Since HB loves to "out" authors on the PA board who don't step in time to the tune he's playing, I thought it might be appropriate to cast a few thoughts out here in cyberland regarding him and his situation. Read through the following, and form your own conclusions...

1. How does HB rate reviews like the following from the head guy at Publish America?

Very funny!, April 3, 2002
Reviewer: willem meiners from Cedar Rapids, IA USA
The author is sharp witted, which sometimes makes him enemies. The book is fast paced, which can only make him friends. Crispy is funny, original, and just great entertainment. Smoky and Spider invent things out of the blue, and at some point you almost want them get caught by bad Chuck.
I bought this book because I know the author, not personally, but from reading his diatribes on various message boards. I like where he's coming from, rock bands and all, and I just adore his capacity to rave and rant and say anything outrageous while always staying true to basic issues like love and loyalty. H.B. Marcus is a good man who wrote a good book. Both the author and his work are highly recommended!

2. How does someone get an expense paid trip to the recent PA conference to lead a session on writing humor when he has such poor book sales? Last time I checked, out of 2200 some odd PA books on Amazon, "Crispy" was ranked 400 something, and "The Joe Schmoe Show" was up in the thousands.

3. A recent quote off the PA boards from HB:

"If you do good, I do good. It's as simple as that."

I wonder just what exactly that means....

I have a simple challenge for the board sensors over at the PA Message Boards - prove me wrong. Put down, in writing, for all the PA authors to see, that HB Marcus doesn't draw a dime from PA, not as an employee, a contract employee, an independent contractor, or whatever. Prove me wrong, if you can....if I'm right, all you PA authors need to take a hard, hard look at what sort of organization you're supporting with both your hard work and dollars...