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Thread: FAQ: Passwords for Protected Forums & What to do if the Password Doesn't Work

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    FAQ: Passwords for Protected Forums & What to do if the Password Doesn't Work

    There are several forums on AW that are protected by passwords. This is largely so that that Google and other search engine bots can't index the posts. This is a way to increase the safety of posting excerpts of works for crit in Share Your Work.

    Passwords for most of the protected forums are listed in the forum descriptions.

    • The password for Share Your Work is vista.
    • The password for the Poetry lab is citrus.
    • The password for the Music lab is andante.
    • The password for the Brainstorming Sandbox is vista.

    You will need to PM AW Admin with a statement that you are over 21 for the password to the Erotica forum.

    If you have difficulty accessing the password protected forums:
    • Make sure you are using the correct forum password.
    • Make sure your Caps lock key isn't down; passwords are case-sensitive, so that A is a different letter than a.
    • Make sure you have Cookies enabled in your web browser.
    • If you're still having difficulties, please see the FAQ: Emptying Your Browser's Cache, History, and Deleting Cookies.
    • If that doesn't work please PM AW Admin.

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