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Thread: This is nothing like an official FAQ

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    Q. I'm trying to sell my projected six-volume fantasy series --

    A. No.

    Q. What?

    A. No, you aren't. You're trying to sell the first volume of it.

    Q. It has to be read as a series. Book one is mostly setup.

    A. If book one isn't a satisfactory reading experience in its own right, nobody cares what happens later in the series.* The formula is "cool stuff now, more cool stuff later," not "cool stuff at some point in the future, vast expanses of stodge now."

    Q. If the editor can't be bothered --

    A. The editor's primary duty is to the readers, not to you.

    *Yog's pithy version: "You won't sell a series until you sell book one. And you won't sell book one if the climax is in volume six."
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