I have read a topic on this board about PublishAmerica... what is wrong with it? I know nothing about it except that everybody here says that they will accpet absoutly anything. Please let me know why it is consitered a vanity press.
I am looking for someplace to publish with that does not have charge any fees that also provides a cover. That's what I though PublishAmerica was at first, but now I know that they are a vanity press (I, however, know no details).
I am a busy high school student and I have no time for a paid job. I voulenteer, yes, but I'd much rather do that than any paid job (I voulenteer to tain rescued dogs). My main purpose of publishing my ms. (it is a historical fiction book for children in diary form) is because I loved to read when I was in the target age (8-11) of my story. I can still remember not being able to put down a simple 50 to 100 page book at night, almost falling asleep after midnight every night when I finished the short book. Now I am a Dean Knootz fan, but can still remember the books that encouraged me to read and even to start writing for recration. Now, I'd like to write for publication. I've published about ten poems before in anthologies (FamousPoets, AmericanPoets), but I want to get farther than that. Money is an option in a way. I cannot afford to pay any company to publish my manuscript, but I do not care how low royalities are. I do not want to publish it on the internet, but in a tangrable form in a either a paperback or hardcover book -- either of them work.
If you have any ideas, suggestion, or imput, please repily.

Thank you,
Christina Ashbaugh