. They did send me a verification apparently personally written, not just a form, that they received the stories.

I'm used to not getting replies for weeks at a time because I've been freelancing for so long. but now-a-days, through email, my rejections (and occasional acceptances) usually come a lot faster.

My problem with "Moist" is that I sent to them exclusively. (Although they didn't request an exclusive--I just did anyway and opened my big mouth, oops--I mean my big pen, or oops again--my nimble fingers, and happily mentioned it in my cover letter.) I'm about ready to submit elsewhere and say heck with the exclusive malarky.

What do you guys think?