My druid cousin and I are co-authoring a cookbook of ancient and modern Irish recipes. The book is divided into four sections, each section relating to the four major druid festivals/holidays. Each section gives a history of each holiday and how it relates to modern holidays/celebrations, with a selection of modern and ancient recipes. She gives a serious interpretation of the holidays and I give a more humorous interpretation. Anyway, thatís it in a nutshell.

Sheís the druid, Iím the chef. We are at an impasse on what to call the book. Sheís thinking something to do with cauldrons. Iím not. If it is picked up, the title will probably change. Frankly, Iím more concerned about the recipes than I am about the title of the book at this point. However, she emails or calls me at least three times a week with another idea and I figured if you lot give me some ideas, I could keep her off my back while I kitchen test more recipes.

Any ideas for a title?