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Thread: Repetion in a dream sequence.......

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    Question Repetion in a dream sequence.......

    I am writing a paranormal romance and within two pages is a dream sequence relating to the MC's fiancee {that story is told later}. Here is thedream sequence followed by (what I hope is erotic, it is for the man watching her)....

    Passage from novel:

    Jess walked into her bedroom taking down her long black as she walked. Stood in the doorway, stepped out of her skirt and looked at her bed. Suddenly she felt cold and alone. The empty double bed, downsized from a king, looked like a death sentence.

    She began to imagine Jimmy lying on the bed watching her strip for him, smile on his face and growing hard as she slowly undressed…

    She slowly unbuttoned her blouse, giving him a glimpse of her breasts. Then turned to face the door as she dropped her blouse on the floor and turned so that he saw her from the side. Unhooking her thigh high hose from her garter belt, she leaned on the doorframe, caressing one leg from the ankle to the top of her thigh. She slipped her thumb into the top of her Hose and slowly slid them down over her slender thigh, bent her knee and slid it over her calf and off. Next, she removed the hose from the other leg in a similarly erotic gesture.

    Now my question is do I need to repeat the stocking removal a second time indicating the opposite leg being bared?


    ps excuse my typos I am awfully tired tonight and have a sinus headache that also affects my typing skills.
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