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Thread: This is nothing like an official FAQ

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    Q. What kind of increase can I expect in my book sales if I commission a virtual author tour of book blogs?

    A. Very little. Virtual blog tours are an ineffectual way to sell books.

    There really are blogs that can help sell a book -- for example, The Millions, Neil Gaiman, Smart Bitches Trashy Books, or Boing Boing. They get lots of traffic, and have real credibility with their audiences. If they praise a book, odds are good that some of their readers will buy it.

    Second-tier weblogs -- we're still talking well-known sites with significant traffic -- have considerably less clout. Below that level, it's nice if a weblog likes your book, but you shouldn't expect it to affect your sales.

    There are only two ways to get mentioned on top-notch weblogs. One is to catch the bloggers' interest in some way they'll write about. Obviously, this can't be done to order. The other method is to pick a blog that takes advertising, buy some ad space, and have an ad made up to put in it. (Suck it up. Those bloggers didn't get where they are by cluttering their sites with everyone's pointless press releases.)

    What we see from this is that companies that market "virtual author tours" can't guarantee you any mentions on weblogs that actually have the power to sell books. The weblogs where they can get you mentioned may not even be real. At least one "virtual author tour" vendor maintains 50+ fake book blogs with nearly identical content. The mentions and reviews they promise their clients are posted to those sites by the vendor. Needless to say, no one reads fake blogs.

    (Another general discussion of VATs has been posted here.)
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