So over at the Rumor Mill, it's come up that a small publisher will automatically reject any author who has a book out with Publish America. I know a PA book isn't a valid publishing credit to include in a cover letter, but the publisher in question talks about researching the authors' web sites and rejecting them if they have a PA book listed on their site.

Now I'm as eager to bury PA as a scam as the next person, but this struck me as wrong on a number of levels. Mostly, I have serious problems with punishing the victim, especially a victim who isn't sending their next book to PA, but is instead aiming higher. But the person in question insists that other publishers and agents blacklist PA authors as well ... even if they don't have the courage to announce it.

So I'm curious. Those of you who work as editors or agents, would you blacklist authors who have a book with Publish America? To everyone, have you ever heard of a legitimate publisher or agent doing this?

On the flip side, does anyone know of Publish America authors who have gone on to sell to legitimate publishers despite their PA-tarnished past?